Miranda Kerr is pregnant with her third child and loves her husband with fresh meat. Her ex-husband still promises to take care of her for a lifetime.

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Miranda Kerr is pregnant with her third child and loves her husband with fresh meat. Her ex-husband still promises to take care of her for a lifetime.

2019-04-01 11:25:04 743 ℃

Miranda Kerr, 35, is giving 10 billion more monkeys to her husband.

She announced to the media on Saturday that she was pregnant with her third child and married Evan Spiegel, the billionaire founder and CEO of Snapchat in 2017. She became pregnant quickly and gave birth to her first child named Hart Spiegel with Evan in May last year. Now, 10 months later, she has a big stomach. On Saturday, she is in Instagram. She put her hands on her stomach and put on a skillful shape. She was visually pregnant for about 4 months. That is to say, Keer gave birth to a child less than half a year and a third child.

She left a message on IG: "Miranda, Evan, Flynn and Hart are looking forward to the newest members joining their families."

stepped down from Angel Wimi's T-stage. Kerr is now concentrating on the business of Kora Organics, his skin care product. Occasionally, some business performances make some extra money. For example, Ma Yun invited him to attend the 11-day cat Party of Taobao in China last year, which was also a big arm. Millions of you remember that you can't lose weight after childbirth. Now, it is calculated that at that time, it was already "deliberately" pregnant, to increase the weight to improve the "pregnancy rate".

Pregnant! But she was the original independent and beautiful girl. At the end of last year, Ker talked about maternity in promoting her products, and said that women should not feel the pressure of "postpartum fattening" and should be positive in thinking about their bodies. In an interview with the magazine, she said, "It took me nine months, well, 10 months to conceive a beautiful child, maybe another 10 months to put on the swimsuit again, or longer, or never. But I worship motherhood. I like being a mother. It's the most valuable thing. <<

> announced the news of pregnancy and surprising time flies, since that ex-husband would fight for her and lover Justin Bieber, from the world lovelover to the world, for the sweeth idgirl who fights for her idgirl, the world lover has prepared for the third child, and even the third child, This baby is also because of Being "the heir of a billionaire" has attracted a lot of attention in the United States. Baby Hart is not yet one year old, Miranda Kerr is pregnant again! Many people joke that she is "rushing" to give birth to more than 10 billion heirs, but Ivan Spiegel is the one who wants children the most.

p>Ivan Spiegel is a post-90s millionaire, who has been nominated by Fubis as the youngest billionaire in the world and is truly a "self-made" billionaire, but Miranda once said that he is privately like a 70-year-old man, stable, quiet, regular and yearning for many children's life. When Miranda Kerr was pregnant, Ivan Spieger's joy was all written on his face.

Hart and the baby just conceived are not Miranda Kerr's only children! She broke up with her ex-husband, Orlando Bloom, and her eight-year-old son, Flynn Bloom, who was originally Hollywood's most admirable couple, but later heard that Miranda Cole was too unhealthy to stand Orlando Bloom's lifestyle. Now his son, Flynn, is brought up by Kerr, and his husband is very close to him. In an interview with Harper's Bazaar in 2016, the Australian model revealed that she moved from New York to Los Angeles so that she, Orlando Bruce and their sons could be "as close as family".

"Orlando and I used to live in New York, where we loved it," she recalls. "But we are considering the best option for our son. Orlando owns a house in Malibu, Los Angeles. He says he wants to move there. We think it's a better way of life for Flynn. He can play on the beach every day. We can have a garden..."

Orlando Bruce vowed to take care of both mother and son for the whole life even if they were separated, but they did not need them at all. Miranda was the world's No. 3 supermodel, not to mention the current husband.

Recently, former husband Orlando Bloom announced his engagement to singer Katy Perry. After they separated, they also found their own happiness. So, if they worked hard and still did not fit, they would have to be separated in order to have a more suitable person.

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