Kim Kardashian's tight waistcoat and half skirt show an hourglass figure. It's a convincing waist-to-hip ratio against the sky.

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Kim Kardashian's tight waistcoat and half skirt show an hourglass figure. It's a convincing waist-to-hip ratio against the sky.

2019-04-25 21:30:28 891 ℃

Golden Kardashian, a famous American woman, has become more confident in dressing since she lost weight to 105 kg! I like to use very tight style to outline my body against heaven. It's not 170 centimeters tall, but Kim Kardashian always looks like a supermodel through her dressing skills. On April 24, local time, Kim Kardashian went out again with a tight look.

Grey vest looks no different from the same frame we bought for 10 yuan, showing a very linear arm line. Kim Kadashan has three children herself, and when I see her flat abdomen, I have to admire her usual perseverance in keeping fit! Kadashian's hourglass figure is displayed in a ruffled white dress. Such a slender waist, such a waist hip ratio is generally not!

can not see the half of the meat on Kim dash Shan. Many people say that such a figure is even a piece of cloth, and such a half skirt Netizens feel wrapped up in a tablecloth. Kim Kardashian is actually a very smart woman. Now she and her fans are exploring the fact that she spends 18 hours a week on law courses. Is she going to change careers? She is preparing for the California Bar Examination in 2020. So don't be blinded by their ostentatious figures without understanding their talents.

Golden Kardashian, who is only 160 in height, wore sneakers this time, and her air field was much weaker. But look at this figure, with waist-high wavy curls, like the Greek goddess ah! This skirt is dragged directly onto the ground without fear of stepping on dirt. It really doesn't care for concave shape!

Jin Jie recently preferred such a fresh style. At Canye's concert on Sunday, Jin Ka Daishan's Necklace jacket was matched with such personalized lantern pants, which is also a gray series. This style is full of retro style, like the fashion of the last 1990s in the world. Jin Jie's 5-year-old daughter Xiao Xibei also inherited her mother's style, the same two sets of light gray, tied in African braids, so high-profile and exemplary.

Jinkadashan's dressing style is diverse, and her 5-year-old daughter is now full of cultivating her own taste! Such a set of silver snakeskin elemental suit, loose and plump jacket to create a sense of laziness, and some bell trousers design with pointed high heels, the image of the domineering president of the moment emerged to say that the 5-year-old northwest now has its own dressing line, and the Chinese style cheongsam, Kadashan family is also very fond of wearing such an orange flag under the northwest. Robe, it's not against harmony at all, paradigm is in full swing!

The color saturation of snakeskin primary color is different, and the style created is also different! Such silver snake skin pattern elements, a more ambitious and charming texture, but unfortunately, there is no outline of the waist, Jin Jie is also a tragic change in stature!

Kim Kardashian, who loves exercise, will naturally wear her fitness pants out of the street! Fitness pants with sleeve-like high-cylinder shoes, sports have youth. Nowadays, fitness pants and cycling pants are super popular, and the sisters of the Kardashian family are their favorites, but they are also quite a test of body shape, slightly fat, wearing fitness pants in minutes to show.

and the red snakeskin grain element is more exaggerated, the material is full of Retro Leather luster, the design of the wrap also shows perfect waist and leg lines. Jin Jie's make-up has hardly changed over the years. It's a very European and American nude makeup that hardly needs big red lips. Foreign media use "hourglass" to describe Kim Kardashian's figure. Do you think it is very appropriate?

Jinkadashan tight vest with half skirt shows an hourglass figure, the waist-hip ratio against the sky is convincing

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