Girls want to survive Ouyang Nana, but I don't think she will wear it again. She makes boys sour.

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Girls want to survive Ouyang Nana, but I don't think she will wear it again. She makes boys sour.

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Recently, Ouyang Nana and Susan Su have been searching closely in the same frame on micro-blog. Their face value is so high that they can be called 360 degrees without dead angle. In addition, after 00, the full amount of collagen will spill over the screen!! __________

Ouyang Nana's series of face-poking and hair-pulling actions are "full of offense". They are laughed by netizens as "sister-pulling king king", "no sister that Ouyang Nana can't pull". Once cute and cute, Ouyang Nana has become a cool girl with full personality.



Now when it comes to Ouyang Na, a lot of girls are performing online for a second. After all, she has been active in front of the screen since childhood, and the audience watches her emerge from the germinator to become a more attractive princess, moving closer and closer to the direction of her dream. In the initial impression of

, Ouyang Nana was a clever girl. When she was four years old, she joined the program of Taiwanese Comprehensive Studies, which is still a healing video that people will continue to watch.

Now there is a popular saying on the internet: "When you use Ouyang Nana's childhood photos as a head image, you can quickly get rid of the single." Enough to see the pleasure of Ouyang Nana, the image of the beloved little princess is also branded in everyone's hearts.

It can be said that she is a princess, and she is by no means a spoiled flower in a greenhouse. Her growth, almost every decision is made by herself, with her own ideas, out of the unusual road.

Since she began to learn cello at the age of six, her musical talent has sparkled. Known as a gifted Cello girl, she was admitted to the top Curtis Conservatory of Music with a full scholarship in 2013. She jumped out of her comfort zone and entered the Berkeley Conservatory of Music in 2018.

She had a well-written score in her heart and explained her ideas on her eighth Vlog. She had early planned to return to college and enjoy life. She preferred popular style in music and wanted to learn more different things, which would contribute to her future development.

Ouyang Nana's Vlog is just a big circle powder scene, in which we can see a real, ordinary but shining cool girl. In one issue, she said she wanted to have her hair cut. Shortly after that, we saw her short hair photo on Weibo, which showed her inner strength.

In fact, she has always been herself in her heart. Her cool is not only that she plans an unusual spectrum for her life, but also that she bravely jumps out of the comfort zone to try new things, but also that she has perseverance. The Cello needn't be said. Even Vlogs are working hard. During their busy study and journey, they record videos in minute time and make progress little by little.

Recently, in Ouyang Nana's Variety of Recording "Lady's Flower Shop", we can more intuitively feel her straightforward and cool. When learning flower art, we should be conscientious, clean and neat when doing things. Handsome and cool energy is distributed from inside to outside, so that everyone can see it.

Ouyang Nana, who has an unusual growth path, has actually exposed her personality in the dressing style is not as gentle as the sweet appearance.

From every catchment of her dressing style, the iron-beaten Martin boots are enough proof that Nana's place of true love may have been booked by Martin boots.


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How can Martin boots look good? Ouyang Nabena personally demonstrates (1)

Her favorite is leisure handsome style. It doesn't have to be complicated. Simple clothes, tight jeans, and a pair of Martin boots, which are "the coolest in the world", are her everyday dresses, and she can easily wear the handsome "Nana Style".

Although the matching of tight jeans and Martin boots with the same color is the easiest to show leg length, Nana "unruly" girl will also match Martin boots with wide casual trousers. Nevertheless, this more leisure style and handsome integration, or fashionable online -

enthusiastic leisure wind Nana, sometimes will buy some men's clothes, the natural broad profile makes her look cooler. This dress is a down jacket, both positive and negative, and Nana interprets it as a more interesting look.

Napa By Martine Rose

Checked Reversible Oversized Anorak,7,770

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Layers of Oversize jackets are full of boyfriend style, which looks interesting and fashionable. The overlapping of black jeans and Martin boots with crazy elongated legs makes the overlapping look more neat. <<





1 Balenciaga Oversize Blue Paize Blue Parker Jacket

MajejeJeJeJeJeJeJeJeJeJeJeJeJeJeJeJeJeJeJeJeJeJeJeJeJeJeJeJeJeJeJeJeTransition to Leisure Hop? High-waist camouflage pants and Martin boots are easy to match, easy to wear out of the street style, handsome.

not only wears men's coat, but also wears men's trousers. Nana is so cool.

Urban Outfitters

camouflage casual pants

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See here, do you have a careful buddy who finds that the Martin boots of Look look a little similar? That's right. The perforated Martin boots that have been shown so often are classic collaborations from Vetements and Dr. Martens.

This pair of Martin boots retains the classic appearance of Dr. Martens. Unlike the traditional Martin boots, they have no laces. They have been widely praised since they were sold in 2017. With Ouyang Nana's strength, they are now out of stock, and their favorite partners can only wait for the replenishment notice.

Vetements x Dr.Martens

classical hole boots

However, Ouyanana had a very predictive vision, and had already included this "walking handsome" Martin boot in her OOTD bag. Her exit rate was very high, which showed how much she loved it.

Of course, as a qualified Martin boot lover, there are more than one pair of Martin boots in the shoe cabinet. Polo Ralph Lauren's Baseball Shirt and jeans are comfortable and relaxed, and the logo on Fendi's boots is the highlight. It looks very personal and fashionable.

Menswear Agian, her OOTD from time to time will appear one or two men's wear, the style is relatively neutral, and the tall girl like her, can be well controlled. <<<










Melville's zipper jacket is recreational and retro, and Chanel's Martin boots don't look like 1970s fashion. It's almost impossible to go to school. Win the game hard.

As a young fashionable cool Girl, Ouyang Nana does not just choose big brands to buy, there are also many high cost-effective fashionable items in the wardrobe, such as this Brandy Melville zipper jacket, the price is less than 300, retro and fashionable. <<<







< p > Don't mention everyday dress, this cool girl will also be handsome when she attends the Ivy League Evening. Ouyang Nana, holding an electric guitar, is a little strange, showing her personality, wearing a handsome leather jacket, and still a pair of familiar Martin boots under her feet.




这种经验当然不止一次,还在INS上亲切的称呼Vetements X Dr. Martens的这双马丁靴是她的LUCKY SHOE~

Ouyang Nana's INS screenshot

are not the most ruthless. After all, the overall shape above is handsome. As the first Asian artist invited to attend the 6th Science Breakthrough Award presentation ceremony, she also stepped on Martin's boots in a princess dress when she appeared in NASA. Unusual way of her, beauty and handsome coexist, hands and feet are cool out of the sky.

The light gauze dress skirt on the body comes from Vera Wang's autumn and winter dress series in 2017. The golden part is like armor, which is in sharp contrast with the blue gauze texture journey, just reflects Ouyana's sweetness but not weak.

Not only can Martin's boots be indispensable for performances, but also they are unwilling to take them off when attending fashion week and events. Sweet and elegant white T-shirt and miniskirt matching, stepping on a pair of Martin boots instantly handsome, the collision of rigidity and softness is Ouyang Nana's advanced and fashionable careful machine -

a elegant suspender dress with high open gown skirt has pure and charming sexuality, matching handsome Martin boots, showing sweetness and neatness in mixing and matching. Choker and Martin's boots are used to echo the style, the shape is full of the cool power of girls.

Although she has stepped on handsome Martin boots and is growing up in a super-cool way, when she is shy, she still covers her mouth and laughs unconsciously as a child, which makes us seem to see the lovely four-year-old girl participating in Taiwanese comprehensive education.

To the end, I just want to ask which girl does not want to be Ouyang Na? But in fact, we don't really want to be Ouyang Nanna (no, I think), more is to imagine her like to recognize herself from the bottom of her heart, go forward, go straight and brave out of her wonderful life,

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