Zhang Yixing's abdominal muscles... Can you just call it abdomen?

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Zhang Yixing's abdominal muscles... Can you just call it abdomen?

2019-01-22 17:29:27 826 ℃
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Zhang Yixing has cherished flesh and gold since he came into the world. He recalls that at the end of 2018's New Year concert, although he tore off the white T in his suit jacket, his jacket was still tightly worn, but this time it was different. He opened his wine-red shirt directly and exposed his upper body completely.

Zhang Yixing's difficult strip show fears that the fans will faint to the past, the skin is white and the figure ratio is not bad. This little barbarian waist is really attractive ~

< p > just a photo, which triggered a discussion between "abdominal muscle" and "abdomen" among netizens. Zhang Yixing's Abdominal Muscle Topic Reading reached 68 million.

Some netizens disagree with fans'praise of Zhang Yixing's abdominal muscles and call it Zhang Yixing's abdominal muscles???? Fan filters are too big. Can they only be called abdomen? Should we have a degree of embarrassment?

If only from the pictures of netizens and from the muscle evaluation criteria, it really looks like the abdomen, and people without obvious muscle mass or body fat may take off their clothes.

After all, compared with the abdominal muscles of other small fresh meat in entertainment circles, Zhang Yixing's abdominal muscles seem quite unlike the abdominal muscles.

For example, Bai Jingting, who usually looks like a cute boy, has abdominal muscles like this.


Let's talk about Wu Lei again. This side muscle can successfully surprise the old aunt.

fans naturally don't buy it. "Daner's muscles and fitness training are really not the way to go," he said. Massive muscles are a burden on dancer. Take two ballet dancers I like as examples. Thin and "effective" muscles are the requirement of dancer. Such muscles are also a kind of beauty. "

Firstly, Zhang Yixing's HD map was sunned.

and some photos of abdominal muscle dancers of the same style were also sunned.


Put aside the topic of abdominal muscles, his stage shape is still interesting. That night, dressed in the original style, with a duck tongue cap, covering the eyes gives a cool feeling. The brown jacket on the upper body is very handsome. Only 62 kg of sheep is a perfect example of skinny clothes!

Bottom hollow pants+big leather boots are also fashionable! Although Zhang Yixing has repeatedly indicated that he only has 176 cm, but look at the legging pants, how do you think there are 180 + wow!

Of course, celebrity stature is used to envy ~

look at their own stature ~especially young boys and girls who struggle in the office all day long, do you also have more and more stomach problems? In addition to standing up and moving at three or five o'clock, you can also try this simple core training method which can train abdominal muscles standing up. <



First of all, remember this action:


1, open your feet, open the heel is wider than the shoulder, parallel to

2, stretch your hands upward

< p > < strong > STEP3-4 < / strong > < / P > < p > 3, take a deep breath, and then vomit Push the buttocks back slowly, let the trunk of the body down parallel to the ground

< p > 4, remember to focus on the toes during the process, keep the fingers outward as far as possible, and keep abdominal exertion status


5, maintain for 30 seconds, slowly recover and relax, repeat 10 times, and then continue to work ~

< img> < p> < ims> < p > < p > < Rc="/1ydzximg/0L9GElNwZr"/>

If you are too lazy to move your buttocks and want to stretch your body in a chair, there are also several tips for you:

Straighten your arms, support your body with the strength of your arms and abdominal muscles, and lift your thighs parallel to the ground, keep your feet off the ground for 5 seconds. Remember to do it in a chair without pulleys.

As shown in the figure, support the chair with arms, stand on tiptoes and put down feet, support the whole body with the strength of abdominal muscles, repeat 10 times. How about

, is it simple? If walking around the office can't satisfy your desire to burn fat, try this simple trick. You don't have to lie on the ground, but you can stretch your bones and muscles, and make 10 groups during the rest time. It will give you a new feeling. <

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