Even girls are so manly, this can let boys how to live!

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Even girls are so manly, this can let boys how to live!

2019-04-01 11:25:04 1051 ℃

Seeing this picture, you must not be able to tell her gender. Even Peng Yuyan, who has eight abdominal muscles, is expected to lose.

You are right. This is a proper sister named Sun Jingqi, 24 years old.

According to her microblog information, after graduation, she specializes in fitness competitions and should usually be a coach. At present, the national first-class athletes.

As a daughter, she not only has eight abdominal muscles, but also has a strong Kirin arm.

What's more terrible is her muscles and legs, which even men envy ~are so perfect that they feel that hormones are emitted all over the body.

punch in with friends to keep fit. If she is dead in the air, she can break her sister. It's perfect to describe a man as falling in love and a woman as breaking and bending.

But this muscle is not so simple. Sun Jingqi had been exercising every day since she was very young, and now she has been exercising for more than ten years.

Formal fitness, should be the beginning of the new year, then she will soak in the gym training every day.

Look at her daily training, it is really hard, every step is in place. Women are terrible to be serious.

is not only anaerobic, but also can work hard. I really admire this power.

is no inferior with muscular men.

Dresses are also thin, stripping and meat-mother ah! Don't stop me if you love me.

recently exposed his undergraduate status, and said that the state after the first competition (summer), is not now no abdominal muscle is broken, but to maintain low body fat throughout the year inhumane, want to be tolerant of themselves. And in winter without competition, they also brush low body fat, practice abdominal exercises every day. For decades, when the temperature is in place in summer, they will be enough.

means that the season will be the same and better. Look at her letter No. 14. It's accompanied by a muscle photo.

Well, take a look at her life photo. Don't fall in love with me!

Finally Welfare This sexy and man's muscle coach Weibo, you can search the name, thank me!!

Even girls are so handsome, which can make boys how to live.


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