Guan Xiaotong's beautiful legs are all stretched? No wonder you don't have long muscles when you run 2000 meters!

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Guan Xiaotong's beautiful legs are all stretched? No wonder you don't have long muscles when you run 2000 meters!

2019-04-25 21:30:33 1936 ℃

Two days ago, the fourth season of "ace to ace" ushered in the closing night. As the fixed MC of this season, Guan Xiaotong's performance is countless circles of fans!

is not only hard to learn a variety of talents in the program, it is always surprising, but also let many people see her growth, found that she is steadfastly taking every step.

Of course, there is no lack of the most delightful girl feeling. After all, no one will dislike the lovely girl ~

Except for the girl feeling, the two thighs of Xiaotong are the most attractive ones to watch every time.

Not only is it thin and long, but the most important thing is that the legs are especially straight and the proportion of legs to legs is very symmetrical!

Guan Xiaotong, who recently returned to school to run 2000 meters, recorded a video to reveal how he kept his leg shape.

Originally, she would do a lot of stretching before and after each run, so as to relax the muscles, not to become thicker legs, but also to make the legs straighter and better looking!


Stretching can not only relax muscles, but also digest calories to achieve the purpose of losing weight. Many female stars usually do stretching exercise.

Like a lady and granddaughter, stretching is her favorite. Searching Weibo casually can see many pictures of her stretching, and the difficulty coefficient is very high!

and Zheng Xiuwen, not only persist in sweating, stretching is also a daily "compulsory course".

Liu Tao has nothing to do but do stretching yoga. He can do all kinds of movements with more than

Recently, the weather has gradually warmed up. Everyone can see the figure of exercise everywhere, after all, in April and May, when the body is not losing weight, there will be only regret when they show their figure.

As the most important part of girls'sports process, Bajie will come today to tell you about stretching exercise, so that you can smoothly put on beautiful skirts in summer -

with thick legs as soon as you exercise?

Learn to stretch and say goodbye to the muscles

Stretch the muscles before exercise, which is conducive to preventing muscle hardening, avoiding leg cramps, and expanding the range of exercise of the exerciser, so that the body has greater freedom of movement.

Stretching after exercise can accelerate blood circulation, improve the symptoms of muscle soreness and reduce the risk of injury.


Guan Xiaotong's sharing is not only suitable for running, but also suitable for other sports, so let's all exercise-loving babies learn quickly -

STEP: reach back with both hands and stretch back for 15 to 30 seconds.

STEP 2:hands and fingers crossed, body inclined downward, legs should be stretched and not bent.

STEP 3: Lift your legs up, grab your right ankle with your left and right hands, keep your heels close to your hips, and alternate your legs.

STEP 4: stretches out the right leg, one hand presses the thigh, the other hand presses up and down along the thigh, the body presses forward at the same time, and the left and right thighs alternate after the press.

Each of the above-mentioned actions should be maintained for 15 to 30 seconds before you can thin your legs without lifting iron. Stretching can not only relax muscles, but also help shape the body, especially the lines of the legs, which can be made more compact by stretching muscles, so that people naturally look thinner.

Song Qian once disclosed that she always insisted on doing yoga or stretching exercises to promote her blood circulation, even if she had no time to go to the gym, she would certainly do some simple stretching exercises.

"Vimian Angel" Candice also made a special video of stretching and shaping, which is very useful for reference.

STEP 1: put the soles of both feet together, and put the elbows on the thighs, press them down.

If elbow is laborious, forward gravity can also be applied.

STEP 2:Left leg bends forward, right leg is straight behind, body leans forward, hands stretch forward as far as possible.

STEP 3: and then turn your head back, hold your hands on the ground, and pay attention to the position of your legs.

STEP 4: Finally, the left leg remains in its original position, the right leg is raised, the head is backward, and the tips are as close as possible; after completing a group, the left and right legs are exchanged for the same exercise.

These movements can effectively stretch the inside of your thighs, waist, back and buttocks, but the extent of stretching should be determined according to your actual bearing capacity.


So the principle is to stretch as much as possible, but not too much, little by little, otherwise the body damage will be compensatory -

lower body edema is always insomnia? Four stretching exercises

< strong> can help you solve

systemic stretching can also alleviate fatigue. It's also good for office workers to take a little time out to stretch if they don't have time to exercise.

Li Jiaxin

Sleep stretching can open channels, relax tense muscles, make the body gradually as soft as cotton, drive away fatigue, and get better sleep!

Selena Gomez and sports coach Amy Rosoff Davis

Bajie here are a few stretching exercises to teach you, babies can stick to a cycle, if you feel too tired, you can also choose 2-3 more hands-on exercises slowly.

STEP 1: Sit on a yoga mat, cross your legs on one side of the other leg, adjust your breathing and turn around.

STEP 2: bow step, adjust breathing and press upper body down as much as possible.

STEP 3: Stand with both legs forward and backward, bend the hind legs, hold one side of the toe with both hands for stretching.

STEP 4: lie flat on the yoga mat, adjust the breathing legs to raise and do cross exercises.

Stretching has many advantages, but there are still some points needing attention: stretching should be standardized, not care about the quantity, one action is in place, and long-term persistence also has effect.

Tips 2: Although it is normal for muscles to feel proper compression or tension during stretching, they should not feel pain, so stretching should not go beyond the comfort zone of the body.

Tips 3: Do not stretch repeatedly in the same place. If you stretch the same muscle group everyday, it may cause muscle damage due to excessive stretching.

After reading Sister Ba's introduction, is it a good way for girls to lose weight at last? Grasp the tail of spring, do more exercises, and get in shape to welcome the summer.

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