Jing Tian finally raised her profile once! A long black dress, like a black elf, is elegant with shoulder-length hair.

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Jing Tian finally raised her profile once! A long black dress, like a black elf, is elegant with shoulder-length hair.

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Speaking of Jing Tian, everyone must be familiar with her love affair with world champion Zhang Jike once became the focus of attention. Jing Tian recently played the heroine Li Xinyue in the hit drama A Journey to Meet Love. The heroine in the play is a white-collar worker. Every time she dresses, she is amazing. Is she also very good at dressing in private? Now let's take a look at Jing Tian's private clothes with Xiaobian.

This is Jing Tian's recent Airport outfit. The Beige suit is very elegant and clean, and the black edge design of the collar makes the whole dress not too monotonous. The design of this dress is really ingenious. Jingtian wears a light blue straight-tube jeans. What's striking is that the curling edge of the trousers'feet is pink, which adds a touch of color to the cold style of the outfit without being too abrupt. This touch of pink on the trousers' feet is just right. The white pointed boots on the feet lengthen the legs visually, and the whole person looks very tall. A Black Beret on his head adds a sense of coolness, while Jing Tian, who had a small face, looks smaller when she wears a pair of black sunglasses. Xiao Bian really wants to boast about Jing Tian's outfit, which is too thin.

This outfit is also very beautiful, and the star shirt inside Jingtian is another feeling. The collar of this shirt has a ribbon design. Jing Tian's style of wearing is to let the ribbon hang freely in front of his chest, but Xiao Bian feels that this kind of ribbon with a bow tie at the collar is another style of wearing. This year, ribbon shirts are very popular. The ribbon design allows the same dress to wear different styles. Such treasure items are suitable for this season. You can also prepare one in the wardrobe.

这是景甜出席迪奥男装发布活动的一组照片,照中的景甜身穿一袭黑色纱裙,这条纱裙的设计可以说是别出心裁了。 Lining is a pure black suspender skirt, the outer cover is a semi-transparent long yarn skirt, this yarn skirt in the middle has a super high fork, Jingtian exposed her thighs, very amazing. The waist is equipped with a classic LOGO slim belt, which perfectly shows Jing Tian's "small barbarian waist". The dress with waistband is also quite novel. In the makeup, Jing Tian uses a touch of retro big red lips to match, which immediately improves the temperament. It's really elegant! __________

Another style of Jing Tian La is seen in these photos. She has a tall pill head and is very smart. She is wearing a black jumpsuit and wears a light-colored jeans. However, the knitter noticed that Jing Tian has rolled up the legs of her jeans again, showing her slim feet this time. Ankles, very thin. In fact, this kind of ankle-baring wear is not only suitable for friends with thin legs, but also very suitable for friends with thick legs, because friends with thick legs tend to have fat legs, but the ankles are still very thin, so showing the ankles can have a sense of thin legs visually. Friends who are worried about the thigh may wish to try this kind of wear.

img src="/1ydzximg/0LpBxFJWf"/> Summer is coming, and Jingtian has also demonstrated a very summer suit for us. White POLO shirt with blue jeans is very simple and clean, but Jingtian wears a pair of small white shoes with red laces on the shoes, so that the whole set of matches will not be too monotonous, it is really a very ingenious idea! How to wear it in summer? Have you got it? This is a group of self-portraits of Jingtian. She wears black and white stitching knitted sweater, which is very simple. Although the dress is very simple, Xiaobian noticed that Jing Tian was wearing flower-shaped ear nails and rings of the same series. It seems that Jing Tian is also a very delicate girl. The makeup is also very simple. Jing Tian did not wear too complicated eye makeup. She put on a coral lipstick makeup. The whole face looks clean and fresh. She looks younger. Speaking of this, Xiaobian has to mention Jing Tian's age. In fact, Jing Tian, born in 88, is 31 years old this year. Can't I tell you that Jing Tian, who was born in 88, is 31 years old now? Collagen is enviable when you are 31 years old.

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