Zhang Yuqi is really not suitable for stripes, the United States but baby, fat di their!

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Zhang Yuqi is really not suitable for stripes, the United States but baby, fat di their!

2016-07-23 00:35:14 518 ℃

Although the stripe is not a fashion fresh single product, but in the summer or be able to see the stripes in the street in a shadow. And some people think that the fringe has been low?

Stripe installed more than no low, and now is still the big star love with a single product. But also take the hot Mody look good.

The Devil Wears Prada Song Jia put it down, black and white striped shirt and white pants collocation. Clean and fresh, the sparkling white skin.

Fat bar's striped skirt to improve waist focus, so that the legs more slender. The lovely embroidery on the skirt is very nice and sweet.

At the cutting-edge fashion Yang Mi training one of the flowers Li Xirui go, color striped shirt paired with a striped suit pants, eclectic bright color full of vitality.

A few days before Yang Mi's own look airport is also wearing a red striped cardigan, lively delicate red and white striped age fan.

Tang Yan red and white striped suspenders skirt with a red vest, neat hair fresh and sweet, the red color of skin white as snow.

Fan Ye Rainbow Stripe fashionable brightly, walking on the road back to the high rate of a single product.

Zhang Yuqi ginger striped knit collocation wine red sequined suit, retro fan show legs, 80s Hongkong star fan.

Zhang Yuqi also passes through the black and white striped cardigan, take the white line split, unconscious height becomes high.

For small baby also love stripes, sweet color striped sweater, black and white striped bag hip skirt can also take a ride and fashion.

Bai Baihe is good at using a short paragraph to extend her striped shirt proportions, striped pants suit ably neat.

So many actresses have done a demonstration, you can see the striped shirt is almost a popular single wear.

Daily can be out of the street can be paired with a black tight pants, casual and elongated thigh.

Skirt is also a very good choice, if you want to wear a striped shirt to wear more feminine words.

In addition to the black and white striped shirt, pants like you can also try the black and white vertical stripes pants, from the visual to the leg length of the elongated half a meter.

Stripe skirt can also be a lot of work occupation choice, slim slim, to bring a hint of cool summer. Upper body with a short jacket and vest can be composed of fashion street shoot.

Stripes, if used in a dress, can have more styles to choose from, loose and tight, thin stripes and wide stripes. Choose according to your body.

In Europe and the United States this year, the street beat, they put out a new pattern of stripes, color stripe! Colored stripes look more vibrant than black and white, and with a hint of romance.

And in the material, wild and herd or striped knit items, vintage British color collocation, street back rate will very high, sweet and significant figure.

See so many stripes single product introduction, do you think the fringe low?