Reba's stature fell from the altar! Pelvic protrusion, rib valgus, shoulder blade protrusion more than Zhou Dongyu

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Reba's stature fell from the altar! Pelvic protrusion, rib valgus, shoulder blade protrusion more than Zhou Dongyu

2019-02-09 09:18:03 433 ℃

Happy New Year to the fairies! Today, the first sister finally began to be more literal. Everyone said that the stalks of the Spring Festival Gala were almost the same. The first sister said that I focused on Aidou bar. This Spring Festival Gala is one of the most anticipated events in Reba.

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But this time, the first sister wanted to talk about the variety show "Sound on the Spot". The actors in the room have a great command of voice. In addition to Reba, there is also Teacher Cai Ming. Not only is the voice sound beautiful, but also the figure of the first sister shines in front of her. This A4 waist is just too enviable. Fans say they've crushed the hot bar.

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but Wuli Reba is still lovely and completely deified.

What surprised the first sister most was Reba's selection of Shakespeare's "Hamlet" in the classical voice, which made use of Ophelia's dominant dance action to drive the voice.

But as a bodybuilder, a sister always unconsciously looks at their posture problems. A sister said before that hot pelvic proneness, rib valgus, this neck also looks slightly forward?

In addition to a slight head lead, in a recent event, a sister discovered that Reba had winged shoulder blades. The shoulder blade turned so hard that a sister could not believe it. She was really shocked.

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p>style="text-align: center"> feels more painful than the butterfly bones of the winter rain that year.

Sister Xie Mengyao's scapula problem has been discussed with you before. Today, Sister Xie Mengyao will tell you why some people's scapula will be higher and lower.

In fact, the scapula is one high and one low, the most important thing is to bring high and low shoulders. High and low shoulders are very understandable, that is, the shoulders on both sides are not in a horizontal line, especially easy to appear in our workers and students. According to one sister's observation, most people almost have the problem of high and low shoulders in their lives.

bilateral muscle imbalance

We all have the habit of left or right hand in our lives, if we often use one hand to carry heavy weight. The nerves and muscles of the unilateral hand are often stimulated and over time lead to imbalance of our body muscles.

In addition, it may be more because of some bad habits in our life, such as one-shoulder backpack. This leads to varying degrees of tension and fatigue around the scapular band, resulting in abnormal muscle tension. Too much tension on one side of the scapular muscle makes one side of the shoulder higher.

long and short feet

Most of our archs are normal, but if there are flat or high archs, and left arch, and the arch is normal. Right asymmetry will lead to long and short legs, which will directly lead to high and low shoulders.

This picture shows the effect of flat feet and high arch intuitively.

In fact, the length and length of feet are not from our birth, they are basically caused by pelvic rotation and muscle spasm caused by bad habits, wrestling and even fracture.


scoliosis is actually a very common skeletal problem. Because of the popularity of mobile phones, many bad habits have been triggered, which can lead to scoliosis.

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p>style="text-align: center">I believe that when you read, you often use this position to write your homework.

You can clearly see that scoliosis will naturally lead to high and low shoulders. As one sister said before, today we will not dwell on hot.

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p>style="text-align: center">The first sister taught us a very simple method to distinguish scoliosis. Stand straight with your legs and touch your feet. If your back is high and low, it's side bending.

Although there is no pain in the prophase of scoliosis and no obvious sensation, the heavier scoliosis will affect our growth and development and make our body deformed. Serious cases can affect cardiopulmonary function, and even involve the spinal cord, resulting in paralysis. Mild scoliosis can be recovered through rehabilitation training, and severe scoliosis requires surgical treatment.

pelvic tilt

At this time, our body will continue to bend to the right side to make us feel more comfortable. This reflects a very important point, high and low shoulders are not only shoulder problems, but also related to our pelvis!

In order to make the fairies understand better, the first sister drew a picture to illustrate the relationship between pelvis and shoulder height.

Pelvic tilt has a great impact on the high and low shoulders. In order to solve the problem of high and low shoulders well, besides dealing with the high trapezius and levator scapulae tension, we should also release the low lumbar quadratus, abdominal oblique, iliopsoas and latissimus dorsi muscles. And so on.

trapezius and levator scapularis