The first appearance of the postpartum Zhao Liying wearing a hat mask and wearing a blue dress, the waist is slender like a girl

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The first appearance of the postpartum Zhao Liying wearing a hat mask and wearing a blue dress, the waist is slender like a girl

2019-08-07 00:33:58 2395 ℃

In the early morning of July 16, 2019, Zhao Liying appeared at Beijing Airport. Her first appearance after wearing a hat mask was wrapped in a blue long skirt, and her body was slim and slim like a girl. Even though Zhao Liying was so tightly wrapped, she sometimes covered her face with her hand.

Zhao Liying has not yet fully recovered, many fans are missing, but recently passers-by met Zhao Liying at the airport in Thailand. The missing person was finally on the line. I saw her body wrapped tightly, even if it was In the summer, I only showed my eyes, and my affinity was super strong. In the face of the fans, the signatures were all coming. Although the Yingbao package was very tight, we could still see her slender body. Zhao Liying’s postpartum body recovery was too fast. Many treasure mothers can only envy the whole process.

Zhao Liying has been resting for a long time, but now the missing person like Zhao Liying is finally on the line. Although she is in the airport, she is very gratified to see Zhao Liying’s fan. Zhao Liying’s body is restored. Soon, we barely saw Zhao Liying's blessing, and her own self-discipline ability was quite strong.

Despite the tight body wrap, the slender Zhao Liying still stands out in the crowd. It is worth mentioning that many fans have recognized Zhao Liying, and she has not evaded and refused. Change the signature to sign the chat, which is the real affinity.

Zhao Liying is very low-key, many treasure moms are also very envious of Zhao Liying, postpartum body can recover so fast, this is rare, Zhao Liying now can not see the birth of a child, or even myself They are a lot thinner than before, and they are completely young girls.

Before marrying and having children, Zhao Liying worked very hard, and also contributed a lot of good works. Now she has a family with a baby, and she will definitely pay attention to it. First, she will slow down her footsteps at work. There will also be some physical strength, which is the awareness that should be there after marriage.

Zhao Liying has not been "opened" since she was pregnant and for another year. Many fans want her to get back to work quickly and shoot out early.

At the beginning, Feng Shaofeng and Zhao Liying both said that they were progressing rapidly from the announcement of love to marriage to the birth of a baby. At that time, everyone’s impression of Feng Shaofeng still stopped at “flowers”.Heart, because Feng Shaofeng’s announcement is that there are quite a few girlfriends in the entertainment circle. It’s not to mention the scandal. But Zhao Liying has always been a pure flower in everyone’s mind.

Zhao Liying has been born since March After that, it has never appeared in front of the public. There have been rumors that it is necessary to learn English and learn driver's licenses. It seems that Zhao Liying is also very hardworking. Even after childbirth, she is not idle at home. It is sad to have the status in the entertainment industry, but Many fans still miss Zhao Liying very much. After all, Zhao Liying’s TV dramas are either “Hua Qian Bone” or “Old Nine Gates”, “Lushan Wars” and “Knowing whether it should be green, fat and thin” are word of mouth and ratings. The rate of win-win works, the lack of Zhao Liying in the entertainment circle, is still a lot less fun.