In order to make money, South Korea actually opened a children's beauty salon, 4 years old makeup, apply mask, do SPA, island countries can not see it.

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In order to make money, South Korea actually opened a children's beauty salon, 4 years old makeup, apply mask, do SPA, island countries can not see it.

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Everyone knows that beauty salons provide beauty care, skin care and hydrotherapy services for fairies. Place.

, however, can you imagine 4, 5 years old children who are immature, naive and romantic to do beauty, make spa, apply masks and make-up? In recent years, there has been a wave of children's beauty clubs in Korea. Despite the constant criticism of society, children's beauty parlors are expanding.

Korean's crazy love for beauty

Korean's obsession and persistence for beauty are sweaty all over the world. In 2017, South Korea spent $45 per capita on cosmetics, higher than the world spent $21 per capita on cosmetics. South Korea's beauty industry is also worth more than $10 billion.

It is said that many Korean girls over the age of 18 give themselves adult gifts: cosmetic surgery! From childhood to adulthood, there are hopes of beauty or cosmetic surgery in birthday wishes.

In this age of looking at beauty, there are people who love beauty. Nevertheless, it seems a little terrible to start with those 4 or 5-year-olds after 2005 for the sake of business interests.

p>Nani? Children's Beauty Club

ShuShuShu&, South Korea; Sassy's Beauty Club, which specializes in children's beauty, has recently been on the cusp of the storm. This club is almost identical to the general adult beauty club. From foot bath, spa, facial mask, makeup, nail and other services, there are all kinds of services. The only difference is that they aim at 36 months old -13 years old children, but most of the people who come to consume are children of 4-7 years old.

This company originally only sells cosmetics for children after 05. Later, because of the wide (bian) market in Korea and the unwillingness to earn only a little money for cosmetics, it simply opened a children's beauty club.

All stores use pink decoration, which at first glance looks like the popular online red stores.

The youngest babies who come here for consumption are only three years old, and it is estimated that they still need to drink milk every day and can't speak clearly, but they have to start enjoying a full set of beauty services.

Change into a special pink bathrobe for spa, wear pink hair bands, and start foot therapy.

Then, a special service girl will massage her feet.

, while enjoying feet and massage, applies a moisturizing mask to facial maintenance. (Xiaobian can't help Tucao: I drop a god! 4, 5 years old is the skin tender to the age of choking water, moisturizing mask is what Sao operation!

However, these are only preludes. After basic skin care, you can choose nail care for your hands and feet.


Children can choose their own colors and patterns, which is probably what a sophisticated pig girl should say from an early age.

finished nail, and came to the skin care products, makeup, foundation, lipstick, blush. (see this Xiaobian understand why 4 year old children need to do mask maintenance, every day to face up so much chemicals, 4, 5 years old skin estimate is really not good!


That's the end of the story. No Don't worry! How can perfect makeup get less perfect hairstyle? Finally, Mr. Tony will wash, cut and ironing the whole set of services, and design a delicate hairstyle.

Even if the high school students are not allowed to stigmatize, it can be achieved here.

Do you think this store is only a patent for girls'paper? Wrong! There are also mothers who send their precious sons over to enjoy exclusive services.

Change into Blue Spa clothes and wear blue hair hoops.

Happy foot bath with little sister.

applies a maintenance mask. There are a lot of men's strength.

To be a delicate pig boy, nails can't be let go of course.

Xiaobian sincerely felt anxious for the girls after 05. Will the future boyfriend or husband who grew up in this environment change the light bulb and repair the toilet? When you see cockroaches, it is estimated that the scream is worse than the scream.

According to the company, all of their products are made from non-toxic ingredients. For example, herbal ingredients or natural pigments of cosmetics and skin care products. However, what Xiaobian wants to say is that Koreans probably have not heard of "three poisons of drugs". This sentence, even herbal medicine still has a certain toxicity. What's more, who can guarantee that these non-toxic cosmetics are really non-toxic, just like the so-called "pure natural green organic products" on the market, to see such title gimmicks, haha.

Even though criticized by foreign media, such children's beauty clubs are increasingly in Korea. Its branches have increased by dozens in two years. If you want to visit the beauty parlor, you need to make an appointment a week in advance. Every appointment is stolen by your parents.

even if there is no location, but to its home store counters, you can try the foundation color number, red mouth number, and professional teller will recommend the purchase for the skin of a small pot friend. In a word, you can imagine what the adult counter is like and copy it all here.

Some media interviewed these Korean pelvic friends, and some expressed that they liked the club very much and made-up could make themselves more tender and beautiful. Also, before going to kindergarten every day, make-up is as essential as getting up early and brushing your teeth.

precocity is the main trend of this era. However, excessive promotion of premature maturity for the sake of commercial interests is worth pondering. Not advocating knowledge, not morality, blindly pursuing the beauty of appearance, the final result is that there is no beauty of appearance and empty heart. Why don't children need to drink because they are happy even if they don't drink? Why don't children need makeup, because innocent age is beautiful enough without makeup. <

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