These simple little habits help you develop a clean face!

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These simple little habits help you develop a clean face!

2019-01-31 10:26:05 268 ℃

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is very important in this era of skin care and anti-aging. Every day, there are 100 kinds of fancy Amway products that have not been seen before. I'm eager to make my skin better and older, and so am I. But even the best dermatologists and the most powerful high-tech can't achieve immediate results, let alone products?

In fact, daily skin care does not need to be very complex and expensive, and some simple habits have been formed in life. The effect of skin care over the years is amazing! And the focus of skin care is not entirely tender skin, white, the more important indicator is - health!

A healthy face will not be prone to frequent acne, spots, fat grains, red blood filaments... Do the following things, the skin is difficult to think!

  1. Eat less sweets. Sweet foods can easily affect hormone levels, leading to abnormal sebaceous gland secretion, acne, and sugar aging. Sugar-free faces are not only clean, but also younger

2. After exercise, wash your face. The abnormal secretion of sebaceous glands caused by skin warming and cooling, and unclear sweat and grease on the face can easily cause large pore and acne.

3. If it is not recommended by dermatologists, do not exfoliate, do not use cleanser, do not use fruit acid. Cortical destruction is difficult to regenerate, leading to premature aging of the skin.

4. is better for skin than daily mask, less or less mask. Mask is not necessary, but it will hurt your skin if you use too much. < p > < p > 5. Vitamin is more useful than collagen. All kinds of vitamins can maintain the nutrition needed by the human body and make the body and skin healthy. Collagen's skin-care effect is far less than that, and it can't be absorbed.

6. Don't rub your face vigorously. Whether it's face washing or skin care products, lighter. Because rubbing the skin hard can also hurt the skin, serious and may even remain dark. < p > < p > 7. Blow less air conditioning cold air. Otherwise, the skin will become very dry. Girls blow too much air conditioning is not only bad for the skin, but also bad for the body, such as fasciitis or something. < p > < p > 8. Do a good job in preventing fog and haze. Don't think that haze is just bad for your respiratory tract. It can also cause skin inflammation and accelerate skin aging.

9. Apple and salmon have super antioxidant capacity and can be eaten more (salmon need to be careful). Even if it does not work immediately on the skin, at least on the body's cell antioxidant effect is also very commendable.

10.The simplest and quickest way to restore skin condition is to sleep more. It's not a facial mask, it's not a night cream. It's sleep. After a good sleep, skin color and texture will surely get better and better.

11. Keep in a good mood. Because stress increases your skin level and cortisol, you may develop chloasma, skin sensitivities, rashes, and dark complexions. Find ways to adjust the mood, women feel good, everything will be fine.

12. Your skin does not need to detoxify, nor does your body. But you need to be healthy and metabolic. Therefore, develop the habit of regular exercise.

13. It is better not to drink Chinese medicine for a long time, and your face will turn yellow. Conditioning should be appropriate, never too late.

14. do not use tear mask, and pig nose stickers and other black stickers. Tear for a while, sensitive crematorium.

15. a bottle of Dabao cream is more effective than any homemade mask and skin care prescription. In addition to reliable moisturizing mask, do not toss about in the face.

p>16.Sunscreen can be used from infancy. Physical sunscreen is best for sensitive skin.

17. The sooner Medical Aesthetics begins, the later the anti-aging time of the operation of knife will be, or even need not be. But don't place all your hopes on medical beauty. Daily maintenance is also important.

18. Drinking more water is one of the effective ways to replenish all skin care products.

In fact, during her many years of research on skin care, Sister M found that the best way to protect skin is usually the simplest daily and the most basic and inexpensive. Listen carelessly to the grass planted by others and make a rational decision on your own face.