54-year-old Carrie Lau appeared in a penetrating costume. Netizens: This figure is too hot.

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54-year-old Carrie Lau appeared in a penetrating costume. Netizens: This figure is too hot.

2019-03-01 15:47:08 381 ℃

Lau Jialingcai and Liang Chaowei came back from skiing to attend business shows all the time. Maybe after their vacation, they are more enthusiastic about their work. Yesterday, Lau Jialing dressed boldly and attracted a lot of attention.

On that day, under a black suit, Carrie Lau wore a long leopard-print sleeve. The leopard-print itself was very wild, but the clothes were still perspective and could clearly see the clothes inside.
and the lower body is a black skirt with lace, this dress can be said to be very sexy, no wonder the people at the event can not move their eyes to Jialing Liu, it is simply too hot.
all say that female stars are afraid of getting older, but Carrie Lau seems not to be afraid at all. She is not only bolder than young people in dress, but also keeps the same figure as young people, even better than some young people.

Carrie Lau had some time ago sunned pictures of herself going to the seaside for vacation, in which Carrie Lau was also boldly dressed and appeared in a bikini. It's no wonder that Carina Lau is so brave and beautiful. She's really very good. She's slender and fair. There should be some places where she has no fat. At 53 years old, she can keep in such a state. It's really excellent!

Especially those slender legs, look really enviable, enough seconds to kill most young people now. Jialing Liu is always amazed at the daily activities of

. Last year, Carrie Lau wore a black lace dress. At first glance, it was elegant and sexy.

But as soon as Carina Lau stood up, she was shocked by many people, which was such a simple lace skirt. This skirt is perspective ah, the clothes inside said that the bottom, rather than Liu Jialing's bathing suit.

and Carrie Lau will turn around to show you the back for concave shape, which makes her face red.

Like this kind of swimsuit, Carrie Lau wore it more than once. Earlier, Carrie Lau had a gray skirt because it was too hot, which caused comments from netizens.
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< p> is such a sling hollow skirt. Carrie Lau came out wearing it, and her air field was 2.8 meters < br> < img src="/ 1ydzximg/0LODX77LZp"/

< p> So, Carrie Lau was so daring to wear it. No wonder everyone said that Carrie Lau was"Queen"temperament.