After Guan Xiaotong, the actress who lost the popularity on the screen is her.

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After Guan Xiaotong, the actress who lost the popularity on the screen is her.

2019-04-25 21:30:34 1743 ℃

Ju Jingyou, known as "the first beautiful woman in four thousand years", has recently got into trouble again.

Just yesterday, it was revealed that some female stars who played the leading role in the theatre group "frequently played big cards and used double".

"Ju Shou Must Sleep Over 12 Hours" is known to her fans, so many netizens have put Ju in the right seat.

But soon, the crew of Legend of the White Bride came out and clarified that

is not true. Please stop publishing rumor information immediately.

, but this is not the first time that someone has said that Ju is playing a big game.

Last year, when the White Snake Theatre started, some people said that Ju was deliberately three hours late.

and the reason for the rumor is also very strange, because the play's "a time" must be hazy rather than her, so deliberately late to lose temper.

The Legend of White Snake is not a white snake? This operation is really confusing.

Men dominated by dim is the 10th fastest man in 2013, but the development has not been very successful since his debut.


Ju Jiuyou's screen experience is not much, and the performances of "Warm Blood Chang'an" and "Kyushu Sky City" are not big-hit TV dramas either. These two N-lines, unexpectedly fight for your life and death, there is a kind of vegetable chicken pecking each other is visual sense.

Both sexes have to contend for it. Can they still play the emotional drama well?

has Tucao who does not like Ju Jing Yi: she is not so beautiful as to be so frightened.

Even the title of "4000-year-old Beauty" with her reputation outside was questioned.

She did not really like the title herself. In an interview, she said that she was under great pressure for the title, and she cried a few times and spoke earnestly.

"Many people want to see how beautiful a beautiful woman is for 4000 years, and when they see it, they will say,'That's it. "

But Ju is a good-looking girl in terms of facial value alone.

When SNH48 was still in existence, her performance was always above Li Yitong, and she was the first in the general election for two consecutive years.

until after Ju Yao's solo flight, Li Yitong did not become the champion in the fifth election.

On the Red Carpet of Fengyunbang in the East in March this year, the two met in a narrow way. Melon users feel that Li Yitong is still slightly inferior to Ju Jingyou in terms of shape.

In addition, Ju's face value has also been recognized by "international" (although it is a wild list).

She was listed in the top 100 of the world's most beautiful faces in 2015 by TC Candler, a well-known foreign film commentary website, with the result of 53rd place.

By 2017, Ju's ranking in this list had even risen to the eighth place.

In order to maintain the reputation of beauty, she even moved the refined image of the beautiful muscle filter to "The Legend of the White Bride", the idol burden is as heavy as Mount Tai.

Some people have watched dozens of episodes and still don't know what the stars really look like.

Following Zheng Zheng's "sick in the plague of Apollo", a new filter named "no prism and polished white" appeared.

In the first episode of the TV series, a good little girl's face is set with a thick filter and 18 lines of reticular red, that is visual sense.

Under this powerful filter, the poisoned woman transformed herself and immediately became the same kind of Morandi makeup in the advanced show.

In addition to the filters in the TV series, her real life seems to have lost the star halo without the filters.

Even if the airport photos were taken by different fans, even though the style and tone were different, the filters were all the same thickness.

As for some entertainment bloggers'photos of Ju, the filters also seem to be ancestral.

all said that the video only tests the true and false of the face value, and the filter in the video is even heavier than the photo.

Although it looks good, F is really curious about what she would look like if the filters were removed.

Look at her early videos and perhaps understand why she attaches so much importance to external lens modification herself.

Not only is this video quite different from what it is now, but also the beautiful pictures of Ju Jingyou in middle school are not very similar to what they are now...

As for why, maybe it was the 18th Female University that changed...

Ju Jingyou was particularly disappointed that he was sadly affected by the reputation of "4000-year-old beauty", but the publication of "Yanya Pressure" was particularly vigorous.

Such a veteran artist who directly touches the audience's own emotional filter not only does not like it, but also appears particularly impolite and is not a good marketing tool.

Ju Jiyou's white lady looks silly and naive, and has a strong sense of modernity.

Zhao Yazhi himself has already become the real pronoun of "white snake" in the hearts of a generation, beautiful and elegant, very refined. It's not the first time for Ju's team to touch porcelain in step


In 16 years Angelababy will be absent from Variety "Running Bar Brothers" temporarily because of pregnancy, there was a marketing slogan that said "Ju Jiyou will become a substitute".

, this rumor is so bubbling up that even the running director of the brothers can't sit still. Finally, he sends micro-blog Tucao directly to his brother's official Bo.

The silent studio did not come out to clarify the article until the director denied it.

The team is also skilled in the use of staining technology. After Ju and Guo Jingming joined in a variety show, the rumor that "Guo Jingming wants to see her to make a movie" came out.

But in fact, Guo Jingming just asked in the interactive part of the program: "Do you want to make movies in the future?"

Even the previous small interaction with Zhang Yixing in the variety arts, can also issue a large number of manuscripts.

In addition, a micro-blog by Ju Jiyou earlier made her "quite ambitious" settings more realistic.

Someone found that in the photo she only had P herself and no one else, which made the female star's low EQ taboo.

Look at this photo carefully. People around her have darker skin tones than her.

and the tables and stools behind Ju are crooked, so it seems that P is positive.

F felt that she could invite Guan Xiaotong to transform into a wicked woman, perhaps more energetic than the victim who sells Petite drops.
The most important thing in this industry is beautiful young girls, but few smart people know how to manage their own reputation. Performing a real work is much more useful than fighting in positions; removing filters and masks is a lot easier for the audience to face. It is more effective for them to read scripts, but they are often unable to do so. Thank you for your enjoyment of our articles. You are more welcome to share your fashion ideas with me in the background.