Babysheng Tumeidai was blown out, but the dress he wore was not the same as the original T-Tai model.

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Babysheng Tumeidai was blown out, but the dress he wore was not the same as the original T-Tai model.

2019-01-31 10:26:03 339 ℃
Recently, baby appeared in Hong Kong to take part in activities. she was slender and had a big face. she could easily hold all kinds of lenses. static sketches or dynamic gifs were perfect.

Under passer-by lens, baby's facial value is perfect at all angles.

有细心的网友发现,这是baby第十年参加该活动了,所以吃瓜群众还将十年前的旧照片翻出来对 B. In contrast to

, baby, which has been upgraded to be a hot mom, has not declined at all, and has a little more elegance and affinity than it did ten years ago.

After chatting about the face value, let's look at baby's styling again. Baby, the brand ambassador, accidentally chose a peach-pink Dior suspender dress this time. The style looks ordinary and nothing special, but the color suits her very well. With curly hair, it adds a little charming and girlish feeling to her.

But after looking at the comparison between baby's skirt and T model model, the melon eaters could not believe their eyes, saying that the style of baby's skirt and T platform was too different, unlike the same one!

Let's take a look at the comparison. Compared with the lightweight version of T-shirt, baby's skirt does look wrong, but it does look the same. It looks very different because the conservative baby adds a long petticoat to the lightweight skirt, which makes the skirt "airtight" as a whole, without the lightness of T-shirt.

In order to avoid axillary glare, it seems that there is a gray undercut inside? Compared with the peach skirt, it's a little conspicuous.

Although the original skirt is not too shocking and special, it is more common after the baby's "transformation", even some local style, like the ordinary bridesmaid's dress.

This is not the first time that baby has failed in its transformation. With the same series of green skirts as the pink yarn skirt, baby has also been transformed, and the changes are quite big. Sewing high neckline, adding lining, and comparing with T-taiwan style, after the transformation, lost the original characteristics and fairy, front and back contrast like two skirts, very ordinary and looks like a "shanzhai" real-wear version.

wore another Dior dress before the event. Baby changed the original generous collar into V-shaped one. The dress lost its original sense of vintage, but it also appeared vulgar and old-fashioned, and had nothing to do with fashion.

For baby with a slip-on-paper figure, there is absolutely no problem in controlling sexy dresses.

Although thin, everyone knows that the proportion of baby is not good, the leg shape is not outstanding, and the design of dior's light gauze skirt in recent seasons, in fact, is very suitable for baby's beautiful legs, giving people a feeling of slender and straight legs.

For female stars, it is understandable that they are afraid of going out and adding lining, but such a contract with lining as baby is equivalent to a "big transformation", instead of losing the original design features, it seems very common. But nowadays there are many ways to prevent smoothness. Baby's styling team can completely change some ways to retain the original design of skirts, and at the same time to be safe and secure.

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