Yang Zi: When you are good enough, you will eventually meet the right person.

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Yang Zi: When you are good enough, you will eventually meet the right person.

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"Dear Love" has finally come to an end. This summer, Bajie was played by Yang Zi and Li Xian's "Tongyan Couple" to no avail.

Whenever you see their sweet interaction, I believe that many sisters and Barbie will be unable to control themselves to always smile at the TV.

This play is really overwhelming. It depends entirely on the forecast to live, and it is reluctant to let the play end.

Because of this play, there are a lot of "present girlfriends" around Bajie. The sisters leave messages to let Bajie see how many "present girlfriends" are in the comments.

said that before they were not reconciled, Sister Ba had a hard week to watch the play, just to wait for them to come out with a good plot.

Do you think the play is too grinding? The sweet part of the play is really sweet, and abuse is also a lost little abuse.

But no one is worried that they will really break up after abuse, because it is a sweet story waiting for us after abuse.

Although the plot of this play is still the old routine of "tyrannical president falls in love with me", Yang Zi's heroine is not the "silly white sweet" that often appears in idol plays, but the country with super-high IQ needs professional talents.

Hanshang Yan did not like her because of her soft appearance, but was attracted by her innate self-confidence, intelligence and independence.

and Tongnian liked him from the first side of Hanshang Dialect, and then began her pursuit of love. Actively and Boldly declare and follow the true idea of the heart, is our generation of girls should have the sub-son!

As the saying goes, if you are sure that the other party deserves your pursuit and the other party does not reject you very clearly, then you can try to

After all, the opportunity is in your own hands, even if there is only a glimmer of life, but also dare to say love! Who would not like a real, confident and independent charming girl like Tong Nian? When a girl is good enough, she will surely meet those boys who are as good as herself.

Speaking of this, we have to say that our little monkey purple's acting skills are more exquisite. ~Eye play is superb, through looking at her eyes, we can sense the fluctuation of the characters'emotions.

Look at this look, it's very interesting, the real performance at that time was at a loss in the heart.

Big eyes turn, and come to play, and fried chicken is lovely, this is the 19-year-old flowering girl.

Sister Ba studied Yang Zi's makeup carefully while watching the play. The most brilliant makeup was her eyes, which were supported by thick curling eyelashes from top to bottom.

Especially when her lower eyelashes look plush, her eyes are large and bright, which makes people want to stare at her eyes.

Who doesn't want to have such a pair of electric eyes?! Perhaps Han Shang-yan was attracted by her eyes at the first sight of Tong Nian. So this time, Bajie came to teach you how to draw the same kind of eyelashes as the monkey purple.

Collect these three Tips

From now on, eyelashes are no longer dizzy

What is the most fearful of summer makeup? Of course, make-up, especially eyelashes! Walking in the sun carelessly sweating oil, and then blinking, the eye makeup that was invincible in thunderbolt instantly turned into panda eyes. Then how can we make preparations in advance?

before applying mascara before you want to make a

makeup eye, you must set your eyes on the bottom. It's better to use makeup powder to make up. If oil-loving girls can use some oil-control products on their eyelids.

keep the mascara dry

Mascara finished and dry for a while. In fact, it is the same as pressing the powder with a loose powder. The paste becomes solid, and it is not easy to "take away", nor is it easy to get contaminated. So must wait until the eyelashes are dry before blinking.

Mascara halo dyed fast powder powder

mascara is easily stained to the lower eyelid. We can use loose powder to prevent it from happening. First, use the eye shadow brush to dip the right amount of powder into the powder, then gently wipe the 1/2 at the outer corner of the eye which is easy to be stained with mascara. In this way, powder can be used to block mascara and how to blink frequently. You don't have to worry about eye makeup. < p > < strong > Just learn these three tricks

< strong > < p > < strong > Beautiful eyelashes will not come unasked

< p > After learning the technique of no dizziness on the face, now we will build electric eyelashes. Eyelash curler is good, but it will show bigger eyes than eyeliner or eye shadow.

upward inclined eyelash

first eyelash clamping time should be guaranteed between 30 seconds and 60 seconds, so as to help eyelash stereotyping and clip the most ideal effect.

(Video source: Wayne Gossll)

Eyelash clip angle can be slightly tilted upward when clipping eyelashes, so the eyelashes will be super curled!

wipe off the extra Mascara

, before putting on mascara, take out a paper towel and wipe the extra mascara on the towel.

wipe off the excess mascara, can effectively avoid agglomeration, fly leg and other troubles, is very suitable for novice operation.

Do not clip short and sparse eyelashes

If your eyelashes are short and sparse, the eyelashes will warp up, but because the eyelashes are not thick enough, the eyelashes overlap and look more sparse.

The correct way should be to brush the eyelashes from the root of the eyelashes, twist back and forth along the growth direction and pull up, and then obliquely brush, you can harvest better results than eyelashes.

wants the power of the full beauty of

. These small things

Guerlain little black mascara can horizontally brush the root of the eyelash, then extend to the top of the eyelash, and can quickly brush the thick. Dense, curling and slender effect. At the end of the eyelash decoration, brush directly and move up and down to brush eyelashes lightly, which can create an extraordinarily deep, well-rooted and delicate eyelash makeup effect.

repurchased countless Dior mascara, sisters must try. Make-up white can also easily brush out amazing "false" eyelashes, paste is very light, will not collapse eyelashes, and stereotyped curl all day.

as we all know, Kiss Me mascara and eyeliner are very easy to use, super suitable for big oil skin sisters. A kiss me Mascara in hand, do not have to worry about dizzy makeup problem, choose it!

can be purchased directly from the

Thailand local beauty brand Mistine 4D double eyelash cream. It has a good parity effect. The double head design first uses a tip with a fiber tip to coat the black mascara, and instantly has get thick long eyelashes. If your eyelashes are short, it's a good choice!

looked at the analysis of this issue, and quickly picked up the mascara to brush herself out with a beautiful electric power. Maybe the peach blossom Oh ~

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sisters in love.

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