Wu Xiubo provides Xiaosan not only with life, but with Jinwo!

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Wu Xiubo provides Xiaosan not only with life, but with Jinwo!

2019-01-22 17:29:38 430 ℃

Wu Xiubo and Xiaosan's sawing plot many people are not willing to pursue, most people hold the view that the dog bites the dog, a mouthful of hair. At this time, some netizens picked up the ins of Chen Yulin, the arrested junior high school student, which is a large-scale fancy display base.

Many people wonder: What is this world? When a well-known male star's junior three, can also deserve such brilliant "show".

< p> You know, Mumu comes from an ordinary family, and his parents are just long-distance bus conductors.

But now, she can take a picture with Kate Blanchett as a sister, and the diamonds in her neck shine brightly;

Positive monarch from the shape of the Great Devil to find out that it was at the Milan party in the jewelry brand of BMD. To enter this merger and take photos with celebrity guests must be VIP customers who have spent a lot of money.

Not only that, but also Wood and Ms. Gigi Hadid are intimate face-to-face pulling Mi, feeling a lot of friendship.

Judging from Gigi's clothes, this is the backstage of Versace 2018 Spring and Summer Show.

Wood is not only invited to watch the show, but also has the right to enter the background, which is also the treatment of senior VIP. In addition to Gigi, she also posed with Vimi Angel Candice.

even punched in Ms. Yolanda Hadid, Gigi's mother by the way.

surprises Shijun because of the close relationship between Chen Yulin and the Hadids, who had previously had private relations with Gigigi's biological father, Yolanda's ex-husband, billionaire Mohamed Hadid.

Mohamed took the initiative to pose with her in his ins: " Glad to meet my best friend, talented and modest actress @cicichen0810 in Los Angeles."

Obviously, this treatment of entering the international upper class society is not given to Mumu as an actress by international fame, unless Mohamed recognizes the 18-Line actress as Zhang Ziyi

and this social circle is not brought about by Mumu's origin.

and the result may only have one reason: she used real gold and silver to make foreign rich people understand that this girl is in the same class as us.

and the special friendship is brought about by Shiva, Mohamed's current girlfriend, who is said to have introduced the "famous Chinese actress" to Mohamed, and the two sides have already had some business cooperation. <

If the super-rich family is still business cooperation, the most admirarable thing for star-chasing girls is that she can take a photo with your Obamas at zero distance, such as Wu Shixun:

She and YG Women's League 2NE1 Sandara Park, a member of the group, was also in the same frame, but clearly felt "unfamiliar" in Dara's expression.

We can confirm that, with her own fame, it is impossible to mix with such circles. What does it depend on? The answer is clear.

Of course, taking pictures with celebrities is only part of her ins treasure. The "modest" female star in Mohamed's mouth seems casual, but the most important thing is to show off her wealth with great efforts.

For example, to go overseas for a "visit" is completely in accordance with Ma Yun's criteria --- to the United States, she and her sisters took a private jet.

shows that she refuses to miss every glittering moment and carefully places the platinum package code in a position that can be seen.

and the most amazing thing is that the so-called "actress" is always in a state of global vacation, without filming, much less further study. In just a few years, Hawaii, Dubai, Tokyo, Osaka, Milan, Mexico, Barcelona, Cannes and other cities have her footprints, and Hollywood stars have not lived happily.

is not a common boarding house, but a luxury hotel like Versace Palace Hotel, which takes off at 5000 RMB a night.

Of course, wood will never pass up the chance of exposing any logo.

such a dense travel schedule, with her previous voice accused Wu Xiubo: "every day for you to cook soup and wash clothes, in a small suite for a year" obviously some inconsistencies.

So it's not true that this "actress" is not good.

When she flipped through her microblog, the posturing gentleman unexpectedly found a small detail: she took her father with her on vacation in Hawaii in 2018, and Po put out a picture.

So her parents can't doubt the source of these expenses unless they think their daughter won the first prize in the lottery... In addition to traveling around the world for her, Uncle Bo's material "love support" is extremely diverse and abundant, and the total amount of wristwatches sent to her alone is more than 4 million RMB.

The most powerful one is the following one, which is limited to Felipe Massa, a global F1 racing driver who sells only 30 cars at a price of about 2 million.

The following Epi Royal Oak is about 350,000:

and this Rolex Greenwich II 18K Golden Green Noods, nearly 240,000.

Besides professional wristwatches, there are jewelry systems like Baogli Serpenti, and the price is still not cheap - 320,000 yuan.

This Dior's VIII Grand Bal "Plisse Soleil" fashion watch, about 200,000 each, but only 30 are sold globally, many front-line female stars are not available.

Her fabulous facsimile, which is very popular online, must be accompanied by such indescribable irrelevant texts as "Today is a bad day" and "Today is a bad day" when drying these expensive wristwatches.

For example, this 300,000 green plate 18K Jinditong in Shantu Xuan's hand is matched with a phrase: "Unhappy"

or even the text is too lazy to match, which is directly to show off the trophy and give a close-up that can hardly be enlarged any more.

By the way, this discontinued Rolex GMT drill watch is about 600,000 yuan, which is still a scarce money.

Actually, people send it out, the purpose is to make the envy of her heart beating, the envy of her people can only roll their eyes. In addition to

, Wood has bought itself into VIP-Bvlgari Serpenti diamond rings and earrings of many jewelry brands, as well as Vancouver Yabao clover diamond necklaces, all of which have one set.

So when Wu Xiubo's team came out of crisis PR, most of the posturing gentlemen were skeptical, but only one sentence: "The final number of blackmail is hundreds of millions" posturing gentleman is believed. In front of these expensive watches and diamond ornaments, other large-brand items of wood and wood appear to be very "people-friendly". She has several platinum bags in front of her on a private plane, of different colors and materials.

but many platinum bags of special materials are eligible only if they are purchased as VIP in Hermes. The first white platinum bag she carried in 2013 also commemorates the beginning of her "relationship" with Wu Xiubo.

Her dress is basically the standard configuration of Internet red every year. If you look at her ins, you will find that she is always replenishing new products.

Don't think that Uncle Bo is just a straight man who will send the Diamond Sutra to Spice Girls for study. He knows women's heart very well. You see, on Valentine's Day, he sent two Hermes orange boxes besides a batch of dolls, which were immediately put into the heart of wood.

In addition to luxury goods, Bo Shu also Romantically sent roses, making Roseonly the most unwanted clipping since its inception...

because he gave Rose only one person in his life to Junior Three.

No wonder Mumu, no matter how tired and busy it is, has to take out the Diamond Sutra "recharge" many times. After all, Wanjin is too steep and easy to come by. It's hard to avoid mental tranquility.

Wood has exploded that it has always been restricted to work, but without work, it still does not lack a large number of fashion items, global fancy trips, comparable to the number of first-line actresses watching shows... It's no wonder that Gigi's dad thought she was a "famous actress" just by looking at her ins.

Mumu will create an illusion of crazy fashion and accepting interviews from various media, but in fact it is "no such person" in China.

With the VIP purchased by her own real gold and silver, she can get many tickets for big-name events, and she also contacts the media to cooperate.

but not yet to the next stage of "disseminating the general draft", it has been put into the bureau.

Through the exposure of this incident, perhaps Mumu's future life will be separated from the major brand items that can't be seen in the future... uuuuuuuuuuu

This series of flamboyant expressions also test the old saying that the more you lack, the more you love to bask in.

Her amazing collection of luxury goods also reveals the "other side" of the domestic film and television industry: a lot of wealth that is too easy to get and the moral norm of total flavor change.

Bao Xiaosan can be so rich and honorable, and Xiaosan can be shamelessly dazzled all over the world. Today, neither party deserves to be understood, and all crisis public relations cannot attract any sympathy from the public. It's a business with a ghost's fetus. Who's more respectable? <<<



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