Follow up the original steel sheet knowledge uncle than Jin Biaogui

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Follow up the original steel sheet knowledge uncle than Jin Biaogui

2016-07-23 00:44:32 309 ℃

Generally speaking the same styles and precious metal materials to more than ordinary steel section of the expensive, but the uncle we introduced a watch, steel than gold to sell more expensive! This is the legendary Patek Philippe Ref.1518 stainless steel, because of the production and scarcity, so every time the price is amazing, the auction price is higher than the same paragraph of gold and rose gold version. Lipusirineiwa autumn auction will be announced and will take part in the auction a Patek Philippe Ref.1518 stainless steel and is expected to break the Patek Philippe auction record.

Patek Philippe Ref.1518 production in the 1940s to 1950s, was the most advanced of the watch, with the function of calendar and time, total output is only 281 yuan, and the majority of the gold or rose gold watches, Ref.1518 so very rare, currently known only four models, the he three have appeared in the auction, the last time appeared ten years ago. This watch is currently valued at $3 million, about twenty million yuan.

Patek Philippe Ref.1518 rose gold

Patek Philippe Ref.1518 Gold Dial

Patek Philippe 2015 Phillips Geneva auction record

Patek Philippe Ref.1436 stainless steel two seconds after the needle timing table, produced in 1945

Before making the Valuation: 1500000 - 3000000 Swiss francs

Price: 3301000 Swiss francs

Patek Philippe Ref.2499 18K gold perpetual calendar chronograph, produced in 1951

Before making the Valuation: 800000 - 1400000 Swiss francs

Price: 1805000 Swiss francs