There are 20 traditional weddings in the country. Which one do you like?

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There are 20 traditional weddings in the country. Which one do you like?

2016-07-22 19:45:21 288 ℃

Orange Jun from the junior high school, it began to tangle in the next hour is to wear a white wedding dress is still with the color of the wedding, so that to the moment 20 and a half has not married out. Finally, no longer have to tangle......

Nothing more than, after reading the wedding of the 15 countries, and re burning the orange king in the heart of the small universe!

1, India

In the culture of India, the bride's dress is often pink or red. In the northern part of the city, a married woman is separated by a red dot on her forehead, and a single girl.

2, Nigeria

This is a total of 250 ethnic groups, more than 500 kinds of talking big country, the wedding ceremony is also complicated and diverse. However, almost all the bride like to wear colorful wedding dress, often wearing a head called "Geleshan" leader of the band.

3, Garner

This pattern is very much, each family of the bride and groom wedding, clothes are different.

4, Mongolia

In the Mongolian traditional wedding, the bride and groom each city to wear Deel".

5, Scotland

Who says the boys don't wear skirts? In Scotland the groom to wear plaid skirt wedding, the wedding ended, then the and skirt with a scarf resting on the shoulders of a bride, welcomed her into the new family.

6, Japan

The formal ceremony, the bride wore pure white kimono, a symbol of purity and virginity. The ceremony ended, and then put on the red kimono, a symbol of good luck. (almost as much as China

7, Kazakhstan

The bride usually wears a veil and headdress "Saukele".

8, Ukraine

The same bright dress, wearing beads headdress spent a lot of effort.

9, Gorani

The bride in the face full of traditional pattern, will be in some eyebrows pasted on the shiny diamond.

10, Romania

Here the bride do a wedding can lose ten pounds of meat, hundreds of beaded necklace on the neck, cannot move.

11, China

Red is the foundation, happy.

12, YaKan

Will be painted patterns on the face, but not so much in fact with the Gorani girl.

13, Norway

The traditional wedding dress outfit called Bunard. It can also be used in other places to wear, such as baptism party.

14, Peru

This should be an exaggerated version of the rain hat and cloak: equipment.

15, Hungary

Wear a bright color embroidered dress, the skirt has many layers. Then the collocation tall headdress, a bit like multi cream cake.

16, Hamar

The beautiful "little cloth" wedding dress.

17, Bulgaria

This retro full.

18, Pakistan

The feeling in the film ghost......

19, Indonesia

This is the daughter of the country? Spider essence? Is the snake? One second through the TV series.

20, the

Even the bridesmaids also beautiful.

Last sentence

Want to wear the bride of Garner......