How well do you spell the net red photos? Hoisting a train by a pig's arch and climbing a building can be avoided.

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How well do you spell the net red photos? Hoisting a train by a pig's arch and climbing a building can be avoided.

2019-04-01 11:25:09 1217 ℃

Fan Zhu said: It's not easy to get out of the world ~ < br>

< p> A while ago, there were several net red stars overseas because they were hot searched for photos.

is first of all a fitness net red, because when she set up pose at the seaside, she was caught off guard by the pig. Now the flowers are fading, and the butt still leaves a unique "pig year mark"...

, then a pair of tourist bloggers, and the relatives on the hoisting train are angry all over the world, because some netizens believe that some people may risk their lives to die. Imitate, as a red man such behavior is very irresponsible.

can only say that the current net red, in order to attract traffic, to take "explosive" photos, is really a thoughtful, all-purpose. Under

, let's see with Fan Zhu what the netizens can do in order to take pictures. ~

- - - dividing line -

level 1: a little deviation from the unconventional operation of ordinary people

this level of tricks, although overall not particularly vigorous, but if we want to make netizens, even if we can't learn these things, it feels very difficult to gain eyedrops

< p>

. > In order to show the side of "changing clothes every day", many net Reds buy clothes purely for taking pictures, then retire, or sell them on second-hand platforms. The clothes will last until the day they are taken.

Of course, in order to save money, some people rent clothes to wear, and a company called Rent the Runway provides this. For this service, many users on their ins account have sunned photos of rented clothes

and, of course, they have saved more by using their own "celebrities" to exchange juice with brands.

For example, there is a video on the oil pipe that exposes the routine of "buying clothes" of INS net red. If you want to change your "upper body photo" to free clothes to wear

and then wear it in order to show sexuality and fullness, net red can be achieved without P chart.

For example, Essena Oneill, an Australian blogger who has been deleted and quit, said that she was only 15 years old when she took pictures, so the perfect chest shape was purely stuffed with stuff

and the blogger's barian waist, S type, but it was just a change of angle, a change of posture, and a breath to complete the work.

Pregnancy and childbirth are not taboo, high-heeled shoes with heavy makeup and beauty continue to be

beautiful everyday, many foreign bloggers should keep perfect even during pregnancy, and continue to make money by powdery photos.

For example, Kylie Jenner, a little sister of Jin, wears cool clothes from time to time during pregnancy and is sexy.

or do not know how to "shape", to ensure that the whole body is only belly-sized, wearing nothing, still beautiful

and even if walking in high-heeled shoes during pregnancy is easy to be unstable, it will also edema, for the sake of beauty, the pursuing blogger will not give up, wearing 10cm+concave modelling is not at all. Next.

In addition, during pregnancy, a variety of non-ordinary daily makeup "heavy makeup".

When the baby is just born, it is necessary to "make up first" and then send out good news

Repeat mechanically for N times, the posture is comparable to that of an acrobat

in order to take a cymbal picture, net Reds can spend a long period of time to repeat a certain action 100 times.

For example, this net red in this "round hole", the same position, do not know how many bounces, netizens said that she looks like crazy, even the gym office fee has been saved (

and sometimes do not do the right posture, but also see the "day" is wrong. Essena Oneill, a retired Australian Internet sensation mentioned earlier, said she took this photo for a long time in search of light. Although she smiled in the photo, she was not happy to do so at all.

and then there are net Reds in order to "stand out", putting forward various magical postures.

For example, if you want to lower your waist and stand upside down, it is a pity not to go to the Olympic Games for gymnasts who have to kiss for 10 minutes at the level of

minute gymnasts.

also performs on the scene performing cartilage work and taking photos, feeling that it can be done directly to acrobats..

, moreover, sometimes, some "high difficulty" actions, though seemingly invisible, are the essence of the beauty of the photos. For example,


and worries about not long enough hands, mobile phone clicliclip, emaemaemaemaemaemaemaemaemaemaemaemancincipate penwiwisay yeah, even stars can't help learning, Wang Junkai and Zhang Yishan got the essence of it

For example, to laugh in the flowers, three people are like fighting, and they don't let go

in order to shoot a good angle, they can lie down at any time. In order to find the best height and distance, there is nothing wrong with <




>> even find a person incarnate as"King of the Sea King", and hold up a crowd of beautiful women, one by one, clap a beautiful woman and have fun

Level 2: From Scene to Scene People, with false and true, make up reality

because the tricks mentioned above are not difficult, and many net Reds are well used.

So some netizens have come up with a way of "higher order" in order to "how fast, how easy and how economical" to make X-blockbuster films: photo cheating . With off-the-shelf props, a real scene

has been photographed. In Japan, there is a young man named Huiliang, a landlord, who is a "cheater". His most famous work is "How to pretend to have a girlfriend in the circle of friends".

For example, this "girlfriend feeds me jam bread" is a bowl of dog food.

, but in fact, only two props can be done: girls' accessories and nail polish. Of course, don't forget to make whitening for your hands. But it's still a difficult position to take.

and this "kissing girlfriend on the train" is not sweet at first sight.

Actually... Just a wig is enough...

The effect of ghost film can be produced by changing the angle in the next second.

Winter snow should also show, feeling really hard. <


is life depends on acting. Looking at the ins of the landlord brother, you will find all the routines: you think you bought a new car, but in fact you are a model;



>>> you think that diving is actually a cup cover+acting

< p> You think it's a good rower who rides the wind and breaks the waves, but in fact It was by the river that a mouthful of water came out.

Landlord Brother's tireless contribution, even attracted CNN reports, and later his story was adapted into Japanese drama "Delusional Girlfriend", which was also a gain.

In the fake place, photographs have been true

Of course, some places are not so easy to photograph, so netizens go to some specific places to "punch in a card for remembrance". For example, if you can't go to a high-end hotel in Osaka, Japan, you can go to a high-altitude coffee shop in Shenzhen that imitates the Netred Hotel, and you can pretend to have been there for dozens of pieces.

img src="/1ydzximg/0LbrVqogSL"/> p> or think of the Red Wall of La Muralla Roja in Spain, but can't afford it? Alternatives can also be found in Guangzhou.

In addition, there is a better net red, even if you can't get out of the door, you can "travel around the world". For example, there is Johanna Olsson, an insnet red. She always pools out pictures of vacations in many beautiful places, matching with the skin color of wheat and the beautiful body and features, each of which is very lethal.

I don't know that in fact these pictures were made by PS, because fans found that she had several pictures which were very strange

such as the whole person suspended in the air, or the light and shadow were completely separated from the background, without echo

although it was explained by herself after being picked up. At the same time, it presents "good expression + good scenery", so sometimes people in one picture will be combined with the background P of another picture.

But netizens don't seem to buy this statement. Many people believe that she is actually in the studio, and then rely on the green screen and PS "a key to achieve global travel".

Find fake friends and photograph them as true girlfriends

In addition to the beautiful scenery, sometimes Nethong also needs to find people to pretend to be friends, take "girlfriend photos" and "group photos", which make their life colorful and have a loving look every day.

For example, there is a Japanese ins net-star, Nishikami, who once "exposed herself" in the Japanese variety show "Nino Sang". When she wants to take a "intimate photo with a good friend", she just grabs a passer-by at random.

and if she needs to take a bunch of pictures of people? Even in Japan, there are people who "rent a stranger" to be "good friends". For example, a company called Family Romance offers "pretend friends" photography business, and points out that gender, age and appearance can be selected, and that the performance of the staff is very good..................................................... For such a service, a person charges 8,000 yen (less than 500 yuan) for two hours.

and even if the person in the picture is the person that NetRed knows himself, it does not mean that this is really a "picture of friends".

As mentioned earlier, in order to take a photo of "Happy Birthday with Friends", she took the initiative to invite a senior high school classmate whose birthday had not yet arrived. When the staff asked, "Are you friends?" The classmate looked embarrassed. In fact, she said that she had not made an appointment in private...

Level 3: Regardless of other people and public order, shooting films with life

Although the number of routes mentioned above is exaggerated, it is not incomprehensible to think of making a net red.

But at this level, some practices are difficult to accept, such as disturbing the people .

Like a street in Paris called Rue Cr mieux, the exterior walls of the building are full of Ins wind, and any photo taken at any station is a scene, which attracts a lot of net reds and concave shapes.