The classical atmosphere delicate slim dress, small woman attitude!

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The classical atmosphere delicate slim dress, small woman attitude!

2016-07-22 23:27:42 341 ℃

Quietly elegant is tonal slightly retro charm, elegant temperament lace collar design, sweet lace bow tie decorative, highlighting the delicate feminine, waist symmetric bag lid for easy storage, high waisted skirt with stitching and generous nature.

Refreshing and comfortable cotton material, suitable for hot summer wear, together with color stripe elegant, with and indifferent temperament, exquisite button embellishment, waist elastic pumping tethers is simple and convenient, small skirt slits graceful and elegant.

Refreshing Organza flower design, vaguely micro through visual sense of beauty, a gentle graceful, elegant and graceful lotus sleeves, highlighting the slender white lines of arm, wide skirt smart elegant.

Mulberry silk fabric, comfortable and soft breathable. The skirt fresh color printing. High waist line design, was tall, with a pair of simple high heels, a street, a high rate of commuting back.

A classic and elegant neck, showing sexy collarbone, small short sleeves, a small arm with fiber. Cotton fabrics, fashion generous prints, waist slim line styles, cover 100 skirt, X type upper body effect very show thin, also more significantly small woman's attitude.

Sweet Hawaii Wind dress, Daisy printing, passionate Strapless design, sweet and sexy. Slim design, let the body more slender proportion.

Hang down feeling full of fabric to make the whole skirt full of texture, favorite word collar to clavicle is more sexy, elastic design is just right, the word LED can be upward or downward adjustment, a skirt can wear two different taste, let a person full of joy.

Elegant rose flower prints, beautiful and romantic. Refreshing sleeveless vest styles, slim design, more show big legs, in short, Minister of foreign affairs of the skirt, faint sexy, piercing the goddess temperament.


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