Guan Xiaotong's temperament also wants to follow the Korean sweet wind? No legs can save her soil!

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Guan Xiaotong's temperament also wants to follow the Korean sweet wind? No legs can save her soil!

2019-04-07 08:03:13 819 ℃

Recently, Guan Xiaotong has sunned self-portraits on ins and microblog. Korean girls with a very stylish style wear light green sweaters and make-up that imitates the elegant hangover makeup. They hold their cheeks with both hands and have very innocent and lovely expressions.

This self-timer is very pink as a whole, Pink Baseball cap, pink guard clothes, pink eye makeup. I feel that she is really obsessed with Korean sweet wind recently, which may be the reason for her love with Lu Hao, but netizens have expressed that Guan Xiaotong is not suitable for this style.

It seems that since her debut, she has not been able to find a correct route. It is clear that she can not get rid of the low-grade feeling of wearing plastic with long legs and good stature. Today, the president of the society has revealed the reasons why Guan Xiaotong has been wearing plastics so far! It is well known that Guan Xiaotong has been set up with a family of performing arts and strong backgrounds since her debut, but this is the case with her family that appeared in interviews. The small square table with plain meals really matches the style of Guan Xiaotong.

In this picture, delicious dishes on the table are directly killed on the top of the picture, and the local heroic flavor is sweeping in. The composition of the picture is the same as that of the micro-business relatives who took pictures of New Year's Eve in order to pass on to the circle of friends. It can be seen that the decoration of Guan Xiaotong's house does not have a unified style, and the things are arranged in disorder. It is surprising that Guan Xiaotong's bedroom is small after putting a piano. It can be seen that she has not lived in an environment that can cultivate her own taste since childhood, which makes her unable to locate her own style.

Guan Xiaotong and Lin Miaoke are still friends from childhood to adulthood. Like Lin Miaoke, the size of Guan Xiaotong is handled by his mother. Although she was not as miserable as Lin Miaoke and was ruined by her mother's interpretation career, Guan Xiaotong's mother did not cultivate her daughter's dressing taste.

This is Lin Miaoke's micro-blog. In her interview with People, her mother also said that Lin Miaoke chose the skirt by herself. Both mother and daughter felt good-looking, dignified and lady. She also said that Miaoke had the same vision as her mother and looked at the clothes she liked. When the president saw this, he said that there are only two possibilities for mother and daughter to have the same vision: one is that the mother is very fashionable, the other is that her daughter is out of date. This is obviously the latter.

When Guan Xiaotong appeared in the mirror with his mother, his face value also dropped sharply. Red oversize cotton clothes magnify Guan Xiaotong's shortcomings of shoulder width incisively and vividly. His lower jacket is simple black trousers with long legs still absorbed, but there is no match at all. The black lace chocker on his neck is really the inferior quality of a two-yuan jewelry shop. The sunglasses are gentle monster's. He put on Guan Xiaotong's face of about ten kilograms, which is a disaster!

Lin Miaoke enrolled in Nanjing Academy of Art, his face has improved qualitatively, leaving his mother to go to school naturally far away from her mother's fashion poison, and living with her classmates, beside her beautiful younger sister, natural fashion taste has also improved after accepting new things. After being admitted by Beijing Film Academy, Guan Xiaotong had missed too many classes or been persuaded to withdraw from the microblog search. Later, Zhang Hui, president of the Academy of Performing Arts, denied it. Guan Xiaotong's appearance at the beginning of the school year attracted public attention, but the next morning she left Beijing by plane. They all said that the University was a cosmetic facility. In the company with the girls around her, she would naturally develop her own unique style of dressing. Guan Xiaotong's lack of college life may also be one of the reasons why she has never been fashionable.

finally, the president feels that Guan Xiaotong's earthy smell may come from his face. She has a face that doesn't appeal to the audience. High cheekbones, not enough full cheeks, the most important thing is that she does not feel girlish enough because of the long atrium. In any case, it is the style of little sister who wants to leave school. Has the president made her courtyard shorter and cheeks more pleasant?

has analyzed so many, Guan Xiaotong's face, height and stature are all good, except shoulder width, there is nothing to criticize, but there is no own style, I hope she can get rid of low-grade feeling as soon as possible, with such a good figure, do not go down to earth!