They all have a copy-and-paste face with their parents, which looks better than their parents.

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They all have a copy-and-paste face with their parents, which looks better than their parents.

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Do you want another road to Rome? With such a group of people, they were born in Rome.

Recently, a topic in Xiaohongshu changed me into lemon whale in seconds. There is only one idea when I look at these vegetarian younger brothers and sisters: when Nuwa pinches me, it seems that she is not too distracted

/p> When it comes to "genetic beauty", the entertainment industry naturally inherits the starry second generation of parents. Parents, I suggest that they take part in the discussion on this topic

Huang Duoduo

just a few days ago, because of her superior height, Huang Yici was the best example of perfectly inheriting the beauty of her parents. In my impression, she is also the thoughtful and considerate one in Where Father Goes". Many sisters ", a few little boys like to circle around.
Over the past few years,

has blinked, and now she is not only longer and better looking, but also nearly 170+at the age of 13...

How many looks and temperaments follow her mother, feeling Sun Li 2.0. Sun Li is a famous beauty in antique clothes, and the peony in Qinger in The Legend of the Sword and the Fish and the Beauty in the Legend of Heaven and Earth has always been the white moon in many people's hearts.

, a micro-blog article entitled "Huang Lei: A Woman Like My Wife" was frequently forwarded, which mentioned that "she is beautiful, but not dazzling and charming, and there is no irresistible object." Indeed, her beauty is very gentle and friendly, people want to go near, many years of dance experience let her take a kind of elegant book fragrance. The "aesthetic differences between straight men and straight women" that often fight will be unified here.

Huang Lei, let alone, although he has entered a long-term middle-aged stage of development. Although now he often shows himself as "Little Chef Huang"...

But no one knows that he was once a literary teenager with long hair and captivated thousands of girls.

Huang Lei's youthful appearance belongs to a very white and beautiful type, which is tailored to the role of the Republic of China.

"Orange Red" glorious glory

In "April Day on Earth", because of playing Xu Zhimo, he cut his long hair, combed his side oil head, put on round glasses, elegant and non-pedantic book volume, which restored the image of Xu Zhimo, a romantic poet in the hearts of many literary girls.

inherited the literary gene of parents, mostly in temperament, which is totally literary and artistic, but at the same time retains the innocence of children.

Her general outline is almost the same as Sun Li's, the same egg face and almond eyes, but the full silkworm and slightly drooping eye tail are closely followed by Huang Lei, these rounded lines make more girls charming and melancholy than her mother.

Although the nostrils are not high, they have superior mountain roots and eyebrows, which make the whole eye socket look bright, and with her literary and artistic temperament, elegance is her pronoun.

Over the past two years, the exposure in front of the camera has also increased. Last year, when she was directed by Lai Shengchuan, the woman who acted in the drama "Book in Water", she was not afraid of appearing on the stage and in the theatre groups because of her experience of mixing with her parents.

A seat in the performing arts industry seems to have to be booked in advance.
< p > < p > < p > < p > < img SRC = "/ 1ydzximg / 0LfGo9BZhU"/> < / P > < p > Kimura Kwangshi < / P > < p > What happened in Japan's fashion circle last July is Kimura Kwangshi, who came out of nowhere.

<15 years old, 170cm tall, announce that the action is to win the cover of the Japanese edition of the big magazine, this is not only, all the photos were taken by the Japanese advertising photography giant calisthenics and the United States.

, the "great achievements" are not listed one by one, but after three months, they wear a brand-new CHANEL to appear in a magazine again, becoming the youngest cosmetic ambassador in CHANEL's history, and also taking down the title of the youngest global brand ambassador in BVLGARI's history?

Why Kimura Guangxi, known as "the second generation of Asia's strongest stars", has gained so much attention and good resources as soon as she comes out, you will understand who her parents are.

Takashi Kimura appeared with the name of BGM+halo attribute, handsome enough to make Shizuka Fujita his wife "the most hated girl in Japan" for many years.

At that time, his lipstick advertisement was the pioneer of male endorsement makeup, not to mention the same style, even the posters in the brand stores were "robbed" empty, and special security guards were sent to set up his body cards. You see, that's the level of Asian superstars.

and do you think Kimura's beauty is entirely dependent on his father? Absolutely wrong!!! Her mother, Jingxiang Kuito, is called the prototype of Maorilan in Conan, a famous detective. She has become the dream lover of many boys in the image of rebellious character.

In the 1980s, Yoko Nagano, Akira Asaka and Mizuho Zhongshan were known as the "Four Kings of Japanese Idol".

Both sides are the face of God. To tell the truth, Kimura Guangxi can look very good as long as it is casual.

She basically copied and pasted the eyebrows and lower half of Mumura's rubbings, raised eyebrows, small but full three-dimensional lips are the source of her stubbornness, while the face is inherited from her mother's atypical goose face, but because the cheekbones are slightly prominent, it gives people a sense of strength, so the comprehensive air field is very sufficient.
More interestingly, Kimura Guangxi has two moles on her face, one on the left and the other on the left, while Koto's right face and Kimura's left face have one on each side. She feels that "this is a gift from my father and mother".
The most complex and unique part of

is actually her eyes, unlike her mother's drooping innocent eyes, but slightly rounder and slightly higher than her father's peach blossom eyes, so she does not lack her own expressiveness more than pure heredity.

Her forehead is full and wide and square, so she is not suitable for pulling all her hair back to reveal her forehead, but Liu Hai will pour out part of the air field, so she often chooses to wear off her hair or leave two long strands of sea on both sides.

In addition, because of the skin color of wheat, the low color saturation of dim makeup on her face will appear a little dim, on the contrary, it is more suitable for her to publicize strong makeup.

"VoCE" 2019.4 monthly

I personally think that she is full of people on the Internet. The makeup with red lips and cat shaped eyeliner is the most beautiful, showing her rebellious and bright colors completely.

p>img src="/1ydzximg/0LfGo9WMna"/>p>VoCE 2019.4

p>img src="/1ydzximg/0LfGo9Pt6c"/>/p>Shen Yue

This Shen Yue is not the other Shen Yue, but the eldest daughter of Qiu Shuzhen, a great beauty known for her naive sexuality.

Qiu Shuzhen has three daughters named "Sun, Moon and Star". The only reason why Shen Yue has received widespread attention is "President".

She can be said to be the best example of inheriting one-sided strong genes from parents, because Qiu Shuzhen's husband is not a handsome person, but a relatively ordinary passer-by level.

But the daughter happened to pick up her mother's face to reproduce, she is a round melon-seed short face, which is very similar to Qiu Shuzhen, including the eyebrow bone and nose are more like her mother's delicacy.

A pair of almond eyes inherited mother's naivety while the eye tail rose slightly, showing more vitality and vitality.

But unfortunately Qiu Shuzhen's innate ability to accommodate purity and sexuality is not inherited. Speaking of Qiu Shuzhen, you will think of her classic scenes of playing cards in red and tell me how many times you have seen them.

She was not the most outstanding one in Hong Kong wireless "Kowloon Girl" at that time, but it was the most unique one. Her five senses are not very large, but her face is smaller, especially her chin, which is small and sharp, like a baby's chin.

Such lines enable her to walk a pure line without any effort, while neutralizing the aesthetic fatigue caused by sexual excess. Today, although over fifty years old, we can still see the shadow of the fairy's face value, which is the absolute generation with excellent beauty.

Lily-Rose Depp

As we all know, she is the daughter of Jony Depp and Vanessa Paradis, born in the second generation of superstars in Rome.

I think she can answer the question of "how to experience immortal parents".

Her mother Vanessa is actually the darling of fashion circle under the star of Johnny Depp. The French actress, who combines actress, singer and model, was appointed to be the spokesperson of CHANEL perfume by Lord Buddha at the age of 19. In the more than 20 years since then, she has been CHANEL's inspiration muse and distinguished guests.

This wild charm also appeared in her daughter. They say she is the craziest product of her parents and inherits her mother.