Two months later, DG Chinese female models finally uttered their voices: they felt embarrassed and awkward when they were filming.

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Two months later, DG Chinese female models finally uttered their voices: they felt embarrassed and awkward when they were filming.

2019-01-22 17:29:27 564 ℃
After two months of filming, DG Chinese female models finally uttered their voice: they felt embarrassed and awkward when filming

Last November, the DG incident broke out all over the world and had an impact on their humiliation. Many netizens expressed their opinions one after another. The most unified one is that DG has completely lost its future in China. Friends'patriotism does not tolerate buying their own brands. Of course, not everyone thinks so. After all, they apologize formally.

In this incident, the cause was not a disgraceful chat screenshot, but a video. The video seems to be aimed at promoting the use of Chinese chopsticks, but many netizens expressed their intention to disrespect China in the video. It also calls chopsticks "sticks", which arouses many people's discontent. In addition, the whole video, female models are holding chopsticks in Western food, such as pizza, pasta, and there is no Chinese food at all.

So the Chinese female models in the video are under the responsibility of netizens, because the impact of this incident is too great, female models have never happened. On the afternoon of January 21, the female model made her first voice on Weibo after two months. She explained about the DG incident. She said she was just a full-time graduate model and was not a public figure. In fact, there was a reason for her silence at that time.

She said that people were too excited at that time, which led to many irrational personal attacks and personality insults, so she chose silence. In this article, she describes in detail the process from DG interview to shooting. She said that at first the director wanted to make a very interesting video, but when she arrived at the Chinese restaurant, she was somewhat surprised, and she felt embarrassed and awkward until the time of shooting. The reason for

was that the food was huge and embarrassed when she used chopsticks. Another reason was that she did not like to laugh, but the director kept her making exaggerated body language and laughing, which made her feel awkward in the process of filming. Finally, the female model mentioned that when she saw the film, she found that there was a gap between the content and her original imagination.

was more unsatisfactory than happy. She said that her thought at that time was, "This is my first video, and it is estimated that it will be the last time, because I really feel that I am not suitable for acting." Besides, she expressed her regret that she was thoughtless, but did not realize that the incident almost ruined her. Modeling career. The event of

did have a profound impact. On the day of fashion week, all Chinese stars cancelled their trips. Not only that, the Chinese models on the stage also announced that they would stop showing. One incident stirred up the whole network, and after the impact became more and more serious, the founder of DG sent out apology videos. What do you think about this? Welcome to leave a message.