Everyone should pay 350 yuan for all-naked fitness class. The coach's eyes are directed at the soul!

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Everyone should pay 350 yuan for all-naked fitness class. The coach's eyes are directed at the soul!

2019-02-09 09:17:59 700 ℃

Fairy good, before the text begins, first investigate a matter!

My first sister is coming to Hong Kong today for a heavy talk. Cough, it's embarrassing to say it! Naked... Naked gym, have you ever heard of baa (old face red)?

This is what happened when a sister surfed the Internet and suddenly saw an article by a foreign gay honeyhaired girl. He said that he had experienced a nude gymnasium and felt the whole process was

when he looked down, he saw his Didi shaking, but he could not look up because he would see it when she looked up. Other people's Didi is shaking, this picture feeling... A sister almost did not come up with an old blood. So I studied this nude gym with great interest.

It happened at Hanson Fitness, a luxury gym in the United States, which is basically a gym for people like Rihanna and Atongo.

as a personal gymnasium, you can't live up to the title without doing something, so in 18 years, people have launched luxury bare exercise classes.

This gymnasium has three naked classes a week, one for women and one for men. If you are brave, you can also take mixed classes.

and then a gay honey spreads its wings on the edge of danger to experience it completely. So there are the following psychological journeys. Before going to the gym, Gay Mi confirmed by phone with her boss many times that this is a regular gym (haha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

and then when he changed his clothes, he was thinking: nude fitness class, certainly not for fitness, the buddies who come here must also think so.

Although Gay Mi herself often wears brushed pants, naked upper body, but naked with almost naked but completely two concepts. After signing the exemption statement, he paid $52.5 for the class hour, equivalent to 354 RMB. Note that this is not the price of a private lesson, but the price of a group lesson.

There are six people in class, three young people in their thirties, and one in their forties and fifties. They are definitely not that fat type, but they are not fit enough. Another coach, standing beside him with a serious face, was probably afraid of everyone's embarrassment.

The first action is to lie on the prone mountain climbing. When Gaymi did this action, she found her Didi shaking madly, felt terrible, decided to look up, and then found that everyone's Didi was shaking madly...... Well, let's see yourself!

The second action is push-ups, because gay honey can't hold on to it, lay on the ground several times, and then look at the dirty floor, in the mind has fantasized countless diseases caused by health problems, so he has to desperately stop pasting the ground.

What they do is not surprising, it is also the HIIT set, the interval is very short, 15 minutes later, we are exhausted. Even so, everyone's eyes are very honest floor, no one dares to spread their wings.

< p style= "text-align: center"> (in order to survive, the first sister gave them P pants)

< p style= "text-align: center"> The second round started, the coach let everyone take dumbbells, 30-year-old young people have big eyes and small bellies, took about two 10 kg dumbbells, did not practice two movements on the deformation, began to arch back, force waving hands, chest forward collapse.

(pictures and texts are irrelevant, but please praise my painter)

The later process of basic copy and paste, that is, the action becomes more difficult. Gaymi said that when I trained, I even forgot that I was in a group class and thought that I had come to private education.

Later, Gay honey recalled that the embarrassment of nude fitness disappeared at the second water intake, and it was just a regular fitness class.

but the gym claims that the benefits of nude fitness are beyond the horizon.

p>style="text-align: center">1. You can also see spicy, out of courtesy eyes, everyone has to concentrate on fitness, no one dares to think of anything else

p>style="text-align: center">2. Your standard is not standard, if you are lazy, you can be seen through at a glance, hit the soul directly, and sentenced publicly!

P style="text-align: center">3. The effect is direct. You can clearly feel where you are tight and where you are practicing in place

4. Body surface temperature is more susceptible to environmental impact when you are naked. It is said that it will lead to faster blood flow (really because you see others naked? Whisper bb.

The question arises. If there is a nude gymnasium, it can guarantee that you can practice once with half the effort, will you go?

Can you give me a good look at the end? It's really tiring to type manually.