"Five Ages Knowing Painting" jointly appeared on the T-stage, Qin Lan's patchwork Peng Peng Skirt is open!

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"Five Ages Knowing Painting" jointly appeared on the T-stage, Qin Lan's patchwork Peng Peng Skirt is open!

2019-04-01 11:24:57 577 ℃

In the third part of the TV drama "Return to Zhuge", Gu Juji's Wu Age and Qin Lan's KNOWLEDGE paintings left a very deep impression on you? The two people outside the play are also very good friends. This is not the case. Qin Lan, the "Knowledgeable Painting" assists the Gujuji Brand Show. Let's take a look together.

On March 31, Qin Lan appeared in Shanghai, attended the Gujuji brand show, and joined hands with Gujuji on the T-stage show. Qin Lan's one-piece patchwork suit, Pengpeng skirt, deduces two different styles, one fresh and lively, one full-open air field, full of domineering, this air field is not lost supermodel, right?

Qin Lan was a gentle and classical beauty who played Zhi Painting in Return to Zhuge before, although playing a villain, but it was not hateful. Because she was so beautiful, she was easily forgiven. Today's Qinlan is also the representative of the "white moonlight", which is very popular.

People with good temperament are also more relaxed in dress matching. This show, she wore a stitching velvet skirt, which has a strong sense of design. The upper body is the splicing design of striped shirt and plaid suit, creating an asymmetric aesthetic feeling. Half of the fragrant shoulders and clavicles were exposed, showing a little feminine smell.

The lower part of the dress is an open-ended poncho gauze skirt. It has a little princess's sense of sight, and at the same time, if a pair of slender and slender legs are looming, it is very exciting. In the waist there is a very obvious waistband design, showing her slender waist, Qin Lan is almost 40 years old, but still "small waist Jing" himself ah!

Gujuji is wearing a sportswear, sanitary clothes with jeans and casual pants, but also with socks wrapped around the trousers feet, showing a particularly young personality. And he is very good in color selection and selection, Gujuji's style has always been like this, leisure age and trendy. < p > < img SRC = "/ 1ydzximg / 0LcekT30rr" / > < p > and Gujuji walk hand in hand show, Qin Lan is young and lively, and Qin Lan alone on the stage show, gives people a different feeling. Steady steps, elegant long straight hair walk with wind, the air field is very strong, almost overbearing rhythm, all of a sudden attracted the attention of the audience.

Paint beautiful makeup, a red lips makeup is also very shocking, walking on the T stage must have a strong aura to be more beautiful, so Qin Lan painted big red lips, looks very eye-catching. Many girls can't hold the big red lips, but the girl who can control will also have a very good face and temperament. Qin Lan is 37 years old now. She is about to run four years old, but she maintains her figure and appearance so well. Therefore, she will have more possibilities to wear and match clothes. This style is very beautiful, amazing and impressive.

You can see "Five Age Paintings" on the stage together, which should have evoked many people's memories? And neither of them has changed much. They are still handsome and beautiful. So, do you like the shape of Qinlan Walking Show?