How strong does the woman Bailian get up? You can't imagine it.

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How strong does the woman Bailian get up? You can't imagine it.

2019-01-22 17:29:32 1443 ℃
When I was a child, my dream was to stay at home every day and watch "Meteor Garden", "Little Princess" and "Marriage Clothes of the Kingdom of Heaven". Now I think about it, I feel very ashamed. If AV is masturbation of men, Marissou should be masturbation of women - as long as you are poor, foolish and idle all day, there will be a tyrannical president who falls in love with you from heaven and regards you as the only one in the world.

Not only I but also I believe that you are tired of the one-sided pursuit of "truth, goodness and beauty", as evidenced by the popularity of Yanxi Strategies. Please, stop playing the white lotus as a child-bluffing routine. Is the Black Lotus with revenge or even a bit of "bitch" the mainstream of contemporary aesthetics?

Speaking of bitches, Feng recently watched a divine film, which can be said to be the most bitch in the universe in the world --

A little busy

A Simple Favor

Of course, whether it is "bitch rage" or "three sights shattering" in 8012 is not a derogatory term, and the film that reveals human nature is not vulgar. Defect movies can make audiences more sympathetic. Those movies with perfect protagonists can make people feel ungrounded and have a sense of suspension. In A Little Busy, three women and one man are better than a scum . They collude with each other and kill each other. The director does not seem to be making a movie, but rather to be raising maggots.

Paul Figg, the film director, has directed a lot of excellent American dramas, such as Mad Men in Advertising, I'm a Comedian, and his spy, Bridesmaid and One Night's Big Belly also show us his irony, banter and anti-routine.

A Little Busy still continues this style, not taking the usual road, not playing cards according to the routine. < p > < p > < strong > Three Views? It does not exist.

The film is broadcast live by Internet star Stephana (Anna Kendrick). Her good friend Emily (Blake Lively) is missing.

Originally, Stephena (hereinafter referred to as Na) and Emily (hereinafter referred to as Dali) were in the same kindergarten, so they met. Not long ago, Dalie Jeanna helped take her son home, and then the world evaporated. It was not long before the bad news came that the police found Dali's body in the river.

But the fact is far from as simple as it seems. First, a police investigation found that Dahlia's husband, Sean, bought her $4 million life insurance before her wife died.

Therefore, there is a preliminary speculation that Sean may be suspected of murdering Dahlia to defraud insurance. On the other hand, Dali claimed to go to Miami on business before her death, but it turned out that she did not go to Miami, but rented a car in Badget, and she paid for it in cash in order not to be known.

The act of renting a car in cash and falsely claiming to go to Miami seems to indicate that Dahlia has some hidden secrets, such as derailment.

The case is complicated and confusing, so Na plays Holmes and begins to look for the truth. In the process of communicating with Sean, Na found that she only wished to think that she and Dahlia were good friends, but in fact Dahlia did not treat her sincerely.

For example, Dahlia was extremely privacy-conscious and had written off Sean's Facebook only because he had posted a family photo on it. Another time, Na took a picture of Dahlia and she was immediately asked to delete it. Why does Dali never take pictures? No one knows why. For example, Dali stole Sean's mother's ring and declared that her mother-in-law had given it to her voluntarily.

Even when Sean asked Dahly to return the ring, Dahly threatened Sean not to tell her mother, or she told her mother-in-law that she had stolen the ring, which made her parents think that her son had married a thief. In addition to

, another person who knows Dali also said to Na: I warn you, if you go to explore her past, you will find something terrible.

Of course, Sean is not a good man either. After his wife was in trouble, Sean immediately hooked up with Na, his wife's good friend. And, with Na, Sean had sex with other girls.

and Dahlia had quietly disclosed to Na before her death that Sean, Sean's assistant and Dahlia had played in the triple. Of course, it was denied by Sean.

and the film falls into a strange circle of Rosenmun. Shawn really played with three people, or Dali framed him? Is Dahlia a bitch, or is Sean a dross, or both? The film

has so far had a huge amount of information, but its darkness is obviously far more than that. Shawn hooked up with his wife's good friend, and Na, in turn, hooked up with her husband.

On the night of Dali's funeral, they both loved each other and forgot that they had just sent their girlfriend (wife) away during the day. It was not the first time that Na had done this. After her father's funeral, she slept with her half-brother.

Even after marriage, her husband was still indiscriminate, causing her husband to doubt whether his son was born or not, which led to a car accident and the death of both husband and brother.

Just after his father died, he hooked up with his cousin, and just after the death of his girlfriend, he hooked up with his girlfriend's husband... Both times, after the funeral, he immediately forgot the tragic experience of his relatives or girlfriends, and plunged into desire and joy, which totally destroyed three views.

Next, the film reveals the truth, answers Dali's death, and the unknown secrets and activities, which make people stunned, think deeply and refresh the three views.

Na, Dali, Sean and another woman all have serious moral stains, but at the same time they pretend to be a gentleman. The so-called "Painters cannot draw tigers'bones, but people know their faces and don't know their minds." Four people staged a modern version of "The Game of Power". The shooting techniques of

films are also distinctive.

For example, when Na tells Dali about her and her cousin, she says they just kissed, while the film shows them sleeping.

Movie appeared many times the situation of lines and pictures self-contradictory , for example, A said that B had accidental death, and the picture showed that A killed B.

Listening is empty. What a person says and does may be quite different. It's an interesting way to shoot. On the one hand, the director ensures that the characters in the film are kept in the dark, while at the same time letting the audience know the truth. More ironically, Na and Sean are still living well afterwards. The former has become a millions of fans'live webcaster, and continues to sell her single mother and independent women's establishments, which has won many praises;

img src="/1ydzximg/0L98lVPBvx"/

the latter is the best-selling novel published, and has also risen to the rank of Minister of Culture of Berkeley University. Behind their halo, fame, power and honor, there are dark human and moral defects. Neither their fans nor their readers know that they are not as beautiful as they are.

is like the moon, bright in the distance and pits in the near. The characters in A Little Busy are no longer the same kindness, integrity, nobility and selflessness as previous films and TV works. Instead, they are exhausted by the government, frustrated, beneficiary, and unscrupulous.

Director is like a scalpel, which dissects human nature into three parts and puts the bloody truth in front of the audience, full of penetration. As the saying goes,

, there is no fish when water is clean, and there is no apprentice when people are observant. Not only Na and Dali, but everyone in the world has a dark side of human nature and a little secret of their own, just not as exaggerated as they are.

As the man in The Perfect Stranger said, the reason why I don't want to play this game is not what I hide, but because our relationship is fragile, everyone is, some people are more fragile.

and as the netizens said, don't flip the phone of your husband (wife) or boyfriend (girlfriend). No one can walk out of the other's phone with a smile. Don't try human nature, it can't stand any test.

This year, it seems that the word "bitch" has been washed white, and more and more women are no longer willing to play the role of silly sweet.

There is Zhang Ziyi who is angry and Zhengshuang in the variety arts.

and Wang Ju who said he wanted to win glory for his name.

and Xinzhi buds that write desire naked on their faces.

There are many more women who are trying to break the stereotype that women can only be gentle, courteous and frugal, and express their "wolf ambition" directly. At this level, "bitch" is a very good compliment.

but like "a little thing", after marriage, incest brother, dead wife sleeping honey, cheating is daily, killing like a game, depending on others perceived nothing, the little white rabbit actually disguised as a pig to eat a tiger, that is a real bitch.

Perhaps what we really admire is not "bitch", but the hope that women can express their desires more freely and break through themselves more unrestrictedly.