The top fashionable "girl" once seen in a thousand years is 65 years old.

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The top fashionable "girl" once seen in a thousand years is 65 years old.

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fashion industry has not started lately<<<

> as long as you have style <<<>>>>>>

<63 years old professor of New York University

>>> Professor dining room was accidentally found <>

< p> Over sixty years old, life suddenly turned on

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Lyn Slater, 65 years old, was eating with friends at Lincoln Center, when she was in New York Fashion Cycle. The photographer mistook her for a fashion blogger and snapped a crazy picture.

She was wearing a Yohji Yamamoto suit and carrying a Chanel handbag.

Then more and more people are attracted by Lyn's powerful atmosphere, and passers-by groups appear strong spectators. For a moment, it was a sensation that some big man appeared in a low profile.
On that day, Lyn suddenly became a fashion icon.

as a professor at Fordham University in New York, Lyn paid attention to self-image management and had a good business mind. Lyn immediately decided to open his ins account - "Accidental Icon" (accidental idol).

"They should think of me as somebody. They accidentally became fashion Icon!"

She made fashion comments and opinions on her account. She thought she was rebellious, self-effacing, avant-garde and enjoying life, and wanted to re-examine the issue of "getting older" for women aged 38 to 60 who came to watch her account.

arrogant attitude and self-contained style immediately attracted attention from all walks of life, in a few months fans <4 million, and also signed up the world's first-line brokerage companies.

Lyn Slater*Uniqlo

cooperated with well-known brands such as Uniqlo, Dior, Mango, and was invited to participate in interviews with many fashion magazines and interviews with NBC, Washington Daily and other media.

This grandmother-class model's outfit is really super-predictable, I don't believe you see it! __________

Lyn is an authentic New Yorker with a deep understanding of industrial style . Irregular tailored white shirts have a high rate of going out of the street, avant-garde in shape and full sense of lens.

A punk Bob's cool silver hair, skinny trousers, wide waistband with full design, sports shoes, leisure shoes, more rebellious fashion than adolescent teenage girls.

Yamamoto Iron Powder, Black and White Alien Mixed Model

The basic look to test temperament and temperament field is black and white, heteromorphic high heels+youthful belt trousers show uninhibited, and the powerful temperament field makes many children feel inferior to themselves.

Lyn Slater, influenced by his grandmother, has been fond of Japanese culture since he was young and has a special fondness for Japanese costume style.

likes the design style of minimalist brands such as Kawabata Jiubaoling and Comme des Garcons, especially the true fans of Yamamoto Brand.

has an inscription on the front page of her blog, Yamamoto Yamamoto, an anti-fashion fashion master, who says, "For me attractive women, they will focus on their work and will not always want to benefit from others."

from the blog Accidental Icon

Yamamoto, a concise and highly designed company, was worn by Lyn with elegance and competence that had been deposited over the years.

Lyn always appears confidently in avant-garde costumes, blending unique hairstyles and fashionable fashion elements in harmony.

wide palace vesicle sleeve, and wind embroidery hollow neckline, leather dress, all kinds of avant-garde elements are well combined.

irregularly tailored profiled cloak coat, able Bob's head with Black Super, a Fine Arts worker's visual sense.

fairy lace element open-breasted waist open-knit strap skirt, each set of black and white look has different styles and is closely related to the current fashion trend.

arrogant bat black super, matching Pajama windbreaker white shirt, hollow Melisa casual shoes, this effortless fashion sense is very advanced.

Street New Yorkers'sense of overage

p> Hippy Street Wind is also a favorite wear of New Yorkers Lyn.

broad Total Red jeans suit, half-coat+trailing broad-legged pants, slanting across the black minisize breast bag, the whole lively wave is smart and not inflated. <<



Lyn's motto is: <<

"Age is not a variable<<<<

> (meaning a sense of mobile age)<<<>>><<>>>><<<<<<<<>><

"Only teenagers can wear baseball clothes. Who stipulates that?" <<<<<<<



perspective mint green knitted sweater, beamint green knitted sweater, jewelwear, jewelry interior jewelry jewelry, tight-hemhem narrow pants, adolesleslescent girl look natural <<<

< strong > oversize earrings, special-shaped black super

< p > < strong > exaggerated accessory style stands out

< p > < img src="/1ydzximg/0Lew66wpME"/>

< p > arrogant accessory is Lyn logo exclusive.

However, Lyn never pursues a brand. She believes that the power of a brand is always limited and the pursuit of luxury may lose its style.

< p> < strong > garment accessories are all human-lining, not superior to others.

retro round letter sunglasses, iconic silver hair and red lips, U-shaped spliced sequined earrings with oversize, wave-point element shoulder straps, emits a cute that is not bullied by years.

Cartoon full-legged "presbyopic sunglasses" and amber Button Earrings complement each other, and melting and tenderness emerge suddenly.

Small area collision of sunglasses with exaggerated earrings is very easy to use.

This kind of "bat frame" exaggerates that "black super" is especially suitable for narrow-faced people with deep contours. They decorate their faces and double their aura. Hollywood hostesses take minutes with them.

is more worthwhile to preach Lyn's attitude towards life than wearing.

Age never brought her not anxiety and panic, but rigorous, open-minded and natural concentration.

advanced jewelry design and social media marketing.

When her life switched to a model, she remained as dedicated and dedicated as the newcomers, and never complained about wearing high heels and standing for long periods of time.

Lyn said that I only think about dressing myself:

"I want to wear this instead of - Oh, I'm 64 years old, shouldn't I wear this dress?"

What he shows is the image, and what he leaves others is the impression. Your image is determined by yourself. You have 24 hours a day. Don't owe yourself that quarter of an hour .

She advocates "Women of all ages have the right to beauty". Women are encouraged to dress well and show different personalities.

does not deliberately pretend tender, dare to express the true self, wear the clothes you really want to wear, even in the subway can take fashion blockbusters.

Age is not the limit, nor is wealth or not. Dressing well is really just to please yourself.

Many people say that Lyn is a good proof of what "fashionable aging" is. But for her, her fashion has never been related to her age.

No one's face can escape the traces of years,

but everyone can choose their own life as time goes by,


How about you, confident to be Lyn's

graceful and calm old lady?