760 pounds of fat beauty want to weigh 50 pounds

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760 pounds of fat beauty want to weigh 50 pounds

2016-07-22 19:35:39 320 ℃

The woman called Ni basic at the age of 32, 381 kg (762 kg), was awarded the title of "super fat beauty", hope next year to add 50 pounds. She is very proud of its weight, but also encourage people to take all kinds of shape.

Feel the fertilizer Scarlett, a little heavy mouth.

Nicky's weight is equivalent to 8 Vitoria - Beckham. She just sat every day does not move, it is going to eat 800 yuan to take away food. Nicky 12 years old, weighing 228 pounds, 15 years old has reached 330 pounds.

Nicky has a lot of fans all over the world, they watch online every day Nicky shook itself to complete the daily activities of fat. "There must be a lot of people will condemn me for I was too fat to perfection, say I am too lazy, but I have a business -- I in running a web site, supply the world's fattest female models."

Nicky said: "I am super fat beauty, this let me earn a lot of money. I really like my way of life, I do not rely on the man of life, no one can blame me."

Nikki online help in addition fat girl, tell they how selection are elegant clothes, how to face abuse and help their decision whether or not to lose or gain weight.

Nicky 's ass is famous "hip star" Kardashian two times, she is very right. She eats 8000 calories a day, and BMI is 7 times as much as a normal woman.