The fat Jiang Xin thin arm kylin evolved into Swan wings

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The fat Jiang Xin thin arm kylin evolved into Swan wings

2016-07-22 19:34:34 321 ℃

In the latest fashion blockbusters, Jiang Xin valuable standard appearance. In the photo, she, twilight back, nodus Nelumbinis Rhizomatis like arm people can not help but think: Murphy bar handle the extra baggage sector Jiang Xin to leave us these fat to the?

The tone is not difficult to find that the tone is not difficult to find, Jiang Xin has successfully turned into a day goose. Sexy beauty let a person to crime, slender arm did not see past a plump appearance, noble elegant face seems to have than before the domain become double small and exquisite.

The feet are connected with the shoulder width, the arms are open to both sides, and finally into the "big".

The Swan arm crash action 3:Position with feet, stepping up big arm, small arm to, back working arm close to the ear to give to pay attention to the order of arm force.

Confrontation exercise this set of action, not a month, you can also have a slender slender arm like Jiang Xin! In the hot summer sun, happily show their beautiful arms.