Australian couples have created six little people who are too fat to play with.

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Australian couples have created six little people who are too fat to play with.

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In Australia, there is a couple with

hot stature

both of them have very good stature

are absolutely muscular people

each group has abused numerous dogs on the Internet

style="text-align: center"> The unexpected thing about lign: center is that

has made six children!

Are you still making excuses for middle-aged obesity after giving birth to a child due to pregnancy?

People have six bear children at the same time, and their figure is so hot!

Just like my Chinese dynasty, sprinklers are everywhere

if you can't do it yourself, you can think that others are born with good genes:

text-align: center> "It's not scientific, it's born with thin body!"

"People who drink Coke every day will lose weight. There's nothing to show off!"

"Give birth to so many dolls, and have such a good figure, deceive ghosts?"

Faced with queries

The couple wanted to use more practical actions to tell the obese people

99% of the obese people were caused by their lifestyle

They all had a characteristic in life:

p> style="align: center": There are too many excuses!!!

They want to get fat!

and then reduce fat!!

They began to indulge themselves in eating high-calorie junk food

pizza, biscuits, potato chips, cola, ice cream... <

p style= "text-align: center">things that never dared and would never eat before

now complete indulgence now

> after a period of huhuhungry feast

Their results

< img s Rc="/1ydzximg/0LFiYEYYZTG"/>


This is again pregnant Now... (viii)

Is the man pregnant too? (viii)

< p style= "text-align: center"> Then they began to put into the fat-reducing stage

< p> < style= "text-align: center"> First of all, they refused all glycogen, even fruit

< style= "text-align: center"> but the body's craving for junk food increased greatly because of the hungry eating of Hessettaitm style

< p> < text-align: center > before. !

< p style= "text-align: center"> Their first feeling is:

< p style= "text-align: center"> full of Coke chips, almost give up!

img src="/1ydzximg/0LFiYE4OKS"/>

but the original intention

is to tell those who have an excuse,

If you persist, you can succeed!

They encourage each other

light and healthy diet+high-intensity exercise

Keep it up day after day!

They did not degenerate on this!

Get fat together!

They never go to the gym

They have their own training room

Most of the fitness is done at home

style="text-align: center">What group of children?

Baby's participation is an important reason for their persistence

Because so many children

children can not work and rest at the same time

so they need to take care of their children for most of the time

can be considered in many ways, and the important thing is more fun



text-align: center>>>>>>> the following farmer walks absolutely bullying

Grab curiosity and you can accomplish an action

push-ups like

>>> every baby enjoys in it

> running with a baby with a baby style="text-align: center"> text-align: center Pulmonary function

one-handed sleeping push of a treasure

will it be too happy to be a father?

The whole treasure is obscure... (viiiiii)


> whatever exercise

The most praiseworthy is this wife

< p style="text-align: center"> has been pregnant for the past seven and half years and conceived a lifestyle

< style/p>< p> < p> < p="text-gn: gn: gn: center"> first four ximg/0LFiYEQEjR"/>

after the birth of the fourth baby

< p style=" text-align: center "> she saw herself in the mirror

< p style=" text-align: center "> feeling decades old

< p style=" text-align: center "> so she decided to change her state and start fitness

< style=" text-align: center "> after fitness, her mental state was totally different

< style=" text-align: center "> even during pregnancy. I will also keep exercising


and after the fifth baby


> text-align: center> Style= "text-align: center">Reslag Body

< p style= "text-align: center"> can not resist their persistence

< p style= "text-align: center"> Look at their now

< img src="/ 1ydzximg/0LFiYEvjOi"/> < p style= "text-align: center"> Too abusive dog! Spicy eyes! The experiment of

proves a truth:

No matter how good a body is, it can't stand eating and drinking!


There is no meat that can not be reduced, only an endless excuse!

< p style= "text-align: center"> Oh no, it seems that there are two

< p style= "text-align: center"> (serious face)