From "ugly expression pack" to "dynamic stirring", there are only seven tips separated from each other! ____________

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From "ugly expression pack" to "dynamic stirring", there are only seven tips separated from each other! ____________

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Where does beauty lie?

What you may think of is not Li Ruotong's eyes, Liu Yifei's nose or Zhang Ziyi's face, but more of those "strong" beauty moments that make you heart beat, such as Zhu Yin's blinking eyes, Zuxian's stripping, etc. <


9650;because this eye, loved the purple sauvignia fairyla fairy for ten thousand years

because this eye, in order to make a rapid increase in facial value, there is no need to rely on cosmetic makeup, make > expression more dynamic > strong> strong>, and also an important train of thought:

Unexpectedly, Wuli Jing herself has played this stalk

like Wu Jing recently, she is obviously not the appearance of a feminized explosion shed. But with such a face, she can still make herself elegant and feminine :


I think the advertisement is still quite sensible

She may not be the most beautiful one in your heart, but undoubtedly, she knows where she is beautiful and knows how to run herself - just look at her photos.< / p>p>img src="/1ydzximg/0LpFSFmIUE"/>p>p>p>p>_As a woman, we can also feel a strong feminine flavor... Who would have thought she looked like Wu Jing? Many dynamic aesthetic analyses often combine the beautiful moments of goddesses, and then come to the conclusion that "beauty can be achieved by doing it" - but of course not!

In fact, even if they were all beautiful women, Wang Zuxian and Hepburn exchanged expressions, which would make each other less attractive. In order to possess the natural dynamic beauty, ordinary people need not only < strong > to recognize the misunderstanding but also < strong > to analyze

< strong > < strong > < strong > < strong > < 01 < p > < strong > < strong > eyebrows with affection

< p > to say < strong > eyebrows first. Old readers of

may have been addicted to Ruan Lingyu eyebrow-picking, which is full of all kinds of amorous feelings - but really, eyebrow-picking is not so good to imitate! Because many people misunderstood it!

Firstly, eyebrow-picking is actually a provocative , not gentle:

with chin lifting, it is a more arrogant state, but Li Lizhen is very soft!

If you are sexy and feminine , eyebrow flirting can be transformed into flirting , but there is still a sense of provocation:

_Wang Zuxian is very feminine, so her eyebrow flirting is like flirting, but not this type of imitation, the effect will be poor

and if you do not control it well. Range, and do not do enough natural, resulting in the overall expression of ferocious. Then you may reap a < strong > Yuanqiongdan :

< p> < img src="/ 1ydzximg/0LpFSF Jtrj"/>

< p> _Don't laugh, some people's eyebrows are like this... You'd rather she'd be shameless...

How can you pick eyebrows without being strange? One of the main points is that should not provoke the whole eyebrow, but only provoke the whole eyebrow :

_Lin Daiyu is the most active eyebrow, but the overall eyebrow movement is not much

in addition, of course, the range should be controlled, slowly will give people < strong> gentle stron> gentle < strong> Feelings of g>:

Chiang Chin-qin is really smart and beautiful!

Because Jiang Qinqin is so beautiful, here are some more for you to feel the vivid beauty of slow + small eyebrow raising:


If you want to be more lively, the range of eyebrow raising can be larger . But in order to avoid provocative and aggressive feelings, it is better to have smile :

< p> _Hepburn's eyebrow-raising + Mingming smile, which is a classic combination of expressions.
< p > < p > Asians are more subtle. They pick their eyebrows slightly, open their eyes with < strong > eyes, and turn < strong > into a smiling face < / strong >. Not only won't be provocative, but it will be lovely:

Quickly eyebrow+eyes+laughter, this set of movements can also be more exercises

when the face is full of a smile, eyebrow will only appear vivid, not aggressive, this is the right posture for ordinary people:

< p > < p > < p > Zhu Yin also matched the charming blink, Li Zi is better, Zhu Yin is more charming < / P > < strong > with a smile < / strong > How important is it?

Yu Feihong has always been regarded as an air-field player. It is said that eyebrow-lifting is easy to make people feel aggressive. But with a smile, it looks < strong > confident and vigorous and the dynamic is very charming:

When she talks to people, she always smiles and makes people feel very good

Another reason that leads to the breaking of eyebrows is picking too long -

< p> but in fact, as far as the true reflection of human beings is concerned, The real < strong > surprise eyebrow picking is a fleeting

_Here it is quickly picked up. If it is very slow and very exaggerated, it will be very artificial

Another example is the classic motion picture of Li Zi and Zhu Yin, which should be really shocked here, but the eyebrow picking action is also < strong > fleeting.:

is really beautiful and spiritual!

If eyebrow-picking lasts too long , it will lack authenticity. Either it makes people feel < strong > funny or it makes people feel too hard and unreal:

< p> < img src="/1ydzximg/0LpFSFuFzb"/>

< p> _Here is obviously an exaggerated and funny version of

< p> besides surprise, eyebrow-raising can also mean "strong > I send out a signal or < strong > I receive a signal ". Noodles.

p>strong>one-sided slight eyebrow lifting , actually already has the feeling:

p>p>img src="/1ydzximg/0LpFSFPcOM"/>

long and dense eyebrows, can make the eyebrow change more obvious, the whole more agile.



「传递信息」型挑眉同样应该是很快的,慢就做作了。 The most classic shot should be here:

The interaction between two beauties is really eye-catching!

In short, if you want to pick your eyebrows well, you can either slow and small , large and fast , and in addition, you'd better with a smile .
in addition to eyebrow-raising, another dynamic aesthetic feeling of eyebrows comes from < strong > frowning < strong >. Especially with tear eyes , it is heartbreaking. < p >< P >< strong >< strong > Wang Zuxian is a classic:

< P >< img src= //1ydzximg/0LpFSFjbvE /> < < p >< P >< P >< strong > < p >< P >< strong > < p > < imimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimffffjbvE /> < < < p > < p >< P > < p > < p > < p > < p > She herseleleleleleleleyebrow here is a little topplepleplepleplepleplepleplepler>

> This is a classic one by Li Jiaxin. Beauty, don't cry. I'll buy you anything you want (and I can't afford it).
< P >< P >< P > < p > < p > < p > < p > < p > < p > < p > < p > < p > < p > < img SRC = / / ydzximg / 0LpFSFQ5CB / > < p > < p > < p > < p > < P > < p > She still suppresses facial expression on the whole, so it also gives people a stubborn feeling, the more painful < p > < p > let alone how clear our treasure antique costume beauty is, natural < strong > < strong < strong < strong < strong < strong < strong < strong < strong The eyebrows, The pain of wandering life is written on the face:

This really breaks the heart

Generally speaking, frowning is more suitable for the weak or want to show the weak state . Actually, it's not as difficult as many people think --- as long as you get the gist !


>>frowwning is just right, combined with drooping tear eyes, people are very sorry

but in the Wumei Niu period, because of the increase in scope and the makeup also hardened, her frofrofrown turned into this effect: src p>

I really can't feel pity...

< p> Actually, it's not that difficult: Similar to eyebrow-raising, the key point of eyebrow-frowning is that < strong > only move eyebrows, the range can be as small as possible, and the eyes should have a little tear .

Tears in the right corner of the eye will not fall, matched with frowbrows, real moving

tears are not necessarily the best choice, with bowing head, shifting eyes, holding tears,such feeling of "stop crying, but more distressing:

The absolute taboo of this action is


< strong>< strong>< strong>< strong>< strong>< strong>< strong>> beautiful eye-moving>< P > When you're just starting to study trends When it comes to beauty, many people will tell you that the beauty of the eyes lies in "strong > gaze ".

is similar to eyebrow-raising. If "gaze" is not handled properly, it will become "strong > stare ", instead, it will be a < strong > aggressive expression < strong > speech .

This one is actually slightly lethal!

Killing Qi is not only because Wang Zuxian is tough! Qiu Shuzhen, who is charming, will look "murderous" if she stares at someone without moving:

Is it a bit fierce?

is still similar to eyebrow-raising. To avoid the aggressive feeling caused by "staring", when you stare at a person, you can still with a smile and send out friendly signals:

Xu Qing with a smile, but it seems very warm.