Her figure is called figure, yours is only uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

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Her figure is called figure, yours is only uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

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Eva Green is famous in Hollywood for her role as Bond 007 girl. She has an unforgettable appearance at first glance, a dark face, smoky eye makeup, and dark blue-grey pupils with an impermeable temperament, which radiates a soul-stirring mystery.

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Many co-actors and directors have said that as long as she lies down, the world is hers.

1980/7/6 168cm

她,是传说拥有“无限”罩杯的女演员。 What's the specific number of there's no data. It's not that she's too big or too small to measure. It's just that a letter is not enough to generalize her chest.

In addition to her chest, she is also famous for her long legs and slender waist. She has a figure that girls envy but can't catch up with, and is also the best figure for men's "fantasy".


Eva Green, nicknamed Green, was born in Paris, France, with an alien twin sister whose mother is a French actor and whose father is a famous dentist.

Green doll is a strange person from a young age. She likes to wear antique clothes, paint heavy makeup, and is not popular with teachers and classmates, but she is not as arrogant as other bad teenagers, or even very introverted.

In order to get rid of the impression of blonde hair and blue eyes, the green doll dyed black hair at the age of 14, which made her different from her sister's temperament more prominent, mysterious and gloomy face, adding a fatal attraction.

After she finished her drama study, the center of stage play appeared, which attracted the attention of "old driver" Bertolucci.

In 2003, she was the champion of the famous sexy film "Paris in Dream of the Drama", in which many scenes have been classical in film history, and every film with green dolls has a classical quality like oil painting, making her the most beautiful Venus.

The camera in the movie did not have that bra, and the cloth in the poster once made the audience complain that the superfluous and ugly bra blocked the beauty of Venus and angrily denounced it online.

The film tells of two men and a woman in adolescence, games under the same roof, deteriorating emotions, hormones and virgin blood, smeared on the agitation of adolescence. In such a turbulent new era, the turbulent Parisian students all have a restless heart and create a restless heart. It's such an incredible love affair.

The men and women in the tent, under the gauze skirt, the beautiful Mandarin birch, the youthful breath rushes to their faces, and the time they live together soon becomes idyllic romance, freedom and beauty. Growing up in ignorance, finding oneself, and examining society, everyone can see in them their confusion.

This film won the title of "Best Breast" for Green Doll, and let the whole world see the unique character of this French girl, and a large number of scenes lying everywhere also made her known as the most suitable sex object lying in bed.

Then the Green Doll went to Hollywood and starred in the epic magnum "King of Heaven" in 2005. In this epic level, she was the only female character in the film, and her love with Elf Prince Orlando became an involuntary love in Jerusalem City.

Looking at the green doll's slightly contemptuous small eyes, not only ecstasy, but also freckles on her face are extremely beautiful here. Some people say that she has the hesitant temperament of Sophie Marceau, is a new generation of French treasure actors, various forums once on the "like and unlike" to fight.

Next 007 crew found her and asked her to play Bond Girl, but she refused. She felt that Bond Girl was wearing a vase in front of the audience, but she really rejected such a role. But after reading the script, she changed her mind.

This role is 007's favorite woman. When she appears in the drama group, all the male actors focus on her, even more than 007's leading role. It's a fascinating and fascinating frame for a second.

There is a scene in the script that makes her naked and rolls over the bed sheet in 007, but she feels that it is too abrupt and totally inconsistent with the logic of the plot, and can not embarrass herself here just because my previous play is off. So she argued with the director to get rid of it.

but later the director added the nude play to the water...

As a Bond Girl, her sexy and intelligent performance is the most brilliant part of all 007 films of the same kind, and even some people commented that she is charming even to death.

Then her big screen advantages brought her substantial benefits. Many luxury brands began to ask her to make advertisements for Armani, Emporio, Lancrone, Dior and Montblanc.

Advertisements also fully show her curves and turbulent waves, which have earned the audience's eyeballs and their wallets.

Then she began to think about expanding her business and performing some movies that could prove her strength better. So the audience saw a thriller about the teacher falling in love with her female students. Alas, the situation gradually got out of control...

This movie poster is mysterious, elegant, sexy and puzzling, which makes people want to see the sapphire-like eyes. At that time, many girls used this picture to make their own QQ avatars, but now look again and find that it was her.

According to incomplete statistics, Green Doll performed more bedtime performances than all actresses at the same time and became the absolute queen of bedtime, which confirms the sentence "When she lies down, she can get the whole world."

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Even her magazine blockbusters are mostly "beds".

Do you think "bed sheet" is easy? In front of a group of people, showing passion and even hunger, ordinary people may not be able to do it. And the most difficult thing is to shoot in the matting, a piece of green, can shoot "bed film" in the green screen is the green doll...

When interviewing Green Doll, a reporter asked: Why do you think people like to treat you as a dark woman? Even the Dior perfume you endorsed is also known as Midnight Poison (Midnight Poison). < p > < br > < p > < p > < p > < p > < p > She answered:"Diablo is actually okay, but I hope they don't call me Snake and Scorpion Beauty. After all, I played the role of"Crack". I like the role of mystery and temptation, and always have secrets."

Because she loves the dark temperament of mystery, she loves to play various roles of God and God rapping. Like Pandora's box, it can't close once it's opened. One by one, characters like Pandora come all the way. < p > < p > < br > < p > < p > < p > < p > "I play a white witch in the Golden Compass, but I never regard the role as evil. She has her own standpoint. I admit it's interesting to play the role of Darkness Department, because it's quite different from life."

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The most famous dark film about Green Doll is "Dark Shadow", adapted from the American TV series of the 1960s, in which she acts as a beautiful witch with a perfect appearance and a dark heart. All the men she wants to sleep with.

This Millennium Wife has exhausted all her efforts to seduce Depp's vampires. Depp's line is: "I just can't resist her temptation, I struggle desperately, and finally I can't help..." Depp is not to blame for

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>>>>>text-align It doesn't look like a witch. She likes Depp's vampires. They have both love and hatred. Hate, attract each other but not together."

Miss Page's Magic Castle also caused a stir when the film was released, with a worldwide box office of 296.5 million dollars, and the magical Miss Page began to fight against small beasts in the film. Unlike the sexy parts of other movies, the Gothic temperament of Green Doll is highlighted here.

The film describes an orphanage with special children who fled in an unacceptable world.

Green Doll's iconic dark circles are darker and deeper. A reporter asked her why she likes smoked makeup. She answered, "It makes her eyes look mysterious and soul-like, but in fact I don't make up in my life. It's very simple, but in the movies or on the red carpet, it's like a mask, which makes me indulge, so many people say I'm too lively on the red carpet."


whatever, the green doll is a more beautiful and skilled actress, and her appearance is that of the green doll.