"The girls in the Uniqlo are very low."

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"The girls in the Uniqlo are very low."

2019-04-07 08:03:08 1567 ℃

Motorcycle was arranged to take part in a blind date at home last night. Before long, I received a mobile phone call asking me to go out for supper.

She said: "Well, today's date, when he saw me playing on his mobile phone and not talking, he said to me in the first sentence after adding a Wechat that he felt inappropriate, because I was too cheap to wear a Uniqlo, and his income would not be enough to drag him behind."

< p> < strong> "If I want to complain about Uniqlo, it's comfortable and easy to wear, how come it's cheap! We Uniqlo girls will never admit defeat!! ____________

After listening to maneuvering words, my uncle is also somewhat confused.

When you are dating, you feel inappropriate. It's not a problem to find exotic flowers or decent reasons, but it's annoying to think you're right because your clothes are so sarcastic. It's a pity that such a person is not an example. Since ancient times, there has been a saying that "respecting people after their clothes". In Xu Guanjie's song of the same name,

depicts such a scene:

"would rather eat less food, fashion money Miqiang, even if the water is dry a few big to support."

< p> < strong> "If you know your shirt, the mud grasshopper serves as a regular shift, it's hard to be a wild prosperous ladle."

< strong> "Everyone, rich or poor, should know how to dress down. As long as they are well-dressed and open-mouthed, the house is shaking, no one asks whether they have cash or not, the leather shoes are bright and dust-free, remember that the collar flowers should be new, and whether you see a single person in Tsimshatsui, you should respect the clothes before respecting others."

would rather eat less and dress well. If you know how to dress, mud grasshoppers can act as regular workers. There is no difficulty in doing things well. Whether poor, rich, lazy or industrious, you should remember to dress well.

Nobody cares whether you have cash or not, only whether your shoes are clean or not, whether the style of your tie is fashionable, but if you are not dressed properly, the police should give you an electric baton first when they see it.

Others think this song is too absurd, but the reality is often more absurd than this. Before

, a microblog caused great controversy.

Netizen@Feng Zhongzhong's factory director Weibo said that in the electronics industry, do not search for Taobao "dresses", the results showed that the price was lower than 128 girls.

Because dresses are lower than 128 consumer groups and are "low-priced people", they will spend a lot of time bargaining with the merchants to save a few dollars and return cash.

In the comments below, a girl searched out more than 500 dresses and asked the owner of Po what her label was. Po responded with pleasure to the words "Bai Fumei".

128 pieces of dress, has become a watershed, above is the precious beauty of the delicate atmosphere worthy of love, below is the cheap girl at the bottom of the shopping despise chain. Some Netizens feel that the subject of Po is objective, which is the truth most people do not want to accept.

Some people use their own experience to explain that girls who buy cheap dresses are difficult to get along with, cheap and unworthy.

Rao is the official explanation that this line does not exist at all, and there are still many similar remarks.

But isn't the act of labeling people casually low?

Except for those born in Rome, who didn't come from when they were wearing cheap clothes? There are dozens of T-shirts in my uncle's wardrobe so far. They are comfortable and cost-effective. When I wear them, I don't think I'm any shorter than others. The sentence

seems reasonable, but in fact it is unreasonable. The temperament of a person is more or less influenced by clothes, but it does not mean that you carry a bag of 20,000 yuan, or that you are a man. In

Beijing Women's Tujian, Chen Ke and Zhang Chao ride on the bus with a LV on their back.

They secretly said that the backpack of the girl who can squeeze the bus must be fake, but in the later small theatre, the girl would rather get wet than get wet. Only then did everyone send the real bag.

If you are not expensive enough, even Dior's suit and Valtino's shoes will still be considered a imitation.

Ni Nie earns 98 million yuan for a film called "The Great Song of Heaven", but even if she is on the show, she only wears a few hundred yuan clothes warehouse.

But I don't think anybody will think that she is "not expensive enough", "cheap" or "low".

img src="/1ydzximg/0LfOBuGlAM"/>p>Forbes'Top 100 Celebrity Income List, Taylor Swift ranked second with $80 million.

But there are a lot of clothes under 1000 yuan in her daily wear.

img src="/1ydzximg/0LfOBuROH8"/> The prices of these clothes are also affordable for white collars with similar income levels.

However, she was still the outstanding person walking in the crowd.

Good-looking clothes can never be more attractive than those who are "good-looking". There's nothing wrong with pursuing expensive clothes, but they don't make you cross class. < p > < p > People have enough clean clothes and appearance is enough, < strong > really expensive, not brand and price, but self-confidence and spirit. There will always be a chain of contempt in the world, and the upstream chain of contempt will never end. If you can't control yourself falling into this chain of contempt, it will only become more and more painful.

< p > < br >

< p > There is a question about the daily life and education of famous women.

The following complimentary answer tells the story of a documentary on Phoenix Satellite TV.

Girls can attend top girls'schools with a tuition fee of $55,000 a year. In order to facilitate her study, parents bought a villa across from the school and hired a nanny to take care of her.

But her daily life is not full of luxuries and clothes and bags, but all her experiences are put on the promotion of self-worth. In order to keep up with the progress of class, she only sleeps three or four hours a day. In her spare time, she is a school fencer, takes care of the dying elderly, and regards charity as her lifelong career.

At the graduation ceremony of the school, the students uniformly dress, the only difference is the hat and the flower on the hat. When Xiao Ke and his classmates discussed how to decorate their hats, the conversation was "Choose this Florist because it's cheap".

She has money but never spends it indiscriminately. On the contrary, Xiaoke has suffered a lot that ordinary people can't eat.

Xiaoke said: "I saw a lot of wealthy people on micro-blog showing off their wealth and making famous car brands. I have seen too many people with good conditions. None of them is like this. Everyone is constantly making themselves better people."

< p> < strong> How a person is, can not be identified by a clothes and a bag. For the truly noble people,

, any clothes are just ornaments for them. In this world, no one will respect you for your expensive clothes except those with ulterior motives. People who are worth associating with will not look down on you because you have no wealth. Sai Puji, a prominent monk in the Song Dynasty, once said that "in recent years, the secular world has been turned upside down, but clothes are not valued by people." Now we are repeating this inversion. Clothes are only clothes. It is the lowest behavior to label people roughly according to the price of clothes.

< p> < strong> likes exquisite luxury, or likes cost-effective and comfortable, it is only the personal attitude to life. What we should pay more attention to is the quality under clothes, which is what determines a person's height.

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