Hong Kong really | Dunlan finally declared it??? But the object is not her!

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Hong Kong really | Dunlan finally declared it??? But the object is not her!

2019-03-01 15:47:09 393 ℃

Recently, a live video shot by Seal King to Dunlun won the audience of numerous fans. Looking at the comments in the comments section, Seal King seems to be able to hear everyone screaming.

See from live broadcast that Dunlan's fans can't help his beauty, let alone the seal King shot on the spot is thrilled and trembling! Plus his iconic big boy's smile, the Seal King has fallen!

Now Dunlan's own fashion acumen and appeal can be said to be more and more strong, from film and television to fashion circle, this trip to Milan Fashion Week is the biggest testimony of his efforts in these years.

Being able to go to Fashion Week also benefits from Dunlun's usual fashion sensitivity, whether in airport street photography or in peacetime, clothing can be circled. Coupled with his warm personality and sunshine, he wanted to be his girlfriend's sister number, and Seal Jun couldn't imagine that...

Dunlan just appeared on the stage this spring evening wearing bright red jacket and shirt and tie. Many of Seal Jun's little friends jumped on the TV excitedly, as if they were "boyfriends" on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala. Even some netizens "tease" mothers regarded Dunlan as ideal. Son-in-law, shouting to take Dunlan home for the New Year!

Of course, Seal Jun believes that this treasure boy's work is the key to your "girlfriend" fans, especially last year's two series of hegemonic summer archives.

In Ode to Joy 2, Dunlan plays a young artist who pursues his dream, and we are also sweet and heartbreaking in love with a good girl!

In the TV drama "One Thousand and One Nights", Dunlan plays the president who is cold in appearance but soft and lovely in heart. I like spicy sticks and grab ice cream with my friends after I get drunk. (Seal King likes it too!)

another film "honey sinks like frost", let alone say, affectionate white to shine, honey girl please prepare to scream! Through his constant efforts, he has made great achievements from his minor supporting role in his early career.

He appeared as a "creative developer" in last year's variety show Shangxin, Forbidden City, bringing some intimacy to a very serious and heavy history.

Dunlan in the program is still handsome and his skin is white and shiny. As a senior sunshine boy, how can Dunlan forget to be naughty and cute? Maybe he was listening to the teacher carefully one second before, and then he showed a lovely smile the next. Dunlan, who has come step by step from a young character to a popular star on the screen, is still the big laughing sunshine boy for his fans.


Just recently, the "big boy" was invited by the brand to Milan Fashion Week, this time Dunlan's handsome small universe is the biggest outbreak.

When watching the show, he was very gentle and steady, with his trousers and small white shoes, not to mention that he was really a delicate living boy.

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After the activity, he changed into suede jacket and white sweater, the temperament of the big boy reappeared, and the warm feeling of Dunlan was real Sue. If you want to be the girl in the white sweater, please raise your hand!

laughing people are not bad luck, like Dunlan's optimistic, hard-working and handsome boy, of course God will take extra care of!

Just now, Seal King got a latest development from Dunlan, his latest development in addition to watching a show in Milan, he also gave a voice, that is, Biaoquan's brand-new spokesperson!

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and so many endorsements, even the Seal King has to double-click 666! But Dunlan's skin is really good, even better than female stars, no wonder she is liked by beauty brands.

Because Dunlan, who has good skin, is also doted on by netizens as "Milen", Dunlan's eyes are also widely praised. When Dunlan and Cai Shaofeng go to Ningshou Palace Garden in Shangxin, the Palace Museum, there is a scene in which Dunlan looks through the screen window. The program group also gives a large close-up, as well as the Internet. Friends wrote a name for this feature, called Dunlan's "screen eye"! More netizens commented: "Take everyone's soul and fall at a glance!"

just as Seal Jun mentioned, Dunlen is a senior sunshine boy, his smile is very infectious, the reason why his eyes are so pink is the support of a smile! He always has a healing smile on his raised lips, and he is also a full eye technician on the screen.

img src="/1ydzximg/0LO93L0uaw"/>

However, although people who are all joking and laughing are not bad luck, they are prone to produce fine lines on the eyes, and the skin around the eyes is the most difficult part in general nursing. Because the skin around the eyes is four times thinner than the other parts of the face, it is more susceptible to the influence of various stressors from the modern lifestyle, such as ultraviolet rays, pollution, makeup removal, lack of sleep, repeated wearing and removal of contact lenses, which can lead to fragile, sensitive and dry skin around the eyes.


Therefore, eye problems can most directly reflect the degree of individual aging. No wonder it is often said that the skin around the eyes is the most revealing part of women's maintenance level. Therefore, in the usual skin care, the maintenance of the skin around the eyes should be paid special attention to by all people.

Fortunately, our laughing Dunlan has a secret weapon to make his smile not only leave traces because of too many smiles in peacetime, but also more brilliant. His secret weapon is the use of his own endorsement of Biaoquan anti-laughter lines "miracle" eye cream!

Biaoquan's brand-new Miracle Eye Cream is the first anti-laughter cream, which contains the highest concentration of Life Plankton living source essence, as well as new active ingredients such as enzymes, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and adenosine. After 15 days of use, the eye skin can be regenerated.

because Biaoquan Anti-laughter Line Miracle Eye Cream has a unique texture, after being applied to the skin around the eyes, it melts and absorbs quickly just like ice cream. This lightweight and unbearable texture will not bring heavy feeling and fat particles to the eyes.

That laughing Dunlan like a big boy next door is the existence of a girl's heart, if you are a laughing girl, then quickly accept the laughing boy Dunlan's product!

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