How many fresh meat can Star Lord hang for a box lunch?

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How many fresh meat can Star Lord hang for a box lunch?

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1990 , then chairman of the Hong Kong Film Award Jury Wu Siyuan, told Zhou Xingchi at the Casino Holy Film Studio that it was not easy to make audiences laugh like this, and you will become a superstar after the production. At that time, introverted Zhou Xingchi felt that this elder brother seemed to be too complimentary. Because in his understanding of himself, he never thought he was funny. He was totally bored. Although his position in the comedy world can be described almost without exaggeration by the phrase "How lonely is invincibility". For him, comedy is only a carrier of his acting skills.

. It was never his instinct to boast, but he loved to play the characters carefully in his life. Two of the most commendable points in Stephen Chow's films are his irrational comic logic and his polishing of acting skills and details.

Ang Lee: His senseless comedy is simply too difficult to sum up, almost without logic. I admire Zhou Xingchi.

and when too many movies point to logic and texture, Zhou Xingchi's movies point to surprising imagination, as well as the ubiquitous details and eggs of .

The improvisation factors in Chow Xingchi's films occupy the largest space of creation. Chow Xingchi, who works on the spot, is willing to perform for actors in almost all parts, whether the protagonist or Longtao.

The supporting roles and dragon set actors in other people's movies are only green leaves, but their supporting roles and even dragon set actors will be very popular and purple, which can form the Dragon set heavenly group.

Golden supporting actor He Wenhui

People say that there are only two kinds of people in the mixed show circle, one is God's appreciation of food, the other is grandfather's appreciation of food, relying on technology. While Zhou Xingchi has talent, every play is still suffering. He's going to shoot the kind of "Let the audience see eggs and heartfelt movies every time".

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< p > The article has not done belly dancing in "The Westward Journey to the Devil" after more than 130 times. At that time, when the article saw Huang Bo, it would say, "What shall I do today?" What shall I do today? It was not until the dancing teacher practiced for a month that the ideal effect was achieved. < p > < p > < br > < p > < p > < p > < P style = "text-align: center" > < p > < p > < p > < br > < / P > < p > < strong > for each role, he repeatedly emphasized that if he could be a little better, he would be a little better. The spirit of is not only what he asks of himself, but also encourages everyone to shine in the film.

and this can be seen from Zhou Xingchi's numerous dinner scenes. This harshness of excellence is reflected in his dining drama, which shows that he never had a good meal....

Zhou Xingchi's film hides a delicious Chinese food River and lake. Another ordinary meal can also have a senseless taste. The grilled chicken wings in Tang Bohu Dipping Autumn Fragrance, the soul-stirring rice in God of Eat, the tomato egg rice in King of Comedy, the big white steamed bread in Shaolin Football, etc.

Zhou Xingchi's dinner can even make outsiders laugh and gain three jin at the same time.

Zhou Xingchi who eats with her feet

Liu Jialing wanted her to have a meal and a runny nose when she joined Zhou Xingchi in the performance of "Sporadic Probes in the Big Inner". Because it was easy to solidify the image of an actress in those days. Once a clown started, it might always be a clown.

But Zhou Xingchi did not seem to pre-judge the audience's aesthetics, and he never thought that disguising ugliness would be unpleasant to the audience.

For theatrical effect, he can perform different effects in almost every dining theatre. In "Inside the Great Detective Zero hair", he still did not give up pulling the goddess to the other side of Wulitou, and designed the scene of Jialing Liu's saliva spraying into her bowl: Do you know that when you speak so fluently, your saliva will spray into other people's bowls?

There are many box dinners in Hong Kong movies. The little brothers in Heroes have box dinners, while Han Chan in Infernal Affairs has a box dinner in the police station, while the box dinner in Zhou Xingchi's movies has become an unforgettable prop.

Pongo's box lunch

How hard does it take to get a set of box lunches? In The King of Comedy, Brother SUNY, who is in charge of the box lunch, is a sign of the actor's Cafe position. In order to compete for the qualification of a box lunch, Zhou Xingchi and Wu Mengda staged a "box lunch war".

Yin Tianqiu was given a chance to play the role of a cuckoo, with gasoline on both sides. However, the director discussed the height of the pigeon with the people nearby, which led to Yin Tianqiu being burned there for several minutes without any attention. The whole person was barbecued, but was still told that he was not qualified to eat the box lunch of the drama group (

Yin Tianqiu muttered a line that it was not human? With the farm elder brother is still hard-hearted: "Because you are not qualified to eat this box of meals. Even throwing a box of lunch to the dog won't give it to him. Behind a box of lunch, it was staged as a three-round war between the underprivileged actors and the powerful class.

In "Chili Curry", Zhou Xingchi performs the classic eating scene of eating a box of meals in the pedestrian street. In the lonely and sour scene, we can see his helplessness and hesitation. This design easily resonates with people. After all, who hasn't had the experience of eating steamed buns or grasping pancakes while driving on the commuter road?


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and then the legs went down after a while. And that roll of toilet paper has changed.

"dragon's successor" this show of eating, fully shows the rustic taste of rustic people grabbing food on the table, after the first resort, the father and son collusion to make the guests just talk and have no time to eat...

in order to show greedy country boy, he also squatted on the chair from the chair, and pulled it off at the table. Rice on the table. The scene of a meal is like a fancy eating game....

After Su Beggar in Wuzhuang Yuan was on the street, this kind of downcast play, eating a bowl of bad food and dogs used to humiliate him, he still struggled to find a level, from picking up rice with his hands to discovering a meat silk and a father hugging his head. Celebrate.

Tang Bohu Point Autumn Fragrance"was probably the period when KFC was just emerging in China. Zhou Xingchi specially designed the fragments of roast chicken wings, both indoors and outdoors, from roasting to eating.

and this classic scene has been retained by the TV version of "Fengliao Tangbohu".

Zhou Xingchi's meal always reminds people of the atmosphere of ten thousand lights of the general public. An ordinary bowl of miscellaneous noodles, white steamed bread, fork cooking, can make ordinary viewers want to open takeout software. He seems to be a walking gourmet in the parallel universe of the movie.

Big Sister Turkey has been silently supporting him, and when he lost his dog belt, he gave him a bowl of desperate food. The fork is fat but not greasy, and the eggs are just half cooked, which makes Zhou Xingchi cry when he has finished eating.

and to this day, we all retain the habit of testing its elasticity and trying to breed gravy whenever we eat Setai Niu Wan...

Egg Fried Rice in the movie "God of Eat" contest is evenly distributed on each grain of rice. Rice grains are separated and yellow, so it is very appetizing to watch.

Zhou Xingchi is also full of ingenious thinking about the props of the dining theatre and the dining theatre. Even the dining tools are fixed in a particularly magical cock bowl.

Cock bowl is a traditional design in Guangdong. It was used in Hong Kong in the 1960s and 1970s as a special dish in Hong Kong's big stalls and restaurants.

Zhou Xingchi eats noodles in the air in the movie "Gambler", and the bowl used for noodles is the cock bowl.

Kung Fu, in which three hidden masters fought with the axe gang, the rescued younger sister sent them a lot of eggs, the bowl of the original younger sister's home was also a cock bowl.

The goddess-eating contest is also a cock bowl with the goddess-eating contest containing the Star Lord's "ecstasy meal". In

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