This dress, to figure out the golden ratio.

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This dress, to figure out the golden ratio.

2016-07-23 00:38:18 279 ℃

Love to the bones of a, one will start and the general feeling is not the same! Faint sheen is showing its high quality, very emboldened, highlight the taste!! Version of the design is really great! A classic Crewneck tailoring, Hubble bubble sleeve embellishment, tailoring multilayer hem stitching, strong sense of design, cartoon printed the young lovers, instantly improve the whole fashion!! Simple, very chic, good wear fashion, easy all-match ~

Very romantic, feminine dress, the neckline is a deep V, neckline with a small collar design, prevent bask in the neck, placket place increased white button embellishment, easy to wear off ~ an elastic waist band received waist design, with crimp embellishment, with a gentle arc, romantic Qiao skin, transparent touch smart, very beautiful, light and reveals a nameless Kiyomi, tender melody ~ ~ silk fabrics, lightweight breathable, wind blowing elegant, romantic, beauty Oh ~

Solid color T-shirt + lace dress, two pieces of overlap to wear, creating a special artistic conception, western style personality, not vulgar! T-shirts, clean white, cut is contracted, the upper part of the body easily with ~ matching lace skirt with shoulder straps, lace hazy perspective, black lace flowers, fall in the white T-shirt, mellow sweet, sexy and not tacky, the more revealing a refreshing ~ design of tall waist, skirt micro Peng, loose fan, easily cover the meat and enough show thin!

Summer you deserve to have one of the series, super good to wear French stripes T. Look easy with the design of the sleeve to do a special design, the style of the shoulder to avoid the embarrassment of the stripes show a wide. Then spliced section cuffs, simple fashion, concise generous T-shirts, fresh and neat, chest smiley Cola hit color prints, unique suction eye, body stripes outline, oh, quite a sense of design, simple basic styles, super wild, recommended!

Skirt inside it is best to wear a skirt with shoulder straps and a dress like this can match any T-shirts or other short sleeved shirt, light coloured cowboy, deep V collar, shoulder strap is system can be tied with a bow as a decoration, is really beautiful, after the design is not a simple, an inverted a design, beautiful and generous, simple profile perfect modified posture, sisters and fat can be arbitrary choice, this absolute good wear

Annual spring and summer essential short sleeved t all sorts of witty pattern, a variety of good to wear all wild, tired of the color rendering, see this, do not hesitate to accept myself ~ elastic thin section of knitted cotton material, super comfortable skin friendly, workmanship is simple texture! Chest small cartoon devil printing is nifty and lovely, fashion and random matching half skirt, jeans are comfortable and stylish Oh ~ ~ ~ recommendation

Fashion generous a sunscreen suits, a seven point sleeve sleeve, no buckle cardigan door, convenient to put on and take off, simple style, cuff tassel lace embellishment, the fabric used in the hollow flowers hook lace, graceful and feminine flavour is dye in the wood, spring and summer wild a sunscreen jacket and pierced hook flower lace pants suit! Fashion show thin! Recommended ~

Elegant! French! Modern! Clicked elegant fan, temperament, such as blue, a years precipitate out of spirit, is a heartfelt joy ~ printing, wear very charm ~ blooming at the bottom of the dark, reveals a noble, mature, and a woman of good taste flowers quietly blooming in the meantime, retro reveals a somewhat quiet and elegant, with a whiff of charm, upper body is a style of modern urban women!


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