In the most low-key showbiz actress before five, "fourth Liu Shishi third, the first against the background

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In the most low-key showbiz actress before five, "fourth Liu Shishi third, the first against the background

2016-07-22 23:19:31 503 ℃

Third name: Liu Shishi

Temperament, such as orchid, perhaps from childhood to learn ballet, body elegant weak very charming, Shi Shi is that stood on the actress treated despite the actress didn't speak also nots allow to ignore, which is unique charm, silent wins audio, in short in a popular line of Dan to Shi, most low-key and have the temperament, debut for many years nothing scandalous news, talk about a love marriage, this woman is too pure and good.

Wearing a costume temperament, is really beautiful if the angel!

A shoulder is popular this year sexy single product, strapless and navel sexy black pattern look lively small fresh. And light color word shoulder has the effect of reducing age.

This is an elegant dress, the perfect interpretation of poetry! Shoulder cut makes the skirt conservative and hidden little sexy it ~

The body word shoulder design of dress, bare fragrant shoulder and sexy collarbone, charming hair, delicate makeup, ears and neck wear jewelry is very beautiful?, looks good temperament ah! Curious baby small series on the Baidu search for a look, found that this jewelry is a French brandMISSPARIS (Meath bunny)Custom Angel series of jewelry, the price is also quite affordable to the people of it! The atmosphere on such a high-end stuff, and temperament, no wonder it will love poems! The unique qualities of poetry is recognized, what do you say??

Second name: Ariel Lin

As Taiwanese idol drama and a sister, she for serious working attitude, private life rigorous, early to bed and early to rise, have the good life habit, debut for many years has been very red, but did not what affair, even every woman's dream of wedding walk contracted style, number of endorsements did not receive any sponsors sponsorship; not only that and even wedding is taken here in Taiwan, the wedding ring is only pick up very common platinum ring and ring no any mosaic stones.

Ariel in micro Bo said: really glad their accumulated prior to the thin character ah, this to help a friend who is very happy, black body with beige of lower body dress and not the old man of God he Jiong, budding male god Xuan yellow photo, cute and lovely! Oh well ~ ~ ~

This white hanging neck dress, waist of gold and silver color very brisk, slightly expiratory belly, let a person can not help but suspect this is felt to be pregnant the, if it is true, sincere blessing Ariel!

Ariel Lin and Lu together box, two people look like just full 18 years old girl, Ariel Lin this dark green coat, dress, wear is her skin white beauty, so beautiful!

First name: Han Xue

It was renruqiming, like snow like white beautiful, since birth day Suzhou floating over the snow goose feather, so named for the snow, was born in a military family, is a descendant of the hero; Han Shunai grandfather original 30 army vice captains, life fightdown the country, the illustrious military exploits. The debut for many years, Han Xue never gossip scandal, don't kiss, sex, fully deserve teen idol star.

The body, dressed in Han obtained "landmark alliance 2015 annual best actress award wearing, white V collar slashed dress, let her look more radiant, especially the moment winning, can definitely bright blind your eyes

Han Mei is unstoppable, dressed in a blue and white mosaic tuxedo, blue yarn design of the lower part of the body, vaguely see the sexy legs, people reverie Lianpian? ~

Color printing of sport dress, Han practicing yoga, body Bang Bang Da, lob head of her long hair looks delicate and pretty much do than, do you think so?


  1. Among the most low-key entertainment in the middle of a few actresses, who do you like best?

  2. Above, Xiao Bian think Han Xue is the most low-key, do you think?