Warm and elegant, plain and conform to no conventional pattern

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Warm and elegant, plain and conform to no conventional pattern

2016-07-22 23:17:31 315 ℃

Even in a riot of colours in the summer, can not resist the streets of fanatical love lace trendsetter. Lace is no longer just a sweet pronoun, elegant, sexy, etc., have become a new label lace. V collar design, modified waist with a little sexy sweet, cover the meat thin to create a new goddess fan.

Lace Princess Dress ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ with a pair of these with their own beloved high heels, you can go to the United States and the United States to date! You still don't move?

Sweet new openwork lace dress vest, loose version lazy, very casual chic special grab. Just go out there ~ suction eye

Middle sleeve design, height is different, put on the position on the different Oh, put on after the waist can not only show a thin, but also to highlight the charm of your chest yo!

Star of the same paragraph, collar white skirt strapless, elaborate lace pattern, is simply a sexy fashion ^ ^ quiet beautiful sexy, give people a strong visual sense of Oh ~

The 2016 summer dress in the Korean version of the new slim lace openwork dress, personal design, the perfect interpretation of women's unique temperament and S type curve.

Sweet lady doll dress, delicate lace collar, collar zipper closing lapel, easy to wear off! Sleeveless more refreshing, on both sides of the lace butterfly knot decorative, formerly crimp design, hollow flowers hook flower mosaic, sweet yet sexy careful machine! High waist line, lace stitching, rich layers, in a sling, don't worry you oh!

2016 sweet flower lace V collar thin fluffy gauze dress. This is good thing ~ fan children wear beautiful clothes more beautiful ~ ~.


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