Why hasn't the Queen's temperament changed in more than 70 years when she was 93 and 20?

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Why hasn't the Queen's temperament changed in more than 70 years when she was 93 and 20?

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The real Queen Fan

celebrated her 93rd birthday two days ago, setting a new record of her reign ~

The actual date of birth of Elizabeth II was April 21, but she also had an official birthday: the second Saturday in June, so she celebrated it twice a year. On her birthday, she also participated in Easter activities, wearing a light blue jacket with a rose pink dress, 93 years old or full of vitality

Many members of the royal family were dressed to attend, Kate and William talked and laughed, seemingly in action to break the previous "derailment" rumors. Kate wore a light blue Alxander McQueen overcoat five years ago. Old and new clothes still look good ~

The Queen's granddaughter Princess Beatrice and her father Prince Andrew, as well as her granddaughter Princess Zara and her husband also appeared. 女士头戴精致的帽子,男士穿深蓝色西装,领带和帽子颜色呼应,细节很讲究↓


Countess Wessex and daughter Louise wore mother and daughter's clothes, and printed dresses had a very spring flavor. The Queen's third son, Prince Edward (Earl of Wessex), had a straight suit, and the next Viscount James Severn was getting more and more handsome. Prince Harry was the only member of the royal family in

because Megan was not attending the production. Fan Zhu noticed that Harry's tie was the same color as the Queen's dress. I wonder if it was a special match.

Although Megan did not come, she did not forget to give her best wishes at an interval. On her newly opened ins account with Harry, she exposed photos of the Queen as a young woman, with the passage "Happy Birthday to Her Majesty and Grandma. May you have the best day ever!! ___________

Especially to Fan Zhu's surprise, when the young queen was 20 years old, she had little change except wrinkles on her face and slightly plump figure. Her temperament and dress were no worse than before. You know, more than 70 years have passed!

left 1947, right two years of recent photos

from 20 to 93 years old, how on earth did the Queen maintain her personal style for decades like one day? Today let's study (__),

< p> - - - the dividing line of Queen Fan Er ---

< p > < strong > elegant and noble dress

< p > Queen's dress style, which can be summarized by elegance and nobility. The details from head to toe are very delicate, and have formed her landmark characteristics, which have not changed for decades.

Printed dress

In the words of young queen, she is a proper and high-looking girl, with royal noble temperament and girl's green and astringent beauty.

Old photographs before, as fresh and classical as oil paintings

Since the teenage age age years, the Queen has been very fond of printed dresses, wearing an English pastoral style. Now it is still fashionable, reminding people of the "tea break skirt"

< img src="/ 1ydzximg/0LpIAHQAK2" / >

which has been popular in the past two years. She has worn this skirt for decades. It has shortened the hem and lengthened the sleeve length. It is more in line with the queen's identity and age, and has a bright upper body effect.

Queen also likes bowknot elements. She used to wear three-dimensional bowknot decoration skirts. Now she makes bowknots into prints, decreases in age and is cute and super cute

gorgeous dress < p> Looking through her previous photos, she often wears gorgeous dresses. Clothes, satin, embroidery, tulle, etc. It is immortal and advanced.

and Philip's wedding dress is also full of fairy spirit, lace head dress hanging several steps, very fantastic.

Later, although older, the choice of dresses still has the same style. Like a water-green nail-bead embroidered dress, wearing a very old style.

She loves to wear metallic dresses. She has a strong sense of fashion and a beautiful atmosphere.

and elegant Tulle dress, as in youth, is a walking fairy ~

_lady's fur

< p> in cold winter or in Grand occasions, the Queen likes to use fur to concave. The habit of

lasted for 80 years. As early as 1939, when Elizabeth II was only 13 years old, she wore a fur coat with her sister Princess Margaret and looked like a doll. When she grew up, fur was also one of her favorite items.

Especially in the following comparison picture, from 30 to 90 years old, all wear fur shawl with dress, and then carry a golden bag, as noble and elegant as ever, so people can hardly see the trace of time.

In order to highlight the Royal temperament, the queen preferred white fur. In the dance or activities with blingbling dress, graceful and luxurious, eye-catching burst watch.

Perhaps because of the natural atmosphere, she wears Epithelium grass without any vulgarity, and Diana's air field behind her is also killed by seconds

She likes to wear a white dress. As she grows older, she has a sense of both sight and elegance, but the elegance has not changed.

The young queen also wore this kind of short fur coat, which was slightly elegant and witty.

This chestnut mink fur, from black hair to white hair, has a broad overize outline.

Queen in her 90s still loves to wear fur-embellished overcoats, which are beautiful and warm in winter.

9655;Pure color suit <

Although the style is neat and uniform, there are many differences in detail, and the color is ever-changing, plus numerous exquisite accessories, each time has a fresh feeling

Most of her skirts or dresses go to the calves. In order to maintain elegance, the Queen has bare legs all the year round, rain and wind. Even at the age of 93, it has never changed. This is the true frozen-age goddess compared with the younger ones. All the careful Fan friends will find that the Queen's shoe bags are very low-key and almost all grow the same. In fact, her bags and shoes are customized by the Royal Goods Brand. For decades, only one brand has been spoiled, which is very personal. The simplest and most effective way to get Queen's style is to start with the same shoe bag (

Launer customized bag

Queen's bag comes from the British high-quality handmade leather supplier Launer, whose brand has been certified by the Queen. Whatever the package is changed, the handbag is basically his home.

The Queen's handbag is mainly black and classic, but the styles are different, some are zipper, some are flip-flop, the shapes and sizes are different, there are varying lacquer and matte leather, the design is exquisite and changeable

because of the Queen's delivery, Fan Zhu has entered several before, his family design is simple and classic, air-durable, all occasions and clothes can be perfectly matched <

Don't look at the brand and color of shoes, but each pair hides a careful machine.

For example, the simple zigzag button is replaced by the handsome horseshoe button; according to the color system, the shoe color is replaced by bright white, classical brown and so on. It is no wonder that the Queen is not tired of wearing it for decades.

exquisite accessories from head to foot

accessories are also a sharp weapon for the Queen to build her personal style, from hat, gloves to umbrella, it can be said that from head to foot

Rachel Trevor-Morgan hat < p> another impressive symbol of the Queen is her endless caps. Son, it is said that it has exceeded 5000. Young girls wear more styles, flowers, feathers elements, unique style is changeable. After

became the queen, it was a uniform wide-eaved hat with different materials and decorations, like exquisite works of art, very durable.

and each hat corresponds to the color of the dress as if it were matched. Philip Somerville, her most famous Imperial hatter, once confessed that the Queen wore every hat more than 10 times, and finally the hat was worn out. From this we can see that the Queen is very fond of hats, and also very economical. ~

< strong> Hermes scarf

< p> If she does not wear a hat and crown, in some informal occasions, the scarf is the Queen's favorite headdress. The silk scarves on the Queen's head, from her youth to the present, are basically H's, and hardly any different. The silk scarves wrapped around her head are like walking Herms

a few rare pants of the Queen. They are also matched with silk scarves and worn on her shoulders. It feels very windy

< img src="/1ydzximg/0LpIA V9/> < HDP> and all kinds of silk scarves she has worn. Colour printing, matching different colour system clothes, has more edge ~

_Cornelia James gloves

The Queen also has a distinct feature in dressing, that is, wearing gloves.

Gloves for her