How many steps does Song Zuer need to leave Cecilia Cheung?

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How many steps does Song Zuer need to leave Cecilia Cheung?

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br>Yesterday there was a hot search for the most beautiful side-face photo contest. Netizens nominated the stars with the most beautiful side-face, such as Chen Weiting, Deng Lun, Yang Yang Yang, Liu Yifei and so on. In fact, it can be found that < strong > is different from the aesthetics of the front face, while the criteria of good-looking side face are relatively uniform, and the importance of bone is more direct and prominent, even better than that of skin .

From the horizontal comparison of these typical lateral facial elites, we can extract the following common features: first, satisfy the basic proportion of "three courtyards and five eyes"; second, excellent lateral vertical depth and stereoscopy; "four highs and three lows" is only one of the components of .

In the first point, especially the proportion of the three atriums has a greater impact on the lateral facial features. Any too long or too short upper, middle and lower atriums will cause visual discord . The same side is 90 degrees, Meng Meiqi and Yang exceed the length of the atrium a little longer, a little shorter, corresponding to the front is the level of age sense, the side is more related to the degree of harmony, such as here Meng Meiqi's nose is obviously pulled by the proportion of the layout too long, natural calculation can not be the delicate side of the data.

The second point is the direct measure factor of lateral appearance . In terms of two dimensions, is the first external closed circle: skull line +"four high and three low". With Liu Yifei as an example,

her profile is full at first, skull curve is smooth and smooth .

img src="/1ydzximg/0LDTD85a2O"/>p>Ouyang Nana's skull was also full.

img src="/1ydzximg/0LDTD8aD7x"/>p>Liu Shishi belongs to the typical "flat head". Appropriate skull top height and rounded back scoop can not only modify the face shape, but also enhance the overall stereo sense, especially for the side . The direct influence of "flat head" can be seen from the angle of these actresses'hair styles.

img src="/1ydzximg/0LDTD8X7jR"/>

(Map Source Network)

is equally important, which mainly refers to "four highs and three lows", and is also the commonly used measure standard of lateral appearance . "Four high and three low" is the < strong > spatial fluctuation of facial contour. "Four high" means forehead, nose tip, middle point of upper lip and chin, while "three low" means mountain root, middle groove of human body and chin-lip groove (depression between lower lip and chin).

has a high or low angle , the transition between eyebrow and nasal bone (upper and atrium) is transformed into nasofrontal angle , the nasofrontal angle is suitable for 120-130 degrees, and the connection between nasal tip and human body (middle and lower atrium) is reflected as nasofrontal angle and around 90-100 degrees as the ideal angle.

The transition between eyebrow bone and nasal bone is more gentle and the fluctuation of height is less obvious . Tongtian nose is an extreme example. It is also a plastic misunderstanding: blindly too high mountain roots have little effect on the stereo of nose and even the whole body, and they also seem to have a strong sense of masquerade. The key to stereo is < strong > the staggering and turning of height and turning point.

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In the case of adjusting the nose to the ceiling, can be achieved by increasing contrast, such as padding a high forehead or eyebrow bow . The height of eyebrow and forehead increases, the natural nose and forehead angle decreases, and the eyebrow-eye-nose junction looks more "deep". But < strong > forehead and eyebrow arch are the parts of bone sense support, soft materials such as autologous fat or hyaluronic acid can hardly be filled out of the clean and clean skeleton , "steamed bread forehead" is not aesthetic.

(Zhang Jingchu in the recovery period of fat forehead)

and nose is the key to facial profile. The beauty of nasal shape depends not only on the height of the nose (roots and bridge), but also on the warp of the nose tip (the angle of the nose tip is best between 85 and 95 degrees) and the width of the ala. The high nose, straight nose tip or tilt combination at will stretch out the lateral dimension greatly, and the fluctuation is stronger . < p > < p > but < strong > hump nose, hawk nose and so on will reduce the smooth flow of dorsal nasal lines and increase men. Traditional mainstream aesthetics believes that feminization is not sufficiently mild , and Gulinaza's adjustment is aimed at these two points.

(Map Source Network)

Liu Yifei's nose was once considered somewhat rough, that is, the hump's rising . However, at present, there are some signs that use humps to play natural nose. It can only be said that the retention of this characteristic has its advantages and disadvantages.

Overall height of nose will also weaken aesthetic feeling, Dili Reba's straight nose momentum is too vigorous, although the eyebrows are gorgeous enough, but the lower half of the face pattern is too stingy to support, it also appears masculine . That's why some netizens think it's "strange" and she herself reveals that the compulsory part of the map is to reduce the height of her nose. This is the truth that too much is not enough.

nose tip is too high (nose short, nasolabial angle > 110 degrees) will appear nose nose, "nose of the nose", positive will appear nostrils, also can not say good-looking side face.


In addition whether the nasal base is depressed or not also plays an important role in the nose upright, even in the face depressed . The nasal base includes alar base, columella base and nostril base, which can be understood as the "foundation" of the nose. The base of the nose usually refers to the base of the ala nasi. Depression of the nasal basement may result in low and flat depressions in the face, which may not look full enough.

Gong Li and Zhang Ziyi are both slightly concave, with flat cheekbones and flat face. They are very clean when exposed to a mirror.

Some people's noses are not straight enough because the "house" is not tall enough, but because the "foundation" is short and collapsed. In this case, padding a high nose will not give people a very three-dimensional sense of height and height of the side . The base of Ju's nose is obviously depressed. His cheekbones are also expanded. His nose is padded high and his face is flat, with some angles even concave. The degree of depression can be alleviated by pad prosthesis. (If you want to see, Uncle Oxygen can write a special issue of nasal basement ha)

What is fullness? Look at Cecilia Cheung.

See Song Zuer in the younger generation. But the lower half of the face is stingy, the lower jaw receives quickly, and the upper half of the face is unable to hold up the momentum, so there is a grade difference in the pattern .

In fact, a comparison can show the different aesthetic sensations of nasal basal concave and fullness. "Strong" Xun Ge is slightly concave, but the side belongs to the straight-faced type, which is different from Zhang Ziyi's flat, with a very smart facial features; Dong Jie is full of the base of the nose, the face is also very full, the side is a common convex face of Asians, this type of face is multi-western structure, with a lot of sense or sharp sense of distance. However, Dong Jie's five senses are more elegant, which has become a cool charm .

line of sight down, followed by lip-chin sulcus . The chin-lip groove is an obvious aesthetic depression between the lip and chin. The standard chin-lip groove is about 4 mm deep.

chin retraction may blur the existence of cleft lip and chin , and the side looks not beautiful and delicate enough. You can refer to Guo Qili (autumn cherry). Chin retraction can be balanced by filling with prosthesis or soft material and increasing thickness to achieve smooth and full side lines.

(Thank you for posture of right chin retraction)

followed by lateral longitudinal depth . Here we introduce a concept < strong > "compound facial contour" which was introduced by Takuya Onizuka, a famous Japanese plastic surgeon. Compound contour refers to facial contour with front and back layers, in which zygomatic bone, masseter muscle and mandibular corner point constitute the back layer, and the line of five facial lines such as eye tail and lip angle form the front layer.

and correspond to the side view, the greater the distance between the two contours, the greater the vertical depth and the higher the stereoscopic degree. Take Ozawa Zhenzhu to understand.

Finally, mandibular line is also one aspect. The mandibular angle should be about 116 degrees. The mandibular turning should be clear and neat. The skin and flesh should be wrapped tightly, which is more in line with the aesthetic sense of the face. The contralateral face should also be markedly increased . The natural aesthetic mandibular line does not mean the mandibular line formed by one-size-fits-all mandibular angle, but has a full contour, no redundancy in cheeks, and a sharp connection between Chin and face. It adds lightness and youthfulness.

Men have stronger facial skeletal sensation, which has many advantages. Yang Yangqingli's mandibular line contributes greatly to the delicacy of his facial profile. And < strong > obesity or relaxation may blur the mandibular line .

img src="/1ydzximg/0LDTD8XyS1"/>

Zhang Ziyi.

In short, Whether it is a side face or a front face, beauty has its own rules to follow. As long as we believe in beauty, respect it and accept its tempering, it will open a door for you .

< p> Well, here's Uncle Oxygen today.