The Queen of Spain has changed her spring clothes. Big flower pattern flower bud skirt witty and high-level, unique temperament

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The Queen of Spain has changed her spring clothes. Big flower pattern flower bud skirt witty and high-level, unique temperament

2019-04-25 21:30:29 667 ℃

Spanish queen Letizia's dress is convincing. Although she was married once, she joined the Spanish royal family smoothly. Now Letizia's status is very high in people's minds, unlike that of Megan, who joined the British royal family because of her second marriage. King's room, so much Tucao.

And we can usually see Letizia, with super-high clothing, dressing style is very diverse, but also in line with the formal occasions required regularity, so that her dressing style is between Princess Kate and Princess Megan. On April 24, the Queen of Spain and King Felipe attended a luncheon, and Letizia finally chose spring clothes instead of overcoats.

img src="/1ydzximg/0LpT6FJLvK"/>p>Letizia chose such a very girlish and witty flower bud skirt, especially the fluffy feeling of the hem is very ageing. The Queen of Spain has very tough facial lines, so it can add a lot of feminine flavor to her to control the style of clothes with a little feminine flavor. On the basis of the main color of blue on that day, it has a very chic large flower pattern, and the blue looks very noble and elegant, with a pair of high heels of the same color.

can be found, whether Queen of Spain or Princess Megan or Princess Kate, their shoes are in fact very simple style, are the kind of light-mouth high-heeled shoes in pure color, so when we usually mix clothes, if we want to choose a pair of shoes, then such light-mouth high-heeled shoes are not necessary. Less.

Spanish Queen shines with a small smoky makeup to enlarge her eyes, and this cherry pink lipstick is also full of spring color on that day. The waistline was elevated by the waistline, which perfectly reflected the thighs of 1.8 meters. In fact, the queen was very tall, but he became a very small woman in front of King Felipe. They had two little princesses.

This skirt has a very wide fabric, and the hem is like a flower bud. In fact, the beautiful eyebrows with thicker legs can choose such skirt, while the upper half is a medium-long sleeve design. Because the limbs of the Queen of Spain are very slender, such a skirt with fluffy effect can better show her body advantages than that of the Queen of Kate. When you wear a tight skirt, it feels like you can't stand up. Letizia's jewellery is very simple. This diamond eardrop combines perfectly with a slightly curved hairstyle with a rather layered tail.

is the representative of perfect woman in everybody's mind nowadays. Yesterday, the appearance of Letizia's light purple coat and skirt suit also made people see a different Letizia. Such a light purple full of romance, let me think of the romantic lavender, double-sided cashmere is also a high-level sense. Laetizia's style of dressing is not as singular as Kate's. It's a perfect dress style, no matter it's noble or full of girls'skirts.

Such a camel-colored suit can also be used for reference. The long suit jacket with geometric patterns and camel-colored half-length skirt are also nude high-heeled shoes of the same color, full of urban women's fashion. It has a sense of hierarchy, and the colors don't seem too complicated.

Letizia likes to wear such a double-sided velvet coat very much, so the combination of beige and camel is another very fresh feeling, in winter coat is essential, and such a beige system is more refreshing than the general black system.

Of course, for some of the more exaggerated dresses, the Queen of Spain is very daring to try, but the previous two days such a blue V-collar skirt, a black overcoat on the shoulders increased the atmosphere, the girl and the sense of hegemony combined to create a different Queen of Spain. The Queen of Spain has changed her spring clothes. Big flower pattern flower bud skirt witty and advanced, unique temperament

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