Girls think they have a good match, but it's very rustic! If you buy this in the spring, you can return it.

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Girls think they have a good match, but it's very rustic! If you buy this in the spring, you can return it.

2019-04-07 08:03:08 660 ℃

Every season, girls'shopping desire will flourish. Miao, I opened a treasure to see what you like to buy most recently. After a few glances, I really want to persuade you that you can stop buying some clothes. Some clothes are really life-threatening. These girls think they have a good match, but they are very native! Don't buy it!

Today I collected some hot-selling items on a treasure, and combined with the real buyer show to give you a soul blow. Look at the following items. Have you bought them, too? If you buy it, we'll slap it in the air, pull the line on the internet, cherish this fate, and then please immediately! Right off! Return goods!

Spring is coming. Girls always yearn to be fairies, so this elegant Long-style yarn skirt has become crazy. Look at the model wearing is very good, gentle upper body, elegant lower body.

I'll have one too! Well, the upper body is strong and the lower body is swollen.

Wear carefully to avoid skirts collision with aunts.

In general, this long skirt is not recommended for small and slightly fat girls. If you buy a child, please return it.

In recent years, animal pattern elements are really the pet of the fashion world, fashionable and wild. Many magazines and fashionable people wear them. Then I'll arrange one on a treasure right away.

is arranged. This skirt really looks like it was taken off from Monkey King.

wearing large area animal prints really resembles Mrs. Yao Zhai. The vision is too inflated, and it is recommended to choose small areas in daily life, such as a scarf, a bag or a pair of shoes. Small area, but not with other complex patterns.

Many people will say that they still look at their faces, really don't say look at their faces anymore. Sometimes it's really a matter of clothes! Liu Yifei is beautiful, but she is anxious in summer. Ugly T is not enough.

T-shirts with bad patterns, let's not buy them. These fantastic T-shirts I think even Liu Yifei's face value is hard to control. Wouldn't you really cry when you put it at home?

flat model upper body cartoon patterns are normal, slightly plump figure cartoon patterns are distorted.

JK uniform is also a hot chicken in recent years. Every time I read a book, I see beautiful girls wearing really good girls. A whole body of feelings, read and want to buy, many people out of age and daily considerations will choose a more commuting style. First look at the model map, such as this style.

If the skirt is changed into trousers, then things are dangerous. It's not like a kind aunt cleaning.

So meow suggests wearing neat clothes.

legging+sanitary clothes are very popular in European and American circles, but this kind of dressing requires a high body size and proportion. Recently, Liu Yifei went on a hot search for such clothes.

There are many girls wearing this in reality. I don't think it's a problem to go to the gym and dress like this. Daily life really tests your figure and dress.

By spring, girls can finally replace their black underpants, but the outcropping of their legs is still cold, so the barefoot legged artifacts have been widely welcomed. But I see that up to now, girls wearing barefoot artifacts have a "prosthetic limb" sense of vision, especially with short skirts. Especially at the back of knee and ankle, wrinkles often appear, especially in real life.

Xiaomei feels that the starting point of barefoot artifact is still good. In order to ensure temperature and manners, I think the outcrop area should not exceed a quarter, especially where wrinkles easily occur.

Compared with barefoot artifacts, I have no idea about fake meat socks. If you want to expose, you need to cover up. This kind of fake pork is really ugly. There are also different shades of color.

Truthfully, the color is really not good. Neither with the fresh spring clothes.

To say shoes, of course, we also need to talk about extra-high shoes with the name of Dwarf Joy!

and matching barefoot artifacts or underpants upstairs.

Finally, stop looking at your face. Sometimes it's really a matter of clothes! The fairy Liu Yifei is also terrible to wear indiscriminately.

But don't worry, girls'aesthetics is gradually formed. Everyone never matches to form their own style, try more styles while young. But remember to wear the right clothes at the right age, and to choose clothes according to the occasion.

Final out the items that you think are very indigenous and will never buy. Write them in the message area. Finally, I wish you all find the right dress style as soon as possible.