Do you have a good figure to sell your goods? Yes

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Do you have a good figure to sell your goods? Yes

2019-02-09 09:17:55 233 ℃

Recently, I know that there is a very hot topic -- < strong > What are some examples of "wearing land stalls into famous brands"?

As the saying goes, people rely on clothes and Buddhas on gold.

"Clothes and bags, a penny a penny, a bit more expensive to wear the whole person's grade is different."

Dozens of land stalls wear famous brand goods? It does not exist.

Here's the most praised answer. It's a black girl paper who likes to sun her clothes on YouTube.

The sister's name is Teresa Kiana. I like to share my shopping experience on the oil pipeline, and I am a little famous.

Teresa is not surprising in appearance, but it fully exerts the black race superiority, and its figure is good enough to explode.

protruding and protruding, clavicle waist, spicy to no avail

She usually likes to shop on Aliexpress (one of our treasures), and then sunbathe her show on the tubing. Everything is cheap, probably not more than 20 .

To be honest, every time I see her take out the clothes she just bought in the video, I feel very (

"Can this rag deceive foreigners? I don't want a five-dollar package to mail to me (

How hot eyes are, let's feel it.

This is a mosquito net-like but mosquito-proof lace bra with a sense of cheap honey juice. Six knives are too many.

This $8 thing looks like sports pants abandoned by aunts in the urban-rural fringe.... Is it a skirt?

I swear to see it in the video, square from top to bottom ! No sense of curve!

whisper bb.

come to the back to prove that I am not slandering, it is really square.

and this chest mysterious open-ended pants , a rag, actually cost 13 knives.

15 knife green rag, the color is the same as the riddle of salted vegetable green, but also legs high open to the buttocks.

Two ropes strung on a piece of cloth have been exposed in this way, but can not imagine a trace of sexy. Strong is a little cheaper than the top rag, 13 knives.

irregular tailoring, intoxicated color, random design, and materials that seem to be immediately allergic to wear, summed up as

< style= "text-align: center"< strong > inexpensive < p> < p= "text-gn: center"< terrible style > < align > text > P > align: Center Nter "> < strong > despair < / strong > < / P > < P style =" text-align: center "> Everything can make you the oldest sister in the night.

Can you wear it? Will you buy it? Will you take a look?

No, why spend money to look like a pheasant?

However, in the video, the young lady and sister happily disassembled each piece of clothes, and then jumped to try it. The moment I came out, I finally understood the fact that

< p style= "text-align: center"> < strong > the problem was not clothes, but I .

suspended mosquito nets? No, put on the new style of spring and summer show in 2019, and immediately called on the sisters to shoot the beach photo blockbuster.

changed the physical attributes of clothes, changed from H-type rag to S-type evening dress . Are you going to party or charity dinner tonight?

Oh no, I'm going to the Oscar to walk on the red carpet .

to a slay side and back of the whole field.

(sorry, such clothes just need to be crossed to the buttocks to look good)

img src="/1ydzximg/0LFBJoxiV8"/> I am the girl who set off the whole scandal at the party today .

If static pictures are not enough to prove the superpower of ladies'decay into magic, then the following dynamic pictures, sexy and witty, surprise you to drop your chin on the ground

"walking steel wire ball " VS night shop gold battle suit strong/align: center". Rong><<<

(13 knives)



>Wuhua Big Banned Pork Black Long Skirt with >/ strong>>>>>>>>>

> text-align: center>>> VS < VS style

(12 knives)

"""" Red breastwear, buttocock hemhemhemhem hemdress two sets / strong>"<>

>>>>> text-align: >>>> text-align: center>>>>> text-align: center>>> text-align: center> < strong>>> text-style style = < p>> text-align style= < center> src="/1ydzximg/0LFBJoJ27z"/>>

">"death Barbie Pink Black Alien is totally inappropriate for >""death Barbie Pink Black Aliens




(14 knife)

""Aunt's old-fashioned knitted dress ""




"French elegance also carries some little wit >""


style="text-text-align: center>" (3r3X"/>"< P style= "text-align: center"> Really, the way my sister twists and turns in front of the camera makes my heart melt.

was still in the "five unwanted rags" the second before, but as soon as Miss and Sister put them on, she immediately said: What kind of God is this in the devil?

Look at yourself again, Is it not in good shape and even lost the qualification of wearing stalls

Every piece is so suitable, ironed, sexy and high-end, which is comparable to the famous brand in minutes.

< p style= "text-align: center"> is clearly dozens of clothes, because a good figure, decay into magic, really save money

< p style= "text-align: center"> and then look at her usual Inspo outfit, inexplicable cloth, can be worn on her, not like Taobao stall, looks very expensive! <<<

>>>> It seems that magazines really did not decedecedeceive us, as long as people are good in shape and good temperament, Jo0In8"/>

Caroline in Sisters in Bankruptcy, on the garbage bag Cut three holes, without any other processing or matching, easy to wear a big brand feeling. <



>> Xiao Meng recalls a hit Taobao Buyer show that year:


disturbed sssSSSSSSSSSSN"/>

Looking at clothes is better than looking at face, looking at face is better than looking at body. We are short of money, but we are short of stature and temperament

and we are afraid of not wearing famous brand when you train into protruding and protruding clavicle bee waist and thighs. A good figure is also helping you save money!

img src="/1ydzximg/0LFBJoBc4M"/>