No fraud, these are the real hegemony of the entertainment industry, private clothes are also very durable!

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No fraud, these are the real hegemony of the entertainment industry, private clothes are also very durable!

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There are many high-profile actresses in the entertainment circle, but there are some low-key hidden overlords who can feel the atmosphere of cultural people just from their temperament. Today Xiaobian will take a look at the overlords in the entertainment circle. Guan Xiaotong, who was born in 1997

Guan Xiaotong

, made his debut early and played the role of a child star in The Infinite. Later, she was called a "national boudoir" because she played the roles of her daughter in such plays as "Mr. Good" and "The Wrong Car". In that year, 552 points in the college entrance examination were successfully admitted to BeiDian. At that time, micro-blogging began to overwhelm the article praised the "national girl" as the academic hegemony, high scores into the North Telecom. As an art student, it is not easy for Guan Xiaotong to achieve such a result. There is no denying his efforts. <




< p > < strong > Jiang Shuying

< p > She graduated from the Department of Performance of Shanghai Theatre Academy, and at the age of nineteen, she has already made her debut. Many people have no feelings for her at first, but with the appearance of her on the popular TV series, it is amazing that she has a high degree. After graduation from Shanghai Theatre Academy, she went to the University of East Anglia to pursue her Master's degree in Media Economics, which is a proper academic hegemony.

Jiang Shuying's private clothes are more knowledgeable and more colorful.


网友都说张钧甯活得像一本教科书,出身名门,家境殷实。 My father is a doctor of law, my mother is a master of literature, and a writer. Parents studying in Germany, Zhang Junyong and his sister were born in Germany, the whole family is highly educated and high-quality. She was admitted to the Department of History of National Taipei University in the College Entrance Examination, and then transferred to the Department of Law. Her master's degree is in the Institute of Industrial Economics of National Central University. Her graduation thesis is 100,000 words long, up to 90.5 points. Not only high IQ, but also high EQ. There is almost no negative news in the entertainment circle!

Daily private clothes are more diverse, elegant, British and leisure goddess can easily hold.


一提到林志玲,很多人脑海中都会闪出“花瓶”这个词汇,但是殊不知她毕业 In Toronto University, Canada, and received a double major degree in Western Art History and Economics, it is a combination of talent and appearance. Not only is IQ high, but also EQ high. Even Venus praises Lin Zhiling for her care.


< strong > Chen Turing

< p > Chen Turing < p > In the Facejoking National School Grass Selection, Chen Turing surpassed the milk tea MM Zhang Zetian by virtue of his beautiful appearance and Book atmosphere, and was pushed to the "goddess ranking" Championship position by netizens, which aroused attention. Because of this, Chen Turing will be discovered by the entertainment circle and become a member of the circle. Before becoming popular, Chen Turing has been recognized as a school flower, but has been very low-key. At the time of the college entrance examination, 621 points were scored, and finally entered Nanhang to study engineering.

Chen Turing's private clothes are in good tune with my temperament, fresh literature and art, and have the feeling of a girl next door.

Zhao Weip>Zhao Wei is definitely a well-known artist. Once appearing on the big screen, it is now slowly retreating behind the scenes. Many people began to dig out her youthful appearance, which is really beautiful, and Zhao Wei is a real bully actor, who was admitted to Beijing Film Academy as the first performer in the country, and became a top performer in the school at that time. Moreover, Zhao Wei is not only a department, but also a master of director department of Beijing Film Academy. Isn't it surprising that Zhao Wei is not only an undergraduate, but also a master of director department of Beijing Film Academy? >


往期也同样精彩哦 凰尚是个念旧的人

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