Super thin waist, and the same kind of snake face animation? Guan Xiaotong was pitted by his father's two Mao painting skills!

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Super thin waist, and the same kind of snake face animation? Guan Xiaotong was pitted by his father's two Mao painting skills!

2019-02-18 18:32:30 376 ℃

Recently, Guan Xiaotong's Thousand-Handed Guanyin Dance in a program has attracted much attention and discussion. For Guan Xiaotong, whose practice time is relatively limited, it is not difficult to jump into the hearts of the people. The final effect is naturally some distance from the original version. The overall effect of

is not bad, but it is still criticized by netizens: dance movements are stiff and so on

pictures are from Weibo

pictures are from Weibo

secondly, many gourmet people express that Guan Xiaotong's appearance and temperament are more sharp, but less charming under Guan Xiaotong's interpretation. With the gentleness and compassion of the original version of Guanyin, the essence of the dance is naturally lacking. (However, the overall performance and the degree of work deserve some praise)

The pictures are from Weibo

Besides the dance itself, the shape of Guan Xiaotong has also aroused a heated discussion among the gourd eaters.

This dance dress style not only let Guan Xiaotong show his legs, but also highlighted a waist.

and long-term attention to Guan Xiaotong's wear and wear spectators all know that Guan Xiaotong's body is long legs short, waist straight up and down, there is no arc, because so long as she waits, will be Tucao no waist, waist and so on.

img src="/1ydzximg/0LIh3nnmz1"/>

Meanwhile, her hip is larger

short waist and waist without arc + hip width, so when wearing some skirts, her waist does not show the same curvilinear feeling as hot bar, but shows a straight line feeling.

Leg length and long waist can not be both, so straight waist is not equal to shortcomings (many long-leg supermodels are such a figure, pay attention to the shape is still perfect ~). For example, one of the favorite matching routines of female stars: wearing high waist skirts, waist-waisted female stars Xiuman waist, no curve waist Guan Xiaotong focused on showing legs, the effect is still good.

Although there is a certain relationship between daily appearance and no waist arc, but as long as the right style is selected, it can also "create" a bare waist.

So this dance dress of direct waist show is not what Guan Xiaotong is good at.

Knowledgeable daughter Moruo father, Father knows the "bug" of daughter's figure. This time, Guan Xiaotong, a thousand-handed Avalokitesvara, thrilled about his daughter's nine palaces on Weibo.

But the eyepointed Netizens found that Guan Da's sunshine seemed to be something wrong. The difference between face and waist is huge. Guan Xiaotong's waist is relatively rounded in the refined drawing of the studio

, but Guan Dad seems not very satisfied with the result of the revised drawing, so he did not take the drawing from the studio team.

His own micro-blog map is different from the studio, and should be reprocessed, shrinking the waist circumference of his daughter, P out of the waist curve that her daughter lacks, but P-map technology is not home, there is obvious asymmetry on both sides of the waist.

Guan Xiaotong's waist is very slender under the support of Guan Dad's PS.

Compared with Guan Xiaotong's true waist, the weight difference between front and back is about 10 kilograms, right?

In addition to slimming waist, Guan Dad seems to have started to beautify his daughter, but the effect of beautification and She Shiman under the screen red filter have a match, and directly become a "snake face".

zoom in. Guan Xiaotong, controlled by his father's mao-repairing technique, is not recognizable.

Maybe using the revision template in the revision software? Guan Xiaotong's face in Guan Da's micro-blog picture has been greatly narrowed and slender. His face has become a cone face, which is quite different from Guan Xiaotong's original face. Guan Xiaotong should not be able to laugh or cry when

was repaired by his parents with such a "cheap" or even thrilling effect. In fact, Guan Da doesn't need to repair the drawings by himself. The small partners in the studio who specialize in repairing drawings are more online.~