3.7 million clothes in the first year of marrying the Royal family? Megan's wedding repairs are worse than Kate's debt to her grandmother's contradictions escalation?

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3.7 million clothes in the first year of marrying the Royal family? Megan's wedding repairs are worse than Kate's debt to her grandmother's contradictions escalation?

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Introduction to < p > < strong >: If you had the chance to fly on a branch and change < strong > Princess < strong >, how much would you spend < strong > dressing < strong > yourself < strong > to welcome a new royal life? Although the wedding venues of non-first-in-line heirs are inferior to those of Princess Kate in all respects, in the first year of marriage, Megan spent 7.7 times as much as Princess Kate and four times as much as the sum of Princess Kate and Princess Sweden. Since Megan married into the British Royal family, her relationship with Kate's grandmother has been a hot topic in the media as long as they both appear together, "Megan Kate's discord", "Megan is imitating Kate" and "Megan Kate's contradiction escalation" can be seen everywhere. Before , there was wedding scale as well as Kate . Now the first year's installment fee is 7.7 times that of Princess Kate, and the grandmother's war is imminent? For Europe, which still has 11 constitutional monarchy countries in the 21st century, it is becoming more and more common for civilian girls to become members of the Royal family. The story of common people changing into princesses is always full of topics. Marrying into the royal family means changing all the clothing habits of the past and becoming like a natural aristocrat in every moment. Therefore, the performance in the first year after marriage is particularly critical. UFO No More, a website devoted to studying Royal fashion, recently published a statistics on how much Kate, Megan and Sophia spent on the first year of their marriage. The statistics included the total price of clothes (excluding wedding dresses), shoes, bags, hats and other accessories. The results were surprising: in order to maintain this identity, In her first year of marriage, the Swedish Princess of the "poorest royal family in Europe" spent about the same price as the Kate Princess of the old aristocratic royal family --- and Megan, the big red in 2018, paid four times as much as the sum of them!

Megan's first year of royalty: It took 479048 Euros to change 324 new clothes, which was 7.7 times as much as Kate's

Megan in 2018. Megan earned the eyeball and the limelight in the past century. After that, numerous outdoor visits and royal activities made the media constantly shout "Megan wear another day". Price clothes!" So has she been criticized for being a "loser", "luxury" and "spending money like running water"? See:

Megan deserves to be the most expensive woman in European royal house in 2018. In her first year of marriage, Megan actually spent 479,048 euros (about 3.7 million yuan)! That's 7.7 times the cost of her grandmother, Princess Kate, in 2011.

and Megan's luxury is not only reflected in the total cost, but also absolutely crushed in the number of new clothes: after she married into the Royal family, she bought 324 new clothes. In addition to 26 unrecognizable designs and 48 unknown price designs, 256 new clothes cost 480,000 euros in total - which means that the average cost per dress is more than 1871 euros (about 144,000 yuan)! It's not surprising that when Megan visited Ireland for the first time after her marriage, she changed four outfits in two days, with an average price of more than 60,000 RMB. Besides, she liked to wear Givenchy, Dior and Ralph Lauren, and she didn't wear one dress for the second time.

The most expensive dress Megan wore in 2018 besides her wedding dress is the reception dress after the wedding. Designed by Entertainment Tonight, the dress cost is about 1.06 million RMB. The real big hand is:

The reason why Megan's dress cost is so high is another scary person. The reason is that the whole set of Cartier jewellery she wore at her wedding is worth as much as 210,000 euros (about 1.59 million yuan). Even if there were rumors that the royal family had given her a gift, the cost of the jewelry was included because the official did not declare it. To be honest, even after subtracting the price of the Cartier set, Megan's first year's purchase cost was still very high, which was a real "luxury" name.

Money is not in vain. In 2018, Megan succeeded in ranking third in the Top Ten Most Fashionable Women in the World. Although people all over the world said that she wasn't as extravagant as Kate, she is still the undisputed visual focus. Before

, the cold-eyed gentleman in "Prince Harry Megan's Big Marriage Today, Kate Megan's Two Princesses All-round Big PK" compared that, because Prince Harry is not the first successor to the throne, from the church to the carriage to the wedding process and scale are much smaller than Prince William and Kate's wedding, which may be the reason why Megan spent money on clothes so recklessly after marriage. Because --- Fortunately, Megan's Givenchy wedding dress, valued at 3.4 million yuan, was not counted because it was an exclusive design, otherwise Kate would have been robbed of the only place to win.

Kate's first year of marriage: She loves wearing old clothes and high streets and spends only one eighth of Megan's

as a well-received model student of the Royal family, so the money Kate spent on clothes in her first year of marriage will be much more implicit. Over the course of 2011, she added 142 new clothes, 95 of which cost 61,603 euros (about 470,000 yuan), an average of about 648 euros per piece --- the British royal family has a big business. With an average cost of only 5,000 yuan per piece of clothes, the media still feel that "Becoming Kate is an expensive game".

Know that Kate is a master of garment recycling. Unlike Megan, who only wears brand names and never wears a second dress, Kate's "Princess of the Common" identity is reflected in her clothes: she is good at wearing cheap and popular brands, and even ZARA has worn them several times. In addition to the wedding dress, Kate wore the most expensive dress in 2011, the black Alexander MacQueen worn at the Solar Army Award, about 48,000 yuan. As for Kate's earrings at weddings, British media estimates that they cost around 15,000 pounds (about 130,000 yuan), which is still insignificant compared with Megan's Cartier. But as the wife of the first successor to the throne, the future queen of the British Empire, Kate Megan can't afford to spend any more money than she can: She can wear a crown.

Sofia Royal Family's first year: spending a lot of money in the "poor" Royal Family, the amount directly compels Kate

in the Swedish Royal Family, where the income is not very rich, the history of civilian transformation into the Royal Family has a long history. Similarly, Princess Sophia of Sweden has not attracted media attention compared with Kate and Megan. People will always remember her husband, who is known as the world's most handsome diamond king, and her amazing pre-marital "black history" than Megan. But if you look at her first year of marriage clothes spending statistics, cold-eyed gentleman believe you will remember her. Sophia spent 53,913 euros (about 41.5 yuan) on 93 pieces of clothes in her first year of marriage, averaging 580 euros (about 4500 yuan) per piece. If before Megan's appearance even Kate's purchase fees were expensive, Sofia's data were impressive:

Don't forget that the Swedish royal family has always been known for its lack of money. As the country with the smallest gap between the rich and the poor in the world, Sweden's royal family is no different from its citizens. In such a small country, the princess of the little prince has the same cost as the future queen of the British Empire. It is hard to avoid thinking of the luxurious Megan, who was also a entertainer before Sophia got married.

Not only did the wedding dress rank among the ten most expensive royal wedding dresses in the black horse position of about 1.520 million RMB, but also Sophia, such as Gucci, was willing to spend money on it. But occasionally she would be thrifty, such as wearing her husband's sister, Princess Victoria's clothes:

The crown was designed for her by her husband Prince Philip at an unknown price. The Emerald on the crown was replaceable:

According to the statistics of the first year's installment fees of a civilian princess, how much money does it cost to fly to the top of a branch to become a phoenix and transform her all-round temperament? But as Leng Yanjun said before, if you feel that this number is too much for you as a civilian, think about the two days before Leng Yanjun wrote "See the leaders of the country at a fair price, why is the wardrobe of the Queen of Spain like this?" In ZARA and ASOS, the Spanish civilian queen Letizia has a perfect mother-of-state style. Maybe the cost of becoming a royal family is not as heavy as you think.

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