CP stir-fried God harvester, birthday 7 hot search? Whoever lets her change her head without moving her knife! uuuuuuuuuuu

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CP stir-fried God harvester, birthday 7 hot search? Whoever lets her change her head without moving her knife! uuuuuuuuuuu

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Say Wu Xin had a very lively birthday, one person contracted Weibo A lot of hot searches. <



>>> NaXiena felt a a bit miserable for the director of Mo Na Xiena, who has been the old partner of the happy family for many years and shoulder-shoulder-shoulder-chair as the old partner of the happy family, just because on the="/1ydzximg/0LDDzhB2gu"/> < /p>



< p > CP powder all agreed to"get married in situ", and the director of dog food also thought it was delicious. Here, the director first reminds me that for all screen CP, everyone is self-initiated, do not randomly rise to the real person, see clearly the latest hot search, Wu Xin staff friends circle what to say!

Although the director himself was immersed in CPs, he was reluctant to admit the bloody fact that both of them were chestnut-haired, simple and detailed milky white sweaters, and all of them were in a trance thinking they were watching idol dramas.

The director also talked about "My Lady" before, and now starfish CP personally confirms that this is a blind date show dressed in parents'and children's clothes. First, put a dog food pad on your stomach, and sing a song can be shy and laugh like this, but also no sei:

Before Wu Xin's father and all the melon eaters were concerned about her emotional problems. Although the director disagreed with the argument that "women must get married before they are complete", Xu Haiqiao's appearance gave the director a father-like smile.

Wu Xin believes that love and marriage is not a concession and accomplishment to life, but gradually comes into being as she tries new fields and achieves new achievements in her career. So what she needs is to respect her lifestyle, grow up together with the same people, reduce her psychological pressure and be a strong supporter of her career.

Xu Haiqiao really fits in. When it comes to relaxing and decompression, they don't have to run away. They both like Lego toys, and when they first meet Xu Haiqiao, they send Wu Xin her favorite Lego. (Director hints that it's often necessary to know each other's hobbies before the first date, and if like-minded is an unexpected surprise):

Wu Xin is a health-preserving person. Xu Haiqiao escorts her to see traditional Chinese medicine specially. She hears that Wu Xin has not eaten breakfast and is still in her physiological period, and purchases red sugar latte intimately (such a warm man in reality). Tickets, even staying up late every night and working overtime every day will not be afraid of the horn):


>> The ideal male ticket actually harvested a lot of CP powder, so the next day in the Express TV program, we turned out a lot of candy, such as the

>The results of this study are as follows:1. Are you married?

Director of starfish CP is sweet, nitrogen-carefully turned over the heat search, a word woke up the dreamer: Why did the former \ gossip boyfriend screen CPs, group heat search? It's not an appointment, is it?

img src="/1ydzximg/0LDDzhgmNS"/

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Feed the CP of the running water of Tieda sister, you forget Li Yifeng, Wu Yifeng, Han Geng-mo! <




As for the hot search of these people, Du Haitao is close to Shen Mengchen's good deeds, Chief Police Officer Tell you, who's going to mess up the mandarin duck score again, and make a direct dish now! uuuuuuuuuuu <


>>>//////>>>>> even if it was a sweet performance, even if it was too sweet to enter the show?The results of this study are as follows:1. At the end of the reality show, Pan Weibo gave Wu Xin a necklace and put it on herself. The assistant said he was in tears.

Next, some netizens picked it out immediately. This necklace is the LOVE series of the Cartier family, which symbolizes the unswerving love (Speaker: This is the CP lock!)



Wu Xin's Hepburn short hair is old, and they are still as sweet when they go to make Fashion Movies (Lao Pan is holding the koala body).

Little assistant wakes up. The director tells you that Koala CP is now a good friend with light clouds and breeze! Birthday wishes are not too many people kowtow well! CP is just like a TV play or a novel to germinate. The true feeling is basically sad. (Director's serious face)

The assistant answered hard: "It was during the koala period that Wu Xin unlocked the correct way to open Northeast Hepburn and let everyone get to her face value, so the director said you were right!"



Well, this makes sense for the director-after all, Wuxin, who just entered the fast version, was once a small earthmaid, compared with her recent Hebenfeng vinvinvintage, compared with her recent Heben retro blockfu, this history of facial evolution g/0LDDzhZQP5"/>

From the past to the present, Wu Xin The biggest change is actually two points: one is visibly thin and thin with the naked eye, the other is to find the right style line.

< Img src="/1ydzximg/0LDDzhdGDt"/><

Now not only the facial outline is clear, shoulder trapezius muscle and arm fat are gone, and the sense of Dunhu thick earth is sweeping away (the long speculation of botutoxin and liposuction merimerimerit)



is neither it nor it! It is true that Wu Xin's five senses have not changed much, but the change from "Little Tuniu" to "Northeast Hepburn" lies in her style line, after many trial and error, finally! Yu! Look! Yes! Now! Wu Xin's overall style of painting was right after the short-haired Liu Hai sculpt of "Let'Love Love Love BaBall" and Wu Xin's short-haired Liu Hai style was followed by the short-haired Liu Hai sculpt of "Let's Love Ball", Wu Xin's overall style was right, by contrast, early sculpture is a black history -

< img SRC < img

< strong >< img SRC >< strong >< img SRC = < img zximg / LDDZZZZZZZZYYUM /< LDDZZZZZZZZZZYYUM /< Wp < Wp < p < p < p >Blame Wu Xin herself Girl's heart bursts, she set up early in the fast book is Zhiling sister type of "small public lift", only these old pictures of the local atmosphere.

Why is this sweet and tender line in line with the mainstream aesthetics especially contrary to her?

director will come up with an old look at the face: how to style, first of all, the hardware has the final say. It depends on the most obvious and decisive hardware.

Wu Xin has the strongest feeling on her face, which is the European-style hooked nose which is tall and big and has a lower hook. This kind of nose with lower hook makes her atrium very long, adds delicacy and three-dimensional, at the same time, it also increases the sense of maturity and distance, and is more masculine.

Those who do not like this painting style will say that she is Levi Jiabenjia:

If not handled properly, it is easy to become a "witch nose" or "human ghost" that is visual sense. Even after the success of thin body and thin face, the long sprouting curve is too soft, and still blown like a human being. :

But she is not a pure neutral line-her nose is masculine, but her eyebrows are feminine, and quite good-looking: eyes are large but long, inner corners are very sharp, basically no epicanthus, with half-moon-shaped eyelids, sharp mouth corners and deep grooves in the middle of the people, it is more confusing and charming (but not European-style). Deep eye sockets.

Director put on a photo with a lighter makeup to give you a feeling:

To sum up, Wu Xin's hardware features are hawk nose, sharp eyes and long atrium, the whole is dominated by sharp lines, the deep of men and the charming coexistence of women. All this points to creating a European face, facing this face to go to the sweet wind, is the trick.