The old driver routine deep, Yuan Shanshan and gold rimmed glasses into explosion models?

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The old driver routine deep, Yuan Shanshan and gold rimmed glasses into explosion models?

2016-07-22 23:04:56 587 ℃

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Recently, Yuan Shanshan's shot in the street, a retro flavor of gold rimmed glasses attracted public attention! Oversized lenses with a metal frame, coupled with Yuan Shanshan's witty little short hair, the overall shape of the very fashionable!

Gold rimmed glasses, a retro, with a little pedantic, can let other artistic moment! No wonder Yuan Shanshan loves it so much!

Coincidentally, Chen Yao with fashionable gold rimmed glasses! In "t magazine" shot for a group of fashion blockbusters, Yao wearing tawny gold rimmed glasses, very charming retro style.

What is the magic gold rimmed glasses? So that the female stars are so deep love for it? Gold rimmed glasses what style? How to choose to create a stylish retro elegant shape? Quickly follow the small make up to see!


Pilot gold rimmed glasses

Aviator glasses very Joker, suitable for a variety of facial sister everyday wear and lens also has "face lift" effect! Gold rimmed styles of aviator glasses, but also for modelling plus essential artifact, some gentle, and with a hint of bookish, even makeup out to the street, with the blessing of gold rimmed aviator glasses and shape can also very perfect!

Modeling and demonstration:

For other gold rimmed glasses bring handsome neat feeling, very suitable for individual cool girls.

Gold rimmed aviator glasses make you look more capable, it is suitable for daily commuting time wear.

It can also create a retro flavor with fashionable style collocation, jeans match very much.

Gold rimmed glasses collocation motorcycle jacket, handsome double, fashionable uninhibited feeling ready.

Kendall also love gold rimmed Aviator glasses! Daily out of the street with it, even if the makeup are not afraid of the yen!

The first fashion bloggers love gold rimmed glasses, collocation stamp jacket, style full of tension.

Gold rimmed aviator glasses are with striped shirt collocation! This casual fashion sense is the most attractive.

Chanel bag of gold rimmed glasses and brown rice are very compatible with gold rimmed glasses, modelling is more a few gentle and bookish.

Do not want to go out do not want to be afraid to make up and appear without spirit? This time you need a pair of glasses for the other points of matter.

Gold rimmed aviator glasses, can also create a charming and sexy style charm.<1Two3>


Round gold rimmed glasses

Round glasses very stylish retro flavor, and different style of clothing to match, will be able to create a charming and ceiling eyes amazing shape. Even a nice full makeup, can still wear gold rimmed round glasses for modeling points and big round lenses never will steal eye makeup the limelight, but can make your eyes look more charm shining.

Modeling and demonstration:

Large round lenses, not only face obvious effect, can make you look bookish.

Even when the bow, gold rimmed glasses can make you look more gentle and pleasant.

A wide brimmed hat and exquisite collocation, gold rimmed glasses can also be full of fashionable round luster.

Even with full makeup, still can wear gold rimmed round glasses, it will never rob you of other thunder.

Youthful double ponytail, with a roll of metal round glasses full of gas, the other is so energetic!

Casual and relaxed collocation sweater with letters, round eyes also create a gold rimmed wind full of other sports activity.<12Three>3

The color gold rimmed Sunglasses

In the summer, a pair of fashionable sunglasses can not only make you look more type, but also block the UV damage to the eyes, then what is the most fashionable sunglasses? Is the color gold rimmed sunglasses! Whether it is wild and handsome black lens or gentle retro tender pink lenses, tie-in gold frame, immediately surge to fly!

Modeling and demonstration:

The most all-match style, is absolutely black lens collocation of gold rimmed frame! Able to create a sense of the full out of the street style.

Brown Lens and gold frame is matched, the forehead hair let other more refined gold.

In the summer, a cool blue color, you can cool the cool, blue lenses with gold frame of sunglasses is also very beautiful!

Gentle light colored lenses are also very suitable for summer wear, gold wire frame to add a sense of retro styling.

The enthusiasm of the red lenses with gold frame is also very fashionable, with a retro wide brim to make the shape of a more on the floor.

Gold frame of sunglasses, in the handsome and cool, there is a sense of the sense of the renaissance.

Light yellow lens and gold frame can also be perfect match, with a white dress is beautiful!


Shaped gold rimmed Sunglasses

In addition to the conventional round lens and aviator glasses, many sunglasses lenses are cut into the fun of the strange shape, looks more unique is definitely a suction eye! Such as girls are full of heart shaped lenses, or is a sense of strong hexagonal lens design, can make Sunglasses look more handsome handsome!

Modeling and demonstration:

Heart-shaped lens dark brown collocation gold frame, collocation handsome type semi ball head!

Pink heart shaped lenses and gold frame perfect match, the most suitable for girls who have a girl's heart.

Gold frame unique shape, water blue reflective lenses for the shape of a cool feeling.

Hexagonal lenses out of the ordinary, design sense, with the gold frame has a thick retro style.

Dark lenses with hexagonal wire frame is also very interesting! Eye-catching sunglasses can instantly brighten your overall shape.

Gold rimmed glasses,

To create stylish retro elegant shape,Take it out of the street quickly!

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