Life is good, focus on the eyebrows!

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Life is good, focus on the eyebrows!

2016-07-22 23:06:10 324 ℃

Introduction: the so-called eyebrow good life is good, not to feel Weakness lends wings to rumours., facial features is very important. Everyone recognized, who, knowing people in all aspects of dealing with people, have a very important role. The role of the eyebrows is particularly important. Eyebrows, eyebrows suitable for people on the spirit of beautiful, from the surrounding to attract more positive energy, the fate of the natural good luck to the who can not block.

Ancient cloud: "knowing the person, the prophet", "Xiao man, the first review of the eyebrow". Eyebrows have a certain effect on people's luck.

Such as short eyebrow, work conscientiously, steadfast, passion, can easily communicate with others, others calm, warm, but easy to form a timid subjective impression and therefore be suspected of tongue crusade.

Long eyebrows, and their families live in harmony, good luck. Strong self-confidence, often encourage their feelings, in the organization can communicate with people the basic affect, easy to form a person can not insult the subjective impression.

Sparse eyebrows with the eyebrow is quiet, but the lack of self-motivated, independent, need to pay more attention to their own health; emphasizes the common heart, sedate but pragmatic.

Bushy eyebrows, the eyebrow is the relatively outward, emulative heart is strong, ambitious, easy to be overly optimistic; but positive progress, the courage to pursue their own goals, but not good at care about gains and losses.

Eyebrows is the frame of the eye, increase strength for facial expressions, facial play a decisive role, as long as the eyebrows after a good dressing, the entire face looked very handsome, more three-dimensional sense.

The following three kinds of eyebrow is to let people have three kinds of eyebrow blessing and prosperity: